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Find a buckeye, pick it up, then when you rub it, you'll have good luck... 
I tried to play off the penny saying.

But really, you've heard to rub a buckeye for good luck, right?  I definitely grew up strictly following this belief.
Then last year around this time I spent some time in Columbus, OH for work and my team (from the south) had never heard of a buckeye.  They thought a buckeye was a cartoon character or something.

Me:  No, it's a tree.  With lucky seeds.

Fast forward to yesterday.  The buckeye tree on my block is dropping it's seeds and they are just starting to pop out of their shells.  So I picked some up and brought them in for my co-workers on my team (even the one I don't like).  We are from Ohio, Minnesota, and two from Chicago so a bit of a mixed bag. 

Of course my co-worker from Ohio knows what a buckeye is and that it brings good luck.  The others...clueless.  They didn't know it was a tree either.

By yesterday afternoon the sidewalk was covered…

Cardinals Postseason 2014

Cardinals made it!!!  

They lived up to their Cardiac Cardinals name again and we're not even in the post season yet!  But we clinched our National League Central Division title for the second year in a row!  Through the Pirates loss Sunday and then we won so if the magic number was 2 going into Sunday we would have made it.

I went to watch the game at the Cardinals/Mizzou bar Saturday night with some friends and the highlight was the end of the Mizzou game.  It was good, folks!

Cardinals were just disappointing Saturday night.  Except for Grichuk's dash home from second.  That was pretty amazing.

Everyone at the bar was so friendly though.  I talked to more people Saturday night than ever.  Go Missouri :) 

Sunday we knew we clinched before our game started because Pittsburgh played earlier in the day.  So we played mostly upcoming players and pulled our regulars.  Was it like an audition for the post season roster?  I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and was very impressed b…

Bud Light

On my sister, Karen's, birthday sailing I brought a six-pack of Bud Light because I was feeling cheap...and I honestly really wanted Bud Light.  I told Karen I'd give her some because we weren't going to drink them all.

Two weeks later:
Karen:  Did you ever give me those Bud Lights? ... Just want to be sure I didn't miss them.
Me:  Oh, I forgot.  I'll bring you some.

Sometimes you just want a Bud Light.

Monday night we went to a Cardinals game at Wrigley Field and it wasn't even a question, "Bud Light."

My favorite things:

Last night, I went to happy hour with some co-workers and ordered my Bud Light.  Everyone else got glasses and they just gave me the bottle.  Of course I pointed this out to my co-workers and we laughed about it, but one of the reasons I like them is they didn't care or judge me at all.  (Some people out in this world do.)

My point is sometimes the simple things in life are the best and all you really need.  The things you don't hav…

Fall Fun!

After being such a downer on fall last week (I was just so tired.  The entire week.), my sister, Karen, and I took an impromptu trip to an apple orchard.  I needed to embrace fall.

We went to All Seasons Orchard because it was the closest according to google maps.  Apparently, they are one of the few places with a honeycrisp orchard (which they charge more for).  It took us about an hour and a half to get there and we drove through rain off and on the entire way and right before we got there, it was pretty torrential.  

As we quickly discovered upon arrival, many people were in the orchards as the sky opened up and EVERYONE was now in the store/kitchen/anywhere with a roof.  So we basically arrived to buildings overflowing with soaked people, making it very musty.  This is when I had a what am I doing here moment.

The store made me take their plastic bags.  Some of you may know I'm a bit crazy when it comes to not taking plastic bags.  The lines for everything were ridiculous.  They …

Oh Hey Fall

I don't know about how you feel, but I'm finding adjusting to this fall in particular is HARD.

There are probably other things involved (feeling overwhelmed at work, being in the midst of the peak of mileage for marathon training, so little light during the day), but I am clearly blaming the weather.

I am one who gets energy from the sun and heat.  Yesterday, was a long day at work when in the afternoon the sun started shining in our window and I felt so much more energy.  Maybe it's weird, but it's true.

I'm usually pretty good at embracing fall, but I just think I need to work a little bit harder this year.

What do you love about fall?

Calling all Cardinals fans in Chicago

Last night's game was pretty amazing!  It was tense...  Even my friend in LA texted me to say she heard the Brewers got shut-out and asked if my boys did it.  They sure did!  (I had already told her who we were playing.)

So next week is the last week of regular season and guess who's playing in Chicago?  The Cardinals!  

Considering there is not a high demand for Cubs tickets right now, it's Cardinals fans chance to jump on this opportunity!  I just purchased $8 tickets (there were some for $6) for next Monday and we plan to move up to the unoccupied season ticket holder seats.  

Here's to hoping we clinch the National League Central Monday!

Dating Runners

I really need to stop dating runners!

One guy I dated I see every single long run and other runs sprinkled in there.  I do not acknowledge him (of course not).  He does not acknowledge me.  But I see him at least once a week.

Another one I just started seeing on the path within the last few weeks, but I've started seeing him at least once a week too.  Nope, don't acknowledge him either.

And both these guys pulled the disappearing act, which I think is the absolute worst way to end, even if you're just dating.

Saturday on my 20 miler I saw them BOTH!  I'm assuming they're both training for marathons again.

So clearly I should stop dating people who have common interests because then I have to see them while we are both doing our common interest.... ugh.  We'll see how that works for me ;)
(not to worry, I'm kidding.  I know common interests are a good thing to share with someone you're dating...maybe just not running.)

I really need to date a biker who knows a…

Free Mugs

So last Friday I was in a meeting and come back to my desk to find two mugs sitting on my desk.

Me:  Where did these come from?
Justine:  They're giving them away and I thought you would want one because you know, you like that stuff.

Pretty sure she calls me her hippie co-worker behind my back.

