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A love note... my apartment.

Dear apartment,

We have been through a lot together in the six years I've lived here.  

In some ways it feels like I moved in yesterday and in others an eternity ago with so many changes. 

Remember the first day I moved in with a twin bed, tv stand, tv from college, and bike?  I rolled out a sleeping bag in the middle of my living room for a couch.  That was all I had.  Now I look around and with the help of craigslist, friends, and family you're quite full.  Countless friends came with me to craigslist pick-ups with their cars or just came with and we requested van cabs.  Grandma decided she didn't want her couch anymore.  Karen & I made a trip to IKEA.  And you started to fill up.

I started collecting posters and DIYing to create my ever changing gallery wall.  Mom & Dad gifted me some fancy artwork from the Lakeview East Arts Festival.  You became decorated.

This is just your appearance.  You were there for me as I made my way home from four differ…

The Inevitable First Home Cooked Meal

I sat with my friend chatting about dating, years ago.  She invited the guy she was dating over for dinner and as we kept talking it clicked:  this is a definite, standard step in the relationship.  Almost all my girlfriends do/did it.  I did too.

My friend always makes the same dish (for different guys) lamb ribs or something.  I don't know, it sounded fancy.  She said it's the dish she's most comfortable making that has the greatest reward.  (I guess that it's fancy.)  

Note: remember in Ways to Lose a Guy in 10 Days he made her lamb rib or something and she said she was a vegetarian.  Hahaha.  I think I would cry if someone made me something like that and they were so proud.  I would feel terrible.

I've never had a specific dish.  I would just make what I felt like, but I do remember Mike coming over for dinner the first time.  I can't seem to remember what I cooked...chipotle gnocchi or something.

It's a bridge that is so frequently crossed.

My sister's …

The Obamas

I am aware not everyone agrees, but the Obamas, man.  They got it.  If I could sign up for 4 more years of Pres. Obama.  I would.

Today I feature Michelle Obama.  Because that lady's got it.

See also: her City College of New York Commencement speech.

P.S.  See also, only somewhat related, Elizabeth Warren's 4 minute video on

Trip Memories

One thing I really like to do on trips is bring something home to cook, or enjoy later.

On a recent, chilly weekend in Chicago I pulled out my pancake mix I purchased in Geneva.  Mike immediately noticed and it just added something special to the meal.

I've been thoroughly enjoying the coffee I also purchased.  It's not something I can get anywhere and it's fun to think about the getaway every time I smell it.  It doesn't hurt that I really like it too.  But seriously, how unique!

Obviously this is not possible with all trips, but when possible, it's pretty great.

This Week!

This week has been a doozy!

With a big event with work on Sunday, celebrating Mike's birthday, trying to get a head start on packing up my apartment and a couple of Mike's friends coming to visit this weekend, I feel very overwhelmed!  My eye predictably starting twitching this morning.  Don't ask me to remind you anything this week, my brain is full!

When you've lived somewhere for 6 years, no the size of the apartment did not change while I was here, but my number of possessions has definitely increased.  Including possessions in the backs of closets.  Especially those!  

I'm trying to be a smart packer and donate things that I don't need anymore, rather than just toting them along to the next place.  I've currently made two trips to Brown Elephant.  It helps me to make a big pile, get rid of it and start again.  When I already see the big pile my head thinks I'm done.  Nope!  

We also celebrated Mike's 31st birthday Wednesday night.  His birthday is …

Jane Elliot

I keep seeing videos from Jane Elliot.  Take a look at a few!

Destin Brewery

I mentioned in my little vacation recap that we left the beach early one day to check out a local brewery and it was pretty awesome.

Destin Brewery started brewing about a year ago and just opened their taproom two weeks before we arrived.  

We made ourselves comfortable at the bar chatting with a couple owners, who were amazing.  Uncommon Honey Orange was Karen & my favorite.  And our timing was perfect because they just tapped it and wrote it on the board when we arrived.

If you're ever in Destin, stop by!