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Elbow Patches

I decided to add elbow patches to a sweater... finally!

I choose a red cardigan that I have and checked out this tutorial
I went with a heart like they used, but decided I wanted the sewing machine look, rather than hand stitched.
If I were to do it again, not sure I would make the same decision.  I thought it would be difficult to navigate around the sleeves and it did in fact prove to be difficult.
The first sleeve I came up through the wrist and the other I went in through the arm hole.  (I don't know how else to explain it.)  The arm hole was easier, but still challenging and you can see...
If you guessed the one on the right was the first one (through the wrist) you are correct. Boo.  I could take it off and do it again.
Still thinking about that....

Pep Talk

Yes, I know this video is everywhere right now, but looks like I'm jumping on the bandwagon.  It's just so cute!

Music Inspiration

Where do you get your current music favs from?

The music I like most to listen to any/all the time I usually hear on Sirius XM the Alt Nation station.  I think it's 36.  Definitely my favorite.

As for popular songs... first, my spin instructor.  I'm not kidding.  I always hear songs in that room first (with him singing along of course).  Then I'll start hearing the songs on tv shows (girls, glee, etc.).  This can also sometimes correspond to hearing them when listening to music in Karen's car.  

The latest song... 

I've been listening to this song in that spin studio for weeks.  Now it's on Girls and everyone is raving about it.

Before that it was Scissor Sisters.  He loves his Scissor Sisters.

How was your weekend?
I hope you had a great one!
I had a low-key weekend while I recovered from a cold that pretty much knocked me out last week.  I made minimal trips outside, although, of course, I was outside during the gross freezing rain we had yesterday.  I finished sewin…

Sick Food

Yes, I am not feeling well.  I would not give myself flu status because that just sounds scary, but I definitely give myself cold status.  I just want to lay around all day and have the nonexistent person with me get me water.  But since there is in fact no one here but me I have to get my own water and somehow satisfy my stomach that is still hungry, even though I can't taste anything I eat.

Cue this very very easy chili:
Perfect for when you can barely move...


Reuniting with a dear Friend

After an absesnce from the library for a bit, I'm now back and just as much in love as ever!  We're reunited!  (Hello, winter ;)
The library is ever so giving.  (Yes, sometimes I have to wait a bit for what I want, but I eventually get it.)  And all it asks in return is that I return my books/dvds/etc. by their due date for the next person to use.  Not so difficult.
Best relationship ever?

Lately here are some lovlies the Library has brought into my life:

Love Etc.
A cute little documentary that followed 4 or 5 different love stories and their very different relationships.

Main Street Vegan - Victoria Moran
helpful definitions provided at the beginning courtesy of Victoria:
vegan eats vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds, and delicious dishes made from them; they don't eat meat, fowl, fish, eggs, or dairy products; honey is left to individual discretion
there are health vegan and ethical vegan variations
vegetarian is someone who doesn't eat anybody who had a face.…

Big Day

Happy Inauguration Day! Did you get to watch the speech?  I recommend it.
Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! "They have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom. We cannot walk alone." Yes, Obama may have said that in his speech.
If you had today off... I'm jealous.


Hey there 26, what do you have in store for me this year?
My birthday started out with a lovely lake run & brunch at my fav diner, Melrose!  No pressure to leave, just time to chat and catch up. It was SO nice.  (I'm not sure I remember the last time it was 40º on my birthday, if ever.)    This of course made me want to go for a walk and have a swing, although let's be honest... I always want to swing.  Karen wasn't so keen on the idea, but I totally pulled the 'it's my birthday' card and she went along with it.  (I think she had fun.) Yes, you see that right... no gloves! In the afternoon we met up with a group of friends at Green Mill for The Paper Machete Show.  I highly recommend this show!  It was so funny and I think we all had fun.  It was hard to choose a favorite act, which is always a good sign.  There were 9 of us and we all squeezed into a booth with a couple chairs.   Note:  this show is popular (which we did not know).  Arrive early for good seats.

Wall Art

I made another little DIY last week.  
I first saw the idea here and decided I wanted to make one for myself.

Things I love about the project:
-use a song or quote that appeals to you!
-it's supposed to be imperfect.  Perfect for me!  I'm just embracing the imperfections.

Writing in cursive was a bit of a challenge for me.  I had to look up how to write a capital I in cursive.  I sort-of felt like back in the day when people had to write with a pen that you dip in the ink and write and then dip again.  Was it a feather?  Clearly, I have no idea and I'm just going off what I see in movies.  Anyway, I felt like that, having to constantly dip my paintbrush in paint over and over as I wrote.  I'm not a good painter period so writing with a paintbrush was quite challenging.  Another reason the imperfection goal fit right in!

Weekend Fun

How was your weekend?

My parents came to visit so we got to check out some Lakeview wonderfulness.  Ever since I started college in Chicago my parents come visit every year around my birthday (I'm pretty sure that's true.  I can't remember one they didn't.)  And every year they say how crazy they are to come to Chicago in January.  And every year I reply that it's not my fault.  
This year however we had extremely above average temps for our adventures.

On their way to my place they were able to experience the joys of Chicago traffic ;) and then I dragged them to Chicago Diner.  Which I love, but I don't force them to go very often.  We went and waited for our table... Mom really enjoyed her vegan shake & potato skins.  I waited until she said she liked it to inform her it was vegan.  Dad's a good sport...

