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good-bye chicago: part uno

The Seton girls-as I fondly call them
Their lease ends June 30th so they're all on their way out of the city. This past week we wanted to "inhale as much of the city as I can" -Marianne =) And I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible before things get shook up. It was bitter-sweet. As much as I want to always be able to call them or shoot them an email and plan to see each other within the next week, everyone's moving on to new things and I know we'll still stay in touch.
We got some delicious/cheap sushi, saw The Hangover (my movie for the year) for free, went to a martini lounge (Kit Kat Lounge)...I wasn't a fan of my drink (it didn't help that it was very warm that day and I was probably very dehydrated), but the company was amazing & courtney was able to come as was great to see her again...Guthrys (the board game bar). I love it there! It's definitely one of my favorite bars in the city. I was able to ride my bike t…
i should have wrote this last sunday, but i'm definitely not used to this blog thing yet.
last weekend at mass on the grass, katie and i had a fabulous time on the DAB blanket.  i was surprised they did a blessing for all the post-graduate volunteers
It was so nice!  I won't lie when they asked us all to go up I said, "Is this really necessary."  (I don't like bunches of people looking at me.)  They gave us a blessed medal though with St. Vincent DePaul, which I am definitely taking with me. =)
We sang "None can stop the Spirit burning now inside us.  We will shape the future.  We will not be silent!"

words to carry with you...

this is from UMIN...
Words of Wisdom to Carry with You…vKnow that your service, time and energy may not always be appreciated by those you are serving. Not everyone is going to offer you love.vDon’t forget the privilege it is to have this opportunity to serve.vDon’t get too wrapped up in the lives of those you are serving. Leave work at work and create space for your own life.vSimple living is about wholeness and knowing what you need. Bring something with you that makes you feel specialthat you can turn to when things get difficult.vAvoid being competitive about simplicity and social justice – you miss the whole point if you are!vCommunity can be the most challenging and rewarding part of the experience. Keep an open mind. Sometimes you need alone time and that is ok!vCommunity “is not magical at all!”vDon’t be too hard on yourself…this is an individual journey and it is going to be uncomfortablevMost likely you will ask several times “What am I doing here?!” You might not know…but tr…