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waving palms in the air

The anticipation mounted in our house as we prepared for Jesus and his crew to prepare for their day at our house in the morning (6 am) on Palm Sunday.
This included our coffee pot breaking Saturday morning (yes, with a full pot of coffee...yes, it was a mess). My 1st thought was, 'It's a good thing Caro's not here this week. We'll get this taken care of by the time she gets back.' And my 2nd thought was, 'Oh shoot, we need that for Jesus & the apostles tomorrow.'
This anticipation is a stark contrast from most years on Palm Sunday when I generally dread it. I just feel stupid parading around a church holding a palm & i never liked the length of the mass (it was long). This year I was so excited.
Adding to the anticipation no one seems to know when the time is going to change. Our excuse is that we don't have a TV, but when Beito (sp? a regular at the church) arrived Jess told him how she had problems sleeping the night before because she was…

mysterious volcanoes

So I think I've mentioned before how we can sometimes see the snow-capped volcanoes from our house (i think the determining factor to whether or not we can see them is the amount of pollution in the air that day). Saturday I went on a trip to Reforma and on my way there I admired the volcanoes on my walk. I always love seeing them, especially on my runs in the morning with the sun rising behind's so beautiful.Then upon my return I looked for the volcanoes again and I couldn't see them anymore. At first I was a little upset, but then I realized all the smaller things in Mexico City that I usually don't notice with my eyes glued to the volcanoes.
This made me think about life and always having my eye "on the prize" and not noticing the smaller, beautiful joys along the way. So I've been thinking the last couple days about enjoying everything, even the not so enjoyable parts, because it's all part of the journey
If I don't pay attention t…