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Play Me, I'm Yours

Have you heard of Play Me, I'm Yours?  It's an art installation sweeping cities around the world.

It started in 2008 and was created by Luke Jerram (he's in the video above in Boston touring the different installations).  

Pianos are stationed around the city participating with the label "Play Me, I'm Yours."  Many cities have local artists decorate the pianos that are around the city.  I love this idea!  How fun!

I'd play a little "Heart and Soul".  What would you play?  Can you play piano?

Cleveland (ending today) Chicago 2014?

Grandma's Apple Pie

I know everyone is on the pumpkin train right now, but I like to give apples some spotlight too.  I decided in my world apples get late September & October and pumpkins get November.  I think that's fair.

While I was appreciating apples, like they deserve, I bought myself a slice of apple pie from a pie shop Sunday.  I was quite excited for this apple pie, but as I ate it I thought, 'Grandma's apple pie is better.'

I can make Grandma's apple pie.

Have I ever made pie in my place before... no.  But I used to make Grandma's apple pie all the time growing up and she loved it.  (Maybe she was just saying that, but I took her a slice every time (that was probably my mom's idea) and she doted on it.)  It was one of our things.  That I made her apple pie.  

It's not a tricky recipe.  (I did make it from memory at least 5 years later.)  It's solid, traditional apple pie.  Right up my alley.
Yes, I baked it in a skillet.  I do not have a pie pan. Work with wha…

Urban Sustainability: round 2

After talking with a friend last night and reporting all my learnings from Urban Sustainability, she encouraged me to post some more information.  And I agree with her so here is a random list of other things I learned at Learnapalooza's Urban Sustainability session.  (All from other attendees!)

*Apparently Ford (yes the car company) has been doing some major research on sustainability.  One of the attendees said there was a sustainability fair in Logan Square a few months or weeks ago and they had a stand set-up.  (By the way, how do I find out about these fairs?  I want to go!)  
She said they invented a fuel for vehicles that uses water and has no exhaust.  The military is using it right now.  It's amazing, but it has some problems.  #1 the fact that water is a nonrenewable resource and not readily available everywhere.
Go Ford!  Keep inventing!

*Have you heard about the current trend of citizen science?  
Citizen science is a term used for projects or ongoing program of scienti…

Learnapalooza: Logan Square

Over the weekend I went to Learnapalooza again.  This time in Logan Square.  (I'm sorry, I would have told you beforehand, but I didn't realize it was this weekend until Saturday afternoon.)

I went to the Urban Sustainability session.  Oh man, there were some rad people in that room.  I was literally thinking how I wanted to hang out with the majority of them.  So much knowledge in that room.

One thing I want to bring back to you all is when you are recycling those plastic bottles (which personally I wish you wouldn't use in the first place... I mean for realz, we live in the U.S., there are very few reasons to drink bottled water...but... if you do) please remove the cap.  Apparently, most places will toss bottles that still have the caps attached because the cap cannot be recycled and they aren't going to screw off each cap.  (Yes, you're right, they are plastic too, but a different kind of plastic.)

Mind blown.

Yes, please screw off the cap and recycle them sep…

This is Life

Over the weekend I read a couple articles that really hit me.  They are very different, yet similar.  One life and death.  One photograph of a typist people latched to and made awful comments.  And they both talk about the dangers of the online world.  

Yes, I do consider it quite a different world.  People say things online that they would never actually say to someone else out loud.  How has that become our world?  

I think one of the biggest things I can't get over is these people don't even really know the other people.  In the case of the typist, commentors didn't know him at all.

To be honest I have no grasp of gang life.  None. at. all.  The most I know about it is going on a date with someone who grew up where gangs were prevalent once.  I asked him questions that were appropriate for a first date.  (It was pretty clear he didn't want to talk about it.  Sounded like high school wasn't all that fun for him.)  That is all I know.

What boggles me about the typist …

Clock Makeover

Last week at my trip to IKEA, I picked up at $2 wall clock.  (Seriously)

I've been wanting a wall clock for awhile and snapping photos of wall clocks that I love.  I knew I couldn't pass up a $2 one, but I also knew I'd have the opportunity to put my personal twist on it.

I used paint and embroidery thread.

My first ever wall clock!


If it looks like fall.  If it smells like fall.  If it feels like fall.  If it tastes like fall.
Hey, man, maybe it is almost fall.
*Chicago is still working on the looks like part.

It's the time when I can no longer deny the daylight hours are indeed getting shorter.  (Yes, I know starting at the summer solstice days get shorter and shorter from there.  I did work at a planetarium and learned some stuff while I was there.)  But now it's obvious & impossible to deny.  There is less day light out there, ya'll.

The feeling of things to do inside vs the continual list of outdoor activities of summer.  I think it feels something like what pregnant ladies go through in their nesting phase.  (Personally, I have no idea what that actually feels like.)
-I feel the desire to reflect and get myself on track
-I finally want to put the finishing touches on the dress I started in May
-I'm filled with ideas how to alter items I bought over the summer
-diy projects in general



The Blarney Stone gives you the gift of gab, but only if you kiss it upside down.

