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Mike & I have been going back and forth on honeymoon plans.  He's starting his graduate program a week after our wedding.  Originally we thought we'd just put it off for our one year anniversary.  But let's be real, maybe we can go somewhere for our anniversary AND somewhere small for our honeymoon, just to celebrate the two of us.

First we thought, we'll drive to Nashville or Memphis for Labor Day and spluge on a fancy hotel.

Now we're exploring doing one of those searches on kayak where you say, take us anywhere, whatever's the least expensive.  We think we'll take a look right after the wedding and just go, we're last minute planners anyway.  A surprise for everyone!

Have you ever done something like this?  Any tips?

Monday Dinner

Yesterday was Monday.  I was beat from the weekend.  I didn't want to drive to the grocery store.  I needed to cook something for dinner.

My go to summer dish popped in to my mind: one-pan farro with tomatoes

I walked over to Target after work to get some tomatoes and I was good to go.  

Highly recommended.

Wine Bottles

Does anyone besides me sometimes (read: often) choose wine bottles based on their label?

My sister picked this one out but I would have picked it up too.  I'm also very drawn to labels with bikes.

Just a note to kick start your week :)

Walk It Out

Things are a bit crazy around here lately.  It's a good thing the weather is finally taking a turn to motivate me.

Thursday before Mike left for work he told me everything he's stressed about.  With our wedding and move and start of grad school (for him) in the near future we have a lot of things we need to prep for. We're really doing our best, but sometimes it's too much.  For the past...month ish...when Mike gets home from work I have a list of what we need to accomplish that night.  

One step at a time.

So yesterday I decided we needed to take a break and go for a walk.  

We ended up at Rocking Horse's patio where they have $4 drafts on Thursday and talking about what we need to do, but it was at least a step away from the to do list.


Saturday Morning discussing Napa vs. Sonoma:
Boss: "I did a little research and I saw a comparison.  Napa is for the Land Rover, Sonoma is the Jeep Cherokee." 
I now understand this reference since Mike has many favorite car shows.
"We're not Napa people."

That was all the convincing I needed.

My boss was planning to go after we finished work Saturday and fly back to Chicago Sunday.  Mike was on his way out to join me and we hung out in San Francisco for a few days.  We decided we would rent a car for one day and head out to wine country.

We started out early and visited Big Muir National Park first.  

Then we made our way to Sonoma.  We started out at Buena Vista since it has a lot of history.  Then we eavesdropped other tasters to figure out we would go to Ravenswood.

I loved it.  I was pretty exhausted from the push to get through my work event Saturday and then Mike & I walked over 10 miles on Saturday and Sunday.  Monday was a good day for a break.

It was 30 de…