Saturday we went to their fav brunch place, Ann Sather's, for brunch before heading downtown.  
We didn't really have a plan, but we ended up walk…


I'm preparing for a work trip next week to Monterey, CA.
Pretty sure it's going to be a stressful trip with lots of uncertainty & uncomfortable situations.

While others are doing their own things to prepare for this trip... I'm looking up running routes.  I know what keeps me sane.

It looks like our hotel is close to the water & it appears to be warmer there so I'm looking forward to some comfortable outdoor runs (even if they may have to be very, very early).  Turns out we're going to have VERY long days!  

I have to make somethings a priority in order to be better all around.  

In one of my gym classes this week the instructor said:  "Did you have a bad day?  Don't worry about it.  That's the outside world and we are in the inside world.  And everything in the inside world is good."  Naturally while running my mind takes itself to the "inside world".  

Not sure I'll be able to make it happen every morning, but I will at least a c…


Surprise!  I'm not talking about Chris Carpenter this time.  Matt Carpenter.

Saturday night I was talking with one of my friends about the Cardinals... no, he is not a cardinals fan, (but he's a sox fan so I get along better with them ;) but he knows players well and follows baseball closely.  We were chatting about the end of last season and what's to come in 2013!!!! 

Main points:
*sad about Schumaker being traded.  (It breaks my heart to see him in a Dodgers hat.)  As my dad wisely said, "He's a very motivated guy - now he can see his kids all the time when they aren't on the road."  In the follow-up story Schumaker thanked the Cardinals for keeping his best interests in mind when they explored trading him.  (I'm trying to look at the positive.)
*how's our pitching going to be in 2013.  My friend feels like it's going to make or break us.
*We also lost Berkman, but I don't feel super sad about this because he was only with the Cardinals for …


Right now the Illinois state Senate is supposed to be working on a law to make same-sex marriage legal in Illinois.  

When I walk up and down the main street closest to me this is what I see in almost every business window.  

And the windows that don't have one in their window, I stop to wonder, 'Why not?'

I actually love the support.  I'm tired of inequality and any steps (like this) in the right direction, I support.

I don't care what ethnicity you are
I don't care what school you went to
I don't care where you grew up
I don't care what you wear
I don't care what language you speak *
I don't care how old you are
I don't care where you work
I don't care who you're attracted to.

(I'd love to learn about your experiences and learn from you, but I don't want to classify you based on things like that.)

I see people as people.

Why do we try SO hard to make divisions and inequality?

*this may make it a bit more difficult to communicate, but I…

Cup Color... seriously?

Saturday I was clicking around on the internet and read this article about how your brain reacts to your cup color depending on what you're drinking.  I pretty much laughed and closed it.  

Then... I went out with friends Saturday night & I brought it up.  One of the guys took film classes in college and said he could understand how this is actually true.  I had to redirect because I was totally going in the direction of 'this is so silly.  Why?'  And then I was like, 'Hmm.. What?'  
He went on to tell us about the color of the shirt in movies makes our brains think of that person in a certain way without us being conscious of the perception.
Like red being strong, etc.  So I said, "The bad person wears red?"  Yep.  Hmmmm...

Do I think I will coordinate my cup color with drink choice in the future?  Well, no, probably not.  But take it as you will.

Au Lait vs Cappuccino vs Latte

So really now what's the difference between a latte, cappuccino, or café au lait?
I was curious so I did some research and we can all learn together!
Let's get started:

Café au lait "coffee with milk"
This is a French coffee drink (clearly look at the name).  A coffee with hot milk added.  Hot is a big difference.  Apparently if you take coffee and put regular milk or other whitener and add it, this is called white coffee.
It seems café au laits are made differently depending on which country your in.  Let's just talk about the US.  Typically it uses strong drip brewed or French pressed coffee, to which steamed milk is added.  I have ordered this before at one of my fav coffee shops and they let me choose which coffee I want to use.
It seems to be quite different in Europe.
This is an Italian drink.  Basically it's 1/3 espresso, 1/3 hot milk, and 1/3 steamed-milk foam.
Latte is very similar to a cappuccino.  Lattes have 1 shot of espres…


Have you heard of the newish show on HBO:  Girls?  I've heard about it for awhile, but last week I dove right in and watched the entire first season in a few nights.  It seems like real life and it's funny.  

During one conversation on the show Hannah was learning the Totem of Chat from Marnie:
lowest facebook
followed by gchat
then texting
then email
then phone
Face-to-Face is of course ideal, but it's not of this time
Hannah:  Then how am I supposed to get him face-to-face if he won't answer my texts?

Hahaha... oh life.

Their new season starts on the 13th and I'm excited to watch as the episodes are shown this time around.  Rather than binging and watching it all at once.

Season 2 Trailer

Open Minded

It's been some week over here.  I hope you've had a lovely one!

Today my intention in yoga was open-mindedness.  I'm usually a pretty open-minded person, but that probably wouldn't fit my state of mind this week, but any who... try to be open minded while I get all this out.  (There might not be much of a theme today... bare with me)

Sunday night while I was out with friends one of them showed us her 2013 horoscope.  Do you believe in horoscopes?  Honestly, I don't.  But they sure do make you feel better and hopeful about the future.  Wednesday night I decided I wanted to see my yearly horoscope too... let's see if it comes true:

Exciting things will be happening within the home and family in 2013. Now other family members may be more thrilled about new opportunities in this area than you, at least initially, but your domestic life is changing and it would be easier for you if you could drum up some enthusiasm too. Because changes are ahead and you aren't certa…