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We Have News (more news)

Mike is starting St. Louis University's urban planning graduate program in the fall! 

September 1 is our official move date, but Mike will be there a couple weeks beforehand to get started.  

I think it's fair to say we're both experiencing some mixed emotions, but we're excited for new things!  

One of Mike's uncle's gave him this shirt for Christmas and I'm pretty sure he wore it for 48 hours straight after he got his acceptance email!

P.S.  Housing options in St. Louis are AMAZING!!!


*Karen tells me that is not what I'm supposed to say, but it makes sense in my head...

Saturday I was in San Antonio for work, I did get to hang out with a friend while I was in town so that definitely made the trip better, combined with the fact that the volunteers there are just wonderful.

I knew Sunday was going to be overwhelming before I left on Friday.  I always write lists when I'm overwhelmed, I wrote a list.  (Even though I hardly referenced it on Sunday.)  Just writing it down helps me feel better.

Sunday we registered for at two places, starting at 9am.  When we finished the second one (which we were both dragging ourselves through) it felt like it was time for was 2pm.  Guys, this experience brought so much clarity to people's registerys.  I would not necessarily say it was a fun experience.  And I am very happy Mike seems to have a vision because we would limit the insane number of options down to a couple options together and then I would say I don'…