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the artsy part of me

i decided to make my costume for halloween this year. honestly because i wasn't going to pay $30 or more for a costume. and i couldn't find what i wanted at thrift stores. so i decided to make it. as i started painting my first stripe i realized it was going to take me much longer than i expected. which at first made me groan a little to myself, but then i just let the painting happen and really enjoyed it. i got to thinking about art and art fairs and how i love when i just set some time aside to do some form of art. it's so expressive. ...even if you're just doing stripes

so i LOVE art fairs...especially when they're free.
this year i only went to 2 and i found an artist i'm really liking right now. Jen Rosenthal.
I went to Clayton's Art Fair in St. Louis and the Pilsen Art Fair in Chicago.
While I was walking with Sarah & Bryan I discovered my new artist (new to me).
This piece really drew me in. So true. I don't even think I liked…

terrific tuesday

the day started out with a beautiful sunrise. as i readjust back to waking up bright and early, since i'm working i'm running as the sun rises over the lake. it's so beautiful. the last few days have been overcast so you couldn't see it for all it's beauty, but today i could. it was terrific.
one of my friends is with teach for america and she's placed at a preschool in Pilsen so i was going to help out today and be the "celebrity reader." so i made my way to pilsen. One of the first fabulous things that happened was the first train to come up was the pink line! just what i needed. Pilsen is a mexican neighborhood and i just loved it. i loved getting off the el and looking at all the colorful paintings at the el stop and actually understanding a lot of them. I loved walking around and most of the signs were in spanish. I was so wrapped up in it i had a bit of a problem finding the preschool, but i did. even if cinthya did come to the door a…

poco a poco

think i found a place i'd like to volunteer once a weekmet a new friend i can practice my spanish with have my second round interview tomorrow
maybe things are coming together

summer vanished

i LOVE summer. i love the hot stickiness. i love the summer clothes. i love summer activities. i love sitting outside. i just love it.
but i also love fall and with fall now arriving i'm excited for the falling leaves, the fall smells and can't wait especially because i feel like i kind-of missed it last i decided to do a little recap of my summer (since i've been ummm.... not blogging)
had a great summer with part of it unlike any summer i've ever experienced (chilly and rainy) and the other part normal (super-humid)
what did i do this summer?*boating-my aunt and uncle took Karen and I and one of our cousins out on the boat one saturday. i hadn't been boating in like 3 years and it was great! and i'd like to think i was a better tuber this time around*visited Acapulco -i loved this city and this trip*visited Oaxaca-i enjoyed oaxaca a lot too and it gave me a chance to catch-up with one of my friends from a service trip i took in college*karaoke...i…