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Memorial Day!

How was your Memorial Day?

We had pretty much perfect weather in Chicago.  (Do any of you think in emojis sometimes?  As I wrote that sentence, I thought, 'thumbs up emoji, blowing a kiss emoji...etc.)

My parents came to visit and we had quite a packed weekend from Beauty & the Beast to Bike the Drive, hanging out in Wicker Park/Bucktown, Beyonce, and brunch at Flo and Ann Sathers (always a gem).  

They headed home Sunday afternoon and we kept right on going with Crap Beer Day (amazing...seriously so fun), park walking with my friend who's a new mom, 8 mile running (I told you we're trying to get going with half-marathon training), and hot dogs.  We can be influenced by ads too.  #merica  Oh and Dry Hop too!

It was a busy weekend.  As Mike & I sat at Dry Hop wrapping up the weekend playing checkers (this is something we often do at breweries...on Mike's phone) he said, "No one can say we squander away our time in the big city." ;)  

We were both tired.  


Weather Comin Around

Last Wednesday I took off for Missouri in another attempt to escape spring in Chicago.  (Remote working has it's benefits.)  It was wonderful.  It included a baseball game with my dad, bike riding with my mom, working through the normal to do list my mom prepares, and spending as much time outside as possible.

But last weekend Chicago weather came through!

Everybody seemed to be out and about and it was amazing!

Some highlights:

Mike & I are kind-of, sort-of, officially starting our half-marathon training for July.  

We met up with Karen for a Farmers Market trip and ended up walking around Lakeview and having brunch at Dry Hop.

My friend Bryan got married!  Lots of talking and dancing.  (I sort-of lost my voice for the night.)

We made a trip to a Chocolate Festival.  Mike knew the way to convince me to go was The Beatles impersonation band.  And I knew I could convince Karen the same way.  Mike got his chocolate samples and we got some sunshine!

Road Trip!

Sorry I disappeared there for a bit.  I've been quite under the weather lately.  And I don't mean literally sick.  I mean the weather we've had around Chicago had me down.  My emotions are not happy when there isn't any sun...especially in May.

Okay...enough about that.

A few weeks ago, Mike really wanted to get out of town.  We checked our schedules and last weekend was the earliest one we thought would work.

We had a few places on our list like hiking at Matthiessen State Park, making our way to Galena for a night, and maybe going up to Spotted Cow Brewery on the way home?  We didn't exactly know when we set out.  (Note:  we did expect the weather to cooperate a bit more...but I guess we should be happy it didn't rain.)  We always tend to travel like this where we each have a few ideas and we see how much we can cram in.  It makes for a busy weekend!

Please note:  this is probably not the most efficient route to these places, but this is what we wanted to see a b…

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!  Even though this is somewhat of a fake holiday...yes, it's a day in Mexico, but they don't even take the day off work and they take the day off work for everything.  Mother's Day?  They're off.  (They don't celebrate it on a Sunday.)

It's a great excuse for us to have some tacos, guac, and margaritas.  Coronas too?  Okay!

Inspired by the holiday (not really, it's sort-of a coincidence) I made some fajita tacos!  Man, not only were they super easy.  They are super delicious!  

I used Budget Bytes Oven Fajitas recipe and just left out the chicken, which I'm sure you could replace with potatoes or something if you feel it's lacking and want a vegetarian taco like me.  I thought it was wonderful.

Don't skip warming up your tortillas!  Chicagoans, I recommend El Milagro tortillas, especially if you're a small household and only want a few tortillas.  In Mexico most people have tortilla warming skillets.  Not joking!  I…