Eating 1 grape every second in the 12 second countdown to the new year means you get 12 wishes.  (Mexico)

So many legends.  Who makes up these legends?  And why do we continue to participate in them?

I took a class freshman year of college called "Why People Believe Weird Things".  One day our professor had us pass around an umbrella and she said you can open it if you want.  (Opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck.)  I'm pretty sure I didn't open it, maybe a quarter of the class did.  She asked why not open it?  I believe I said, "Why risk it?"  And she said that was exactly right.  That's why beliefs like that stick around.

And it's fun.

I'm always the first to say, "Hey, why not?"

Jeff, Greta, Karen, & I were biking around Vienna and I saw people to my right rubbing a statue's foot.  Did I know why?  I had no idea, but I pulled over and we all took …

New Music

So so many bands I like are releasing new music tomorrow!  Grouplove, Said the Whale, Avicii, and so so many more!  I can't wait to check them all out!
Last week as I drove all over Ohio and Kentucky the radio kept talking about Kings of Leon cover of Dancing on my Own by Robyn.  I've been digging this song for I guess almost a year now.  (Oh, time, how strange you are.)  And this cover, I must agree is beautiful, and seems so fittingly perfect for a very fally day like today. I'm celebrating all this beautiful music by hitting up a Smallpools concert tonight.  ($10 concert for a band I actually really want to see?  Yes please!) I also have an amazing friend tagging along who bought the ticket to go with me before hearing one of their songs.  She did tell me Saturday, "I bought their EP and I really like them."  What a relief since we're seeing them today ;)
After my body completely knocking me out was bad.  I'm now ready for a great week. So he…

Weekend Music Fest

This weekend I checked out LouFest with Karen and if you're not interested and stop right here, that's a-ok, but just read it was amazing.  Great music.  Great people.  Great atmosphere.  Great weather.  Bam.  (Now feel free to scroll to the bottom for the photos.)
For the longer version:
Karen & I pretty much share zero interests.
This means anytime we hang out together compromising is a necessity.
That's what happened last weekend.

*I was pretty excited about LouFest's line-up and back in May asked Karen to come with me if I went to StL for it.  (Sososo many of my favs played.)  She said she'd go even though she heard of 2 bands.  
*I also picked the Saturday brunch location.  
*I suggested getting standing room tickets to the Cardinals game Friday night.  Then I realized they're playing the Pirates and figured it'd be pretty popular (we were racing them for the #1 spot) so I asked Karen to pick-up some coupons from a gas station that has 50% off coupons in …

Current Articles

How's your week been?
I had a sitting on the floor, listening to lots of Cardinals baseball, learning lots about my newish role at work, perfect long run this morning with overcast skies (although a bit windy-oh yeah and i got splashed by a wave, quite wet for the last mile), eating delicious farmers market fresh tomatoes!, lunch time walks, trying a new to me juice joint, recovering my forgotten credit card, and some soul searching type week.  

Today I'm switching this up to share some articles that caught my eye in the past week:

*Confused about what's going on in Syria?  Here are some excellent articles to break it down:
-9 questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask-Washington Post
-Two Minds on Syria - The New Yorker
-Of course Jon Stewart gave an excellent break-down, as well.  
Think about it.

*Along side that:
-The Outsiders:  How Can Millennials Change Washington If They Hate It? - The Atlantic
You may or may not agree, but it's an interesting read nonetheless…


On our Europe vacation, once we hit Germany the beer and beer gardens were everywhere.  It was pretty awesome.

But, wait, why did it all start?

Well, our awesomely cute and smart tour guide gave us the low down.

Beer actually became popular for a very practical reason.  See back in the day, Europe's water was not what you would describe as clean.  And Europeans needed nourishment.  Combine those things and you have beer.  During the brewing process the hops disinfect the water.  Clean water-check.  Then they needed the nourishment.  Yep, beer has calories.  Nourishment-check.

And a biergarten in Germany has several characteristics, which are practical... who knew.  I just think of a beer garden as a lovely atmosphere.  

Usually the beer was stored in the cellar right below the garden above.  In order to keep the beer cool in the cellar, they needed trees.  Trees that provide a lot of shade (because of large leaves).  And the cellar is right below the trees so said trees need shallow ro…

Best Birthday Present

Today is one of my best friend's birthday.  Happy 26th Birthday, Jess!
Last year, I was at my parents' a couple weeks before her bday so we actually got to spend some time together.  And I think I gave her my favorite gift I've ever given anyone.  (I know... I know... it shouldn't be about me, but I think she liked it a lot too.)

I went to Michael's bought wood squares, paint, paint brushes, and sawtooth hangers.  For our hang out time we set-up camp outside my parents' house laid out the supplies and painted our masterpieces.  

So my gift to her was the supplies because she made the painting herself.  

Why did I like it so much?  I'm all about quality time and I love doing things with people.
Also... I don't want to forget...
I didn't have a post to wish Karen a happy 29th birthday last Sunday.
The night before they sang to her at dinner on the cruise.
And set-up a pretty little display in our room.
We started off her actual bday with champagne.  (Full disc…