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good-bye chicago: part uno

The Seton girls-as I fondly call them

Their lease ends June 30th so they're all on their way out of the city. This past week we wanted to "inhale as much of the city as I can" -Marianne =) And I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible before things get shook up. It was bitter-sweet. As much as I want to always be able to call them or shoot them an email and plan to see each other within the next week, everyone's moving on to new things and I know we'll still stay in touch.

We got some delicious/cheap sushi, saw The Hangover (my movie for the
year) for free, went to a martini lounge (Kit Kat Lounge)...I wasn't a fan of my drink (it didn't help that it was very warm that day and I was probably very dehydrated), but the company was amazing & courtney was able to come as was great to see her again...Guthrys (the board game bar). I love it there! It's definitely one of my favorite bars in the city. I was able to ride my bike to Kit Kat and Guthrys, which I love as well. I will never forget this week! I will always treasure it...

Friday night was the big last night. No extravagant plans, just time together, which is exactly what I wanted. It was the official "last night out." On my walk to their apartment I thought about all the times I've walked there and the great nights that many memories. I felt very sentimental, even walking up their four flights of stairs. Then once I got into their apartment and so much of their stuff was packed and they painted their walls back to white....oh man. Then Marianne & Inez gave me a heartfelt card. I didn't have a bag or anything because we were going out, but they asked if I just wanted to leave it there for a little bit, but I couldn't part with it. I brainstormed and made it fit in my wallet. We ended up deciding on Red Lion and the Apartment. Inez's best friend, who goes to University of Illinois-Chicago, Meghan, came with some of her friends. It was great to see her again too! We got some quality photos =) I'm going to print them out to take with me for my binder for sure.

I wouldn't be the same without these girls in my life. They're the only group (besides the seton boys) that I've know and grown with since Seton Hall freshman year. Seton hall was one of the best things that happened to me while in college and these girls are a big reason why. As we moved out of seton and moved into different apartments it started to get harder to get-together. All-in-all I think we did a good job.

I wouldn't be the same without them!


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