Well, I don't know about you, but my coffee mug collection in my cabinet is exploding.  So anyone want a mug?  I'm not good at throwing things away and if no one says yes, I'll need to make my way to donate them...

I'll deliver!

I'm serious.  Let me know if you want a mug.

20 Miler

Saturday I completed one 20 miler for my marathon training.  (I'm trying to get in another next weekend.  I know I know, not how you're supposed to do it according to training plans, but you gotta do what you gotta do.)

This was one of those runs where I was on my way to the running path and had to reject the suggestion to just go sit at my favorite coffee shop and get a scone.  This was a mental one, I just had to get in the miles.

Most importantly, my knee didn't start screaming until mile 19.  Yes, then it became very difficult to run, but that's the latest it's flared up in this training cycle.  And, yes, a marathon is 26.2 miles, but I still have high hopes.

This is partly why:
#1 It is getting better.  
#2 Heading south I was ok in my shorts and T, but coming back north against the wind (already pretty tired), I was not focusing on my knee at all.  I was cold.  My muscles started tightening.  The last thing I was doing was checking-in on my knee to make sure it wa…

Magic Number is 10

It's September, regular season baseball is winding down, fans are looking forwards to the Post-Season in October.  The Cardinals have recently regained first in the National League Central.  (They always do this to me.)

After sweeping the Rockies this weekend...our magic number is 10 to make it in the playoffs!
That means any combination of 10 Cardinals wins or Pirates losses would eliminate Pittsburgh from division title consideration. The number for Milwaukee is eight. (via)Eight for Milwaukee meaning they are further back so it will take eight games to eliminate Milwaukee from the Post-Season.
 We have a big week ahead, which could go really well or not...let's hope for the former!

This Week

This week was a full one (LouFest seems like forever ago...)

*Walk the Moon is releasing a new album late this year.  Going on tour in the fall.  Are they coming to you?  And released their single Shut Up and Dance this week.  
Purchased.  (I need new music for my bike commutes, yo.)

Update:  I had to update the video above with the official lyric video.  Walk the Moon made a call out for video submissions and they made this.  I kind-of love it.

*Fall shows are starting?  What?
I saw the Mindy Project starts up again in 4 days.  Where did this summer go?  I honestly don't think I've turned my TV on all summer.  Maybe a couple times with the news on in the background while I get ready for work.

*Pumpkin is everywhere again.
Last weekend I had a Iced Pumpkin Spiced Latte and said out loud, "No, it's too soon.  This is gross."
I don't think it's too soon anymore.  
As I froze (my teeth were chattering in one meeting) at the office Thursday, I started thinking about s…

Fall is in the Air

I don't know how it feels where you are, but in Chicago there's definitely a fall chill to the air!

I did my run this morning in shorts and a T, but wished I wore some gloves when my fingers started to go numb.  Then my bike to work in a skirt, long sleeve shirt, & sweatshirt I wished for those gloves again.

But what does this chill in the air really mean?  It's time to layer up, ya'll!

Can you tell I took the photo on the left before work and on the right after? ;) 

Layers are my best friend.  (Usually to add more and more and more since I'm generally the cold one.)


Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe koozies are a thing.

I was pretty unaware of this trend until last weekend at LouFest.

First of all, I thought it a bit strange my sister, Karen, packed koozies for us.  But then we got there and there were koozies everywhere.  Instead of it being strange...we fit in!

Karen's always helping to make sure I fit in and I am prepared.

How about you, have you embraced the koozie?  I recently heard people take them in to bars with them???

p.s. I still don't know how to pronounce that word.  But no one seems to feel super strong one way or another so I just continue pronouncing it (probably) incorrectly.

LouFest recap 2014

LouFest 2014 = amazing
I had a really rough week last week and a super chill music festival was exactly what I needed.

Here's a look, if you're interested...

First up Music because, I mean, that's why I was there...

As we walked back to the car Sunday night Karen said, "Top three:  go."
San Fermin, Grouplove, Matt & Kim
Favorite new find: AJR

More details?

Day One!

After we got our Schlafly beer and filled our water bottles at the filling station we headed over to the new stage this year:  Shade Stage and checked out Big Brother Thunder And The Master Blasters
They are a STL local band and they were so fun (and clearly had some friend support in the audience).  The performance is a little different when you feel like you are performing to your friends (with some randos mixed

San Fermin
Maybe I was a little sentimental because I saw them on my birthday this year in Chicago or maybe it was how nice they were in the autograph line or maybe it was the am…

Labor Day recap

It's time for a little weekend recap!  I hope you had a lovely long weekend!!!

I went back to Missouri for the weekend for some family time and a very special lady's baptism (my niece).

Here's a little glimpse, if you'd like to see:

*The playground is fun when you're with a 2 year old ;)

*Family photos, on the other hand, can be a bit challenging

*I completely peaced out from technology.  My phone sat in my room all weekend.
It was lovely.

*My sister-in-law's family and my grandma came over for a BBQ Saturday night.  At said BBQ, Charlie had some homemade ice cream and a bit of cupcake and he started running around our table (we were in the patio area outside).  He ran around that table taking brief stops to be tickled for approximately a half hour.
I am not exaggerating.  It was amazing.  I laughed so hard.

He stopped when he had to go potty.  And this story is pretty awesome too.
Jeff:  Charlie, let me know when you need to go potty.  If you don't, you're going…


I love my family so much.
No, we're not perfect.  Is any family perfect?
But I love them.
Yep, this happened.
Charlie wasn't super excited for our photos so Jeff decided his own approach to make him cooperate. 
Sometimes I feel sad that I don't have a little family of my own yet, but I feel so lucky that I'm able to have this special time with my family because I know it will never be like this again.