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in the mail

After some fabulous encouragement from inez, marianne, bryan & court i filled out the letter, stamped it and got it ready to go.thanks for saying exactly what i needed to hear guys!
after a fabulous run with great thinking and even seeing "Santa Fe" (I think it's a hotel) downtown, which made me smile, I PUT IT IN THE MAIL! =)

Next year

So in my last post I alluded to what I may be doing next year, but didn't spell it out.
So here's the dealio
I applied to volunteer for two years through Incarnate Word Missionaries and I got in! I just got the official letter the other day. Before I got the letter I talked the Meg and she said they would like me to go to Santa Fe, Mexico if I can work on my spanish. (There's no way I could have failed that part anymore during the interview.) Otherwise they want me to go to San Antonio, Texas. She said in Mexico I would be in a day care, which I would LOVE. In San Antonio I would be in a transitional home. From the very beginning I've felt Mexico sounds like a better fit for me. I am extremely nervous about spanish though. I'm trying to work on it, but it's hard man. I used to wish I could just pump it into me, but then again I'm used to working hard for things I want and I want this so I have to work hard...period. That's something I think I go…

1st Blog Ever

I CANNOT believe I'M starting a blog!  Here we go though...
I figure with my plan for post-graduation coming together it will be best to start a blog for my experience.  This way friends & family can find out what I'm up to if they choose to without me flooding their emails or having to copy and past because of time (so impersonal I hate having to do that).  Not that this will be more personal than that...  Hopefully you get what I'm trying to say.
So I'd like to explain the title of my blog in this post.  I titled my page Vida con la esperanza because I originally wanted to say Life with spirit, but I wanted to use espenoza, what I thought was spirit, because Dad told me that was one he would never forget about a year ago.  Turns out espenoza is not spirit (I don't think it's a word).  So then I thought it might be hope.  And I believe that was it.  So I went with Life with hope.  
And the website I wanted LisaRisa in honor of my service trip to Nogales becau…