Friday, February 24, 2017

Chicago River North Branch

Let me set the scene.  Monday was President's Day, both Mike & I had the day off work and it was 60 degrees in February. 

Once Mike peeled himself out of bed from his recovery from the Auto Show.  (He was there for 12 hours and a little sore on Monday...)  I suggested a bike ride.  There's a sign by us that says Chicago River North Branch 1 1/4 miles.  Neither of us were familiar with it so we thought we go check it out.

First we started with empanadas from Cafe Tola.  Yum!

As we sat there we realized the 1 1/4 miles note didn't make any sense.  There is a Chicago River North Branch that is mostly in the suburbs and the furthest south it goes is Lawrence... was that it? That's definitely more than 1 1/4 miles north of us.  

We still don't know what that sign is referring to, but we ended up on the Chicago River North Branch and it was lovely.  A nice relaxing bike ride.  

We made it up to Skokie and decided to turn around underneath what we believe is the yellow line.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hate takes energy, love gives vibes.

This quote from Girls over the weekend is pretty appropriate in so many ways right now.

I've always liked Valentine's Day.  February 1st I get out my card materials and get to work on cards for my family, which I always enjoy doing.  I think Valentine's Day is at it's core a good reminder to care about people...all people.

Do you have plans for celebration?

Turns out Mike & I have very different ideas of how this holiday should be celebrated.  We ended up planning our own celebrations...with each other.

Sunday night we had "my Valentine's Day" and tonight we'll do "his Valentine's Day".  

Everyone's happy.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Running 2017

Guys, we went on our first outdoor run of 2017 over the weekend and it was amazing.

Yes, it was challenging.  Turns out my body just doesn't stay in running shape when I force myself to run 2 miles on the treadmill every once in awhile in the winter.  

Outside is my jam.

I promised Mike we'd go slow and not too far.  We did both.  We probably ended up around 4-5 miles.  Nothing crazy.  We're going to work our way into this.  It was a bit chilly but I still got home happy!

And we stopped for pie on the way home.  Balance.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Observations

River North will never be my scene.  It just won't.  Even if I get to see lovely friends there.

For the first time in my life, I made it on the "board" of a video game.  And then I didn't know how to put in my initials and put in AAA. :(

I'm not the girl who's going to wait for brunch at a new place (that takes reservations) when there are a ton of delicious places around the corner.  Note: make a reservation for The Robey.

The weekend was full of comedy and I think we all need some comedy right now.

Thursday we started at Unabridged Books.

Saturday we got to Green Mill for Paper Machete 45 minutes before it started and got the last table.  I walked away with a to do list: calling representatives, looking up some laws, etc.  One girl did a piece like "Ann Frank" ... amazing.  Another on women's rights...amazing.  There was a little stand-up: How come guys are called bros, almost as a compliment, and their female counterparts are called basic bitches?

Then we went to one of Mike's friend's solo shows at Second City.  It was actually really great.  I would tell you all how to get tickets, but we went the last day because that's how we (ehm Mike) roll.

I'm pretty settled in to working at Cafe Mustache and New Wave in Logan Square.  They have my vibes.  And now I'm so excited because it looks like a place is opening a block away from our place!

I'm currently swamped with our gala we have at the end of this month.  When working for a small non-profit I am suddenly a graphic designer (in word) and it takes me 3 times as long as it should.  So yeah.  That's what I'm up to.  If you're free Feb. 24 and interested in supporting a good cause:

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pod Save America

Anyone else trying to stay on top of everything happening politically and feeling overwhelmed?  Very overwhelmed?  


I'm reading terrifying articles (when the sun's out).  Reading them cautiously and thoughtfully.  Making calls.  Writing postcards.  (P.S.  If you're in Logan Square, Hopewell is having a postcard writing event on Thursday, February 2 at 5:30pm)

Two things I've discovered in the past week and enjoy:

Countable - it's an app to monitor how your representative are voting and what's currently happening in congress.  You can pick what specifically you would like updates on.

Pod Save America - I enjoy listening to podcasts during work.  Usually it's Cardinals podcasts, this week I delved in to Pod Save America.  It is a political podcast hosted by ex-Obama staffers.  They give it to you straight (which is quite terrifying), but their delivery is spot on and I'm not scared the way I am after reading recent news articles at the end.

