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A Good Run

It's been warmer than usual around here for the past month.  Don't get me wrong, we like it.  We made it without air conditioning until Mike's family visited for Memorial Day.  Although, my Chicago brain still gets a little weary when I see a week of 90+ temperatures.  But then I sit out on our back porch all day and it's actually pretty comfortable.

This morning I was ready for the loop run around Forest Park.  I rolled out of bed earlier than normal, especially considering today I have a comp day for working over the weekend, and laced up my shoes.  My legs, honestly, felt a bit achy, but I told myself to give it a try and I would take breaks if needed.  

We had a well rounded dinner last night.  I made this while Mike mowed the grass.  We use one of these because it's really all we need.  In the summer I usually keep meals pretty easy, but last night it felt like we needed something more substantive. 

As soon as I walked outside and felt the morning breeze I star…
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Breakfast Recaps

A couple weeks ago one of my friends came to visit.  We had a wonderful, fun-filled, busy weekend.  Sunday evening when Mike & I were sharing our high and low of the weekend, I said my high was my breakfast chats with my friend.

A quick note for context.  I stay prepared to have at least one breakfast meal so no one's rushed to get ready after a day of travel.  Well, it turns out Sunday morning we were tired from the day before so I pulled some things together.  Two days of breakfast at our table.  Two days of catch-up chats.

The morning after a night out or a day of fun, hanging around, recapping, and wherever that conversation leads is sometimes my favorite part.  That's when we really caught up and processed our adventures from the day before.

Community Garden

This year we signed up to participate in our neighborhood's community garden.  We have no idea what we're doing, but we planted the April seeds (and tomato starter) yesterday.  Fingers crossed something grows!

St. Louis Indian Food

When you move to a new place it takes some time to find "your" new places.  Your go to Mexican place.  Your most comfy coffee shop.  The right amount of laid back bar. 

We're starting to make some progress, but we've been here 8 months.  I keep hearing things feel more homey at the year mark.

We've been searching for a go to Indian place since we moved and dare I say (we cheated) but we found one!

We've tried several Indian places around the area, Mike has high standards for his Chicken Tikka Masala.  ;)  And nothing was really clicking, except a place Mike went in the suburbs, which we don't want to hike out to all the time.

A couple weeks ago we were deciding where to go to dinner and decided to stay in the neighborhood and go to one of the places we hadn't made it to yet.  We ended up at Sameem Afghan Restaurant.  We we surprised to find a wait (a short one) and a bustling restaurant.  And we sure did find out why!  It was so good!  So very very good!�…


Have you seen any bands in concert more than once?

I have a close battle between the number of times I've seen Walk the Moon and Matt + Kim going.  Ironically, I saw both of them in concert this year.  I never thought I'd be someone who saw a band more than once, honestly, but when you see a good show and you keep being drawn in by their new music, it happens.

I went to see Matt + Kim last night in St. Louis.  This was one of my first concerts in St. Louis.  Yes, I've attended LouFest for years, that's a music festival so it's different.  Mike & I went and saw Night Riots and Dreamers at a smaller venue in the fall.  I was excited to check out a larger venue and to be reunited with Matt + Kim.

They put on a show, like they always do.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  It's the smallest crowd I've been in for a Matt + Kim concert and vibes are just different here.  Maybe it was because it was a Tuesday night.  Maybe it was because it was rainy.  The vibes …

Homemade Pizza

In the past two weeks we've made our own pizza's twice.  I think this idea is going to stick because it's fun and easy.

We've been using this crust recipe and enjoying it: Sally's Baking Addiction.

My favorite combination (so far) is adding some chipotle to the sauce and jalapeños, and caramelized onions on top.

It's super affordable and delicious.

We ate these right before we went and saw Black Panther.  Go see it.

One Mug Brownie

Do you remember a few years ago when one mug desserts were everywhere?  

Last week they popped in to my brain again for an easy sweet and I'm here to remind all of you!