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work work work it out

I helped Jess out with some of her project as a madrina for a quinceañera recently and i can honestly say I did not enjoy the time I spent on this project. It was just very, very repetitive. And I just kept thinking how glad I was that I've never had to truck through a job like that and that I never want to. Lucky for me, Isaac honestly probably did more work on them than I did. I found out one of his many jobs before was similar to that (constructing invitations for quinceañeras, etc... they're quite intricate here), but he didn't seem near as annoyed talking about his experience than I felt just working on it for a few hours. He said you just work fast, fast, fast so you can get it done and move on to the next project to break up the monotony.
I feel like many people I live with will just take whatever job they can get. As the topic of jobs has come up more often lately at the kitchen table at the parish, I feel like I'm learning more and more. Some snips:~Jess…

¡Felicidades Moms!

Today was such a beautiful day at work I just want to share a little piece with you, even though I know I talked about our preparation for Mother's Day in my last post.
So here in Mexico today is Mother's Day. They celebrate it on Monday and many people don't work. We didn't have actual work, but the kids did their dances for their parents.
It was just beautiful! The kids were excited. There were SO many parents there. And you could just see their love for their kids. One Mom from each class read a letter they wrote to their kid. It was just beautiful! Words just can't do it justice.
All the kids shuffled into the cafeteria to get ready to go when Lucy and I were frantically looking for Emiliano's mask and sombrero. Emiliano said his mom had them and Lucy asked me if I knew Emili's mom. I mean if there was a small group, yes I could find her...but as you can see was not a small group. So I took him to the window, held him up and asked him…

i love mangos

i am on a HUGE mango kick right now. i could have a mango for breakfast, have a mango popsicle later, and then some mango juice in one day and still want more. I really don't know how I missed out on this wonderful fruit my whole life. I mean I ate a couple the summer I lived in LA and I must thank Suzane for introducing me to them, but for some reason it sort-of faded. I'm not sure if I couldn't find them or if I did and they were too expensive...not sure. You should look in your local store and let me know if you see any...and if the price if just ridiculous...which I actually might be willing to splurge on every once in awhile now. They're just so wonderful.
But as with everything they are in season right now and I'm dreading when they go out of season and I won't have mangos anymore.
We have all kinds of seasons at work. It seems like as soon as one holiday ends we have another one we need to prepare for.The first day of spring the kids dressed up and …