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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Although I feel most of the festivities are over in my world, I got to go to a super fun party Saturday night and saw some adorable kids around Lakeview and Logan Square Sunday.

I'd give this Halloween a definite thumbs up!

 Yep, a lumber jill/jane/jack.  i wanted to wear my favorite shirt. Karen's worn the same Halloween costume for 10 years.  50s girl.  heyyyyyy

Poncho Creation

Several months ago I was scouring all the stores near us for something for a work event when I walked past some beautiful fabric in Jo-Ann Fabrics for $10/yard!  And I immediately thought of making a poncho type scarf thing.  So I'd only need a yard, maybe 1 1/2!

I went back a few weeks later and bought two fabrics.  One with the idea of a friend's upcoming birthday and the other for myself.
I used an online coupon, bought 1 1/2 of one fabric and 1 yard of the other.  It was $15.  
I decided to let the bottom's fray a little and keep the sides and around the neck just fabric - no fray. You can honestly barely see it in the photo.  Look at the middle girl's (Sarah) shoulders.  
Mine was much less detailed than Sarah's, but I still like it.  I actually just got around to doing mine yesterday because I actually, seriously, took my deserved comp day.

Note:  I watched this youtube video and read this guide before I started.  The guide's "pattern" was great for v…

Running in Logan Square

We moved to Logan Square almost three months ago and I've been adjusting and getting more comfortable with my new neighborhood's running options.

When I'm heading out for a short run, I'll run Logan Boulevard and swoop up to Diversey and back down making loops.  It's quite nice how few stoplights there are so I can keep going even though I am on city streets.  It's also really nice that the Boulevard has such wide sidewalks.

All the other days I head down California to the 606 and I can adjust my distance from there.  I won't exaggerate, I still don't love the 606.  And I really haven't run it when it's busiest because I'll typically run down there on my lunch break.  I'm trying to let it grow on me.

I still miss the convenience of the Lakefront Path I had for so long, but I've made my way over a couple times for a special treat.  And now, with the weather changing, I rode my bike down to the lakefront and that wind...!  I don't mis…

Friday Night

Friday night I was getting ready for bed in Atlanta because I had a walk the next morning.  No, I do not enjoy working Saturday's, but just as I started to think that, I got a text message.  From one of my old co-workers when I used to travel all the time.

She texted me at 9:00 pm that she had a layover in St. Louis on her way back to LA after a full week of work in New York.  On a Friday night.  And it all came back to me how it used to be.  

I feel it every time I go to Midway Airport.  It feels very very familiar because of all the time I've been there.  Waiting for flights.  Arriving from flights (when the entire airport is shut down).  All of it.

Then I reminded myself it's only one night and then I get to go home.  

My old co-worker.  She's heading back to New York for another week on Monday.

5 Years

Somehow watching my nephew and niece grow up makes me feel old.  How in the world is my nephew FIVE?  And five just seems so significant.

We headed to Lincoln, Nebraska to celebrate this little guy and had so much fun!

We hit up a pumpkin patch, the children's museum, his birthday party and a morning of fun outside.  Take a look at pictures below if you'd like.

 we knew Callie was coming down the slide because she'd yell "weeeeeeeeeee" every time

 the peddles were a bit far away for Charlie & Callie so Karen & I got some exercise  Charlie wasn't into the photo so he was supposed to jump out from behind me and scare my parents

Munich, Germany - Oktoberfest!

Hey, hey, hey!  Just me over here, adjusting to being back in the real world.  

I wish every vacation was to places where only airplane mode exists.  Maybe 3 days a week...every week?  I love to disconnect.  Only wifi and only at night.  We did actually plan to use Mike's phone and got a European plan for the few days we were there and it didn't work.  While it was a bit frustrating for 20 minutes, it was absolutely okay!  As soon as we got back and Mike would not look up from his phone until we got off the eL at our stop in Chicago.  I kept giving him side eye glances. ;)  

Anyway, we left last Tuesday night for a bit of an impromptu visit to Munich and got back Sunday evening.  Yes, it was a whirlwind, but the flights were $600.  $600 to Europe!

We also ended up staying in an Airbnb, which was a student dorm for $350 for the 4 nights we were there.  Considering most hotels (and hostels!) were $200+/night this was definitely a budget trip.  :) 

Where do I start?  We loved Munich.…