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So México does really like soccer... it's not a myth. Before the World Cup started they played Italy & the game was on during lunchtime at work so Karen turned it on and México scored while we were watching and to hear those kids scream goooooooooooooooooo. It was so much better than I ever could have imagined.
But this was just a preview for the start of the World Cup. México played South Africa Friday, but Israel, a kid in my class, started wearing his jersey to school Monday. He couldn't just wear his jersey because he has to wear his uniform so he wore it under his uniform. It gets pretty warm here during the days so I asked him why he wore so many layers and he just started chanting "México México México!" I just had to laugh.
Then Friday as I waited outside the door for someone to come open it I could just hear all the kids chanting "México México México México!" I started getting excited too. So I came in to find everyone crammed in the lun…

summer stormin´

I seem to have a history of getting caught outside when huge storms are coming in.

Two summers ago I was walking to work downtown by all the museums. I was just enjoying my walk when I noticed people looking behind me and running in the opposite direction. I turned around and saw rolling clouds coming very quickly toward me ripping apart buildings as they came. So I decided it was a good idea to run as well. I´m not sure if I made this decision because it was a good excuse to run or I was inspired by the other people or it just made my adrenaline pump. I just feel lucky I wasn´t walking towards it. I think that was the closest I ever saw like a tornado. I ran to the Shedd where I bought a $5 piece of plastic because I couldn´t be late for work and went back out in it.
Last summer, I was on the lake path biking to a doctor´s appointment when I saw a very clear line in the sky...a rough storm was ahead and I was going right into it. I figured it would be interesting, but I was wea…