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Action 1 of 10

Yes, I attended the Women's March in LA.  I was there for work and went to the march with my boss, a volunteer and her daughter, and Mike.  It was beautiful.  A very beautiful day.  Trump's first week in office has been a bit of a slap in the face.

Are you following along with the actions listed on the Women's March webpage.  There are all kinds of things you can do now, the actions gives you ideas for where to start.  The Women's March was the beginning.

The first action: write a postcard to your Senators.  Over the weekend I sat down and wrote.  Will you join me?

I know this is in no way sufficient.  It is a start.  I encourage you to start.  And a postcard is a great start.

Have you seen the girl who is sending a postcard to an elected official every day for 100 days?  Check it out on instagram.

P.S.  Just take a glance at this article.

I turned 30!

Guys, I turned 30 a week ago!  And had my big celebration almost two weeks ago.  It's been a busy couple weeks, but I'm here, now, to tell you about it!

Celebration #1
I started the celebrations with a small Logan Square bar crawl.  It was honestly really fun.  I really wasn't sure what to expect.  With us starting at 3 and traveling to 4 bars I assumed we would be done by ... 8:30..?  I got home at 12:30.  Whew.  My friends know how to party.

We started at Hopewell at 3.  I think this was the perfect first stop for a few reasons.  Hopewell is BUSY on the weekends, even during the day.  This was an easy place for people to filter in and gather as they were able to make it, in a bright and energetic place.  Then as it got more and more busy, we moved on.  Don't get there any later than 3 if you're meeting a group.  We got one of the last "spaces" when we walked in.

Then we traveled down Milwaukee to Rocking Horse.  This was a last minute decision.  I leaned th…

Shopping Style

I feel like there is such a spectrum for everyone's shopping styles.  I had an old co-worker who would receive a shipment of clothes from online shopping almost every week.  (She returned most of it, but, hey, no judgement here.)  That's her shopping style.

When we moved in August I knew I would need to do a major closet cleanse (and then some).  I did really go through my clothes and donate a lot before we moved and my clothes still filled our living room chairs for a couple days because there wasn't room in my closet.  My new closet is probably a third of the size of my old closet.  I did some sorting, I embraced some organization and I got it to work.  

I think I've bought three or four new clothing items since then.  And the excuse I always say is, "I don't have any room."

To be fair.  If I was more near the spectrum of enjoying shopping and enjoying new pieces all the time, I would donate clothes to make room for new items.  I'm just not.

I enjoy get…

Zero Waste

This seems like a great resolution for 2017.  Produce less waste!

P.S.  See the article here.

Comedy Nights

I'm not sure Mike & I knew how popular comedy nights are in Logan Square when we moved in.  Now we most certainly do.

Unabridged Bookstore has a comedy night the 1st Thursday of every month at 7:00
Cole's has an open mic (which is usually stand-up comedy) every Wednesday at 9:30

We've started to become regulars at Unabridged.  7:00 can be a bit tight with Mike coming home from work so one time I had plans with a friend right after work and met him there.  Last night he got home and we bundled up (0 degrees is no joke) and hustled over.  (It's a good thing for us that they usually start late.)

It's BYOB, but they usually have old style and PBR too.
I recommend it, my friends.


Wednesday I had set-up camp to work at the gym for a bit after my morning class and my instructor made his way over to chat.

As we're chatting he says, "I was thinking about you last night.  How many years have you been coming to class?"

I stopped for a second and started thinking what job I was at when I first started coming, I said 3 or 4.  Then he said he was thinking 5.  And I think he's probably closer.  5 years taking one class (maybe more)!  Time is crazy sometimes.

So many things have changed and yet, somehow, this one class remained constant in my schedule.  (Although my attendance during my work traveling years was more limited.)

I met friends in this class.  It's the only class I can tolerate weights (because he mixes in a lot of cardio too).  When my friend Molly moved to St. Louis over the summer, one of the things she said is she hasn't been able to find Michael's class...hopefully yet.

Who knew when I started the class that this is what it would…