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Summer Vacay 2014

We're back!

Last week I headed to Destin, Florida for a family vacation and it most definitely did not disappoint.  

Mom & Dad made the 11+ hour drive from Missouri, Jeff & family drove the 6ish hours from Savannah, and Karen and I made the trek through the air.  (Which not to be a downer, but we flew a certain airline that starts with a D and let's just say they were not the friendly skies I am accustomed to on Southwest.)  Anywho, Karen & I flew into Pensacola, as it was a bit more budget friendly than Destin.  Mom & Dad were nice enough to make the trek to pick us up.  
There was sunshine, there was humidity.  I was happy.
There was Shake's.  Karen was happy.  (college reminiscing)
There was delicious seafood and scuba diving.  Jeff & Greta were happy.  I think Greta was only particularly happy about the seafood ;)
There was sand and waves.  Charlie was happy.
There was a comfy bed and lots of hands to hold her.  Callie was happy.
There was family time.  Mom…

World Cup

Today seems like a good day to reminisce.  

(I don't know why, but I feel beat this week.  I am blaming the conference last week, but I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with my busier summer schedule.)

So it's the world cup.  The last world cup I was living in Mexico and let me tell you, it was a very different experience...

I keep getting tagged in things on facebook about people being excited about the World Cup (Mexicans).  (By the way, they tend to use facebook a bit differently than us.)  And I'm like, oh, yeah, it's a big deal there.

I mean it's basically a holiday.

I remember coming up to work on one of their game days 4 years ago and hearing chanting coming from inside.  México....México...México  Even 3-5 year olds were super into it.  We walk in to see many of them waving flags, all of them chanting & decked out in México gear, even some face paint.  

So different than my experience with the World Cup in the U.S.

What are your feelings on the World Cup? …

Running Schedule

Most runners probably mapped out their race schedule for 2014 months ago.  I haven't really started adding on the miles until lately so I was definitely not in that frame of mind.  

I just read a journal entry from Memorial Day when I ran 8 miles and said, "I'm so out of shape."  Which I still am, but I continue to add on the miles and be patient with myself. 

So I took last year off from racing, but I think I'm ready to get my 5th marathon under my belt and I've been thinking for awhile about doing that marathon in St. Louis.  With Chicago entry rules a bit annoying now and the fact that it may or may not always conflict with my nephew's birthday, St. Louis (a couple weeks later) is a safer option.  I know there will be hills, which I can't train with and it will be very different than Chicago.  But it's time to try something new.

October 19
$115 (about half the cost of Chicago!)

*please note, I have not registered yet so this is not set in stone



Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! Especially mine!
Happy Father's Day to my dad who: -always talks to me like an equal.  Or at least pretends like I am, but doesn't bat an eye when I ask for more details and explanations.
-gives me advice without me even noticing.  I have a flaw when it comes to people telling me what to do.  I don't like it.  I've noticed my dad's figured out a way to give me advice without my then I actually consider it rather than dismissing it immediately and having to take some time before actually considering it.
-is always looking for a commonality.  With everyone.  I like to think I got this quality.  
-will always dance with me at a wedding...or other dancing event
-lets me be me, even if it's strange to him.
-is always there when I need him.

Comfort Zone

Where's your favorite place to work?

I can easily and quickly reply:  the floor.

Whenever I was home with my old job, you can pretty much guarantee I was sitting on my living room floor with all my work spread out in front of me.  We are putting on a conference this Thursday - Friday and this week has been go time, to say the least.  Today I got to work early after reaching my limit yesterday.  

Last night's entry in my journal:
Today felt like 3 days in 1
I'm beat.

I printed out what I needed and then set-up camp in my cube...on the floor.  People commented.  People laughed.  I was so comfortable and in my element, it didn't bother me one bit.  And we are right where we need to be for the final steps tomorrow!

And after today, tomorrow I'm bringing thank you cards and bagels for my team.  Because that's how I roll.

Bike to Work Week

Alright all you Chicago bikers out there:  Bike to Work week officially begins Friday.

It runs Friday, June 13-Friday June 20.

Let's get out there and bike!

Although, maybe just to work.  The path is already getting crazy, insane on the ride home.  The ride to work is so calm and lovely and then everyone has a long day, there are tons of people at the beach walking on the path with no care in the world, this creates anger and the path becomes angry and aggressive.

Clearly I'm kidding.  You should bike home too... just try to have some more patience and please stay alert.

That's all I'll say.

Let's have a fun, safe week, everyone!

Language on International Flights

Sunday night I got on my flight heading to Chicago from Guadalajara, Mexico.  I sat down next to a girl who looked like she was Mexican.  So clearly I spoke spanish to her because ... what language do you speak on an international flight?

Generally, I go by the language of the departure country.  Although on my flight from Chicago to Mexico City as soon as I got in the check-in line it was clearly a spanish speaking situation.  So my typical approach was thrown out the window.  Spanish it was.

This is where things got complicated on the flight back to Chicago.  The girl next to me started throwing in English words.  What?  Now which language do you want me to speak to you?  

So we just used a combination of spanglish.  

Maybe it depends on the airline?
Just the person you end up sitting next to?

I have no idea.