Give it a try!  

Monday, January 30, 2017

Action 1 of 10

Yes, I attended the Women's March in LA.  I was there for work and went to the march with my boss, a volunteer and her daughter, and Mike.  It was beautiful.  A very beautiful day.  Trump's first week in office has been a bit of a slap in the face.

Are you following along with the actions listed on the Women's March webpage.  There are all kinds of things you can do now, the actions gives you ideas for where to start.  The Women's March was the beginning.

The first action: write a postcard to your Senators.  Over the weekend I sat down and wrote.  Will you join me?

I know this is in no way sufficient.  It is a start.  I encourage you to start.  And a postcard is a great start.

Have you seen the girl who is sending a postcard to an elected official every day for 100 days?  Check it out on instagram.

P.S.  Just take a glance at this article.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I turned 30!

Guys, I turned 30 a week ago!  And had my big celebration almost two weeks ago.  It's been a busy couple weeks, but I'm here, now, to tell you about it!

Celebration #1
I started the celebrations with a small Logan Square bar crawl.  It was honestly really fun.  I really wasn't sure what to expect.  With us starting at 3 and traveling to 4 bars I assumed we would be done by ... 8:30..?  I got home at 12:30.  Whew.  My friends know how to party.

We started at Hopewell at 3.  I think this was the perfect first stop for a few reasons.  Hopewell is BUSY on the weekends, even during the day.  This was an easy place for people to filter in and gather as they were able to make it, in a bright and energetic place.  Then as it got more and more busy, we moved on.  Don't get there any later than 3 if you're meeting a group.  We got one of the last "spaces" when we walked in.

Then we traveled down Milwaukee to Rocking Horse.  This was a last minute decision.  I leaned this way because they have a pool table room and I thought that could be fun.  It was indeed.  The group played lots of games.  Then my sister, Karen, bought everyone tequila shots.  One of my friends captured a video, which apparently received rave reviews on snapchat.
Karen had me blow out the candle on the table.

Then we moved on to The Native.  (cash only)  We scored some great booths and tried to play some Heads Up (thank you, Ellen).  That was a bit of a struggle, but I still enjoyed the stop anyway.

The last stop I had scheduled was Boiler Room because I figured we would all need some food at that point.  (cash only)  We did.  And I got a Schlafly beer I was really excited about.  I also left my lense cap here for my camera.  They found it for me and gave it back the next day.  Thank you!  

Then we added on Best Intentions.  Mike & Karen really liked their mint drinks, like smoothies, except with alcohol.  (Even Karen liked it!  And she doesn't like mint.)  I had a PBR and was very happy.  I was coerced to trying darts and failed miserably.  To be fair, I probably shouldn't have even held a dart at that point.  So then Karen & I had a dance party.

One of my friends who couldn't make it took me to lunch before we started and gave me a Polaroid camera to use for the day.  That was super fun!

Celebration #2
My parents were nice enough to come up a couple days that weekend.  We went to the Art Institute during the day and had dinner at De Noche Mexicana.  The food was amazing and they were SO nice!  I was able to grab brunch with them at Jam (while the morning traffic died down) and they were on their way.

Celebration #3
My actual birthday.  I know by this point you'd think it already happened ;)  I worked during the day, but made time for a spin class for my lunch break as a treat.  Then Karen came over after she got off work and we headed to Spilt Milk for some pre-dinner drinks.  That was so fun.  Yes, of course we did the photo booth.  If you haven't been there yet, go!  We've been there before, which is why I picked it for my birthday.  

Then Mike joined us and we headed to Ground Control around 7:30. I had no idea there would be a wait then, but there was.  It wasn't bad though and I got one of my favorite drinks: a Michelada.  :) 
We came back to our place, blew out candles, opened presents.
 It needs to be said.  Those are A LOT of candles!

Let's just say our 4:45 wake-up call the next day was a bit rough.  I had to work in LA last weekend so Mike was able to tag along and we added Friday for a bit of fun.

And that's a wrap.  30 feels good already!
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