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Engagement Gifts

Generally, I'm not one to give engagement gifts.  Mostly because bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding... it gets to be a bit much.  I also understand this idea of engagement gifts/parties are still somewhat new, but I can vouch people are definitely partaking.  While I think it's crazy, I completely understand wanting to get together and celebrate right after such a big life event.  It's also adorable.

I'm going to Mexico next weekend for a small reunion with the ladies I volunteered with 2009-10.  One of the girls still lives there, another one is there for a two week program associated with her Masters, and the other two of us are coming down for a visit.  I'll only be there a couple days, the shortest of everyone, but I'm still pretty excited.

What does this have to do with engagement gifts?

Two of the girls just got engaged within the last two months and I would really like to give them something, but what!?!?

#1 It has to be small as I am flying and very…

Memorial Day Weekend

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Oh my goodness, so lovely!  My parents came in town on Saturday and Sunday and the weather was beautiful!  Amiright Chicagoans?!?

We had a great time just hanging out and spending time together, but we did cross some restaurants off my "want to try" list.  (Which is mostly in my head ;) )  And nothing disappointed, it was all delicious and we all enjoyed the vibes!!

*Lula Cafe (Logan Square) website
If you go here soon, I recommend the corn cake pancakes with rhubarb something syrup.  So good!  And you can get a half order to share amongst the table!  (That's what we did.)

*!Bang Bang! Pie & Biscuits (Logan Square) website (I had the Key Lime!!!)
*Coalfire (Ukrainian Village) website

We also went for a bike ride Sunday morning.  If you live anywhere near Lakeshore Drive, you probably know Sunday morning the Drive was closed for Bike the Drive, which is a great event and I fully support it.  What is not great is biking on the Lakefront Path…


Anyone remember that song Sunscreen in High School?Or was it middle school?Anyway it was a hit.
I’m always supportive of sporting my sunscreen at the beginning of summer (note: now), but then I don’t need it.  I honestly don’t.  Except for my FACE.  I know this.  Yet, I’ve never gotten into the facial sunscreen every day…until now.  I decided this year I’m changing this and protecting my face!
Last week I walked over to Target on my lunch break and invested in this facial sunscreen (next to the sunscreens, not the moisturizers).  I have remembered to wear it twice. Which is honestly really good for me.  My run Saturday.  And Monday morning when it was like 80.  Do I think it’s a bit sticky when I sweat?  Yes.  Do I enjoy it?  No.  But in the end I know it’s worth it. 
My face is sensitive and I know the freckles are actually not a good sign and if I’m seeing signs now, when I’m 27, it’s only going to get worse.
So who wants to join me in my facial pledge?

Wear sunscreen.

LouFest 2014

I went back and I wanna.

I followed their line-up hints and figured out a few...

Then I remembered LouFest was one of my favorite things about last year...

We are going!

p.s. By "we" I mean me & Karen.  As Karen said, "i'll just wear suncreeen this time and bring my chair!  :)"

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!  Especially mine!

I feel like Mother's Day snuck up on me this year (maybe because it's so cold I'm not mentally in May?).  
Dear Mom, We all love you so much and even though we are not together this year, we are thinking of you and sending you lots and lots of love.

Adios Plastic Bags

In case you didn't hear last week... City approves plastic bag ban.  Nice job, Chicago!

Basically starting in August 2015, stores larger than 10,000 square feet or chain stores are not allowed to use plastic bags.
Start collecting those reusable bags now!  (Although hopefully you are already using them.)

AND in case you find that annoying, which I really hope you don't, they also extended Sunday liquor sales to start at 8am Sundays.  BYOB bunch places rejoice.

The way I look at it, it's a win, win.

May I recommend stocking up on chico bags?
They fold up so easy and small, conveniently fitting in your bag (or pocket).  I will say they are not the best for super heavy loads, but lovely none the less.


Cinco de Mayo

Feliz Cinco de Mayo á todos!

Yesterday I threw together a little cinco de mayo celebration.  I guess it was technically a cuatro de mayo party ;)

(I say threw together because I pretty much decided to have it Monday and I think I invited people starting Tuesday.  Not much notice on either side.)

We listened to Mexican music (thank you Spotify radio). 
Ate veggie tinga, chips & salsa & guac
Drank margaritas
Played taboo
And considering how many different groups I threw together for this one, met a lot of people.  (um my living room was full and a few of us were on the floor)
I also had supplies to make little weavings, but only Karen & Molly took me up on it.  (Karen threw her's away and Molly's actually turned out pretty great.  I haven't finished mine.)

Note on the tinga.  Probably the best compliment I received was my Mexican friend, who is very familiar with traditional tinga (with chicken), said she didn't even miss the chicken.  Which is what I keep saying, it …

It's May!

Let's ignore the fact that it is 50 degrees and chilly/rainy.  And appreciate the fact of what is to come!

Boats are coming back on the harbor this week!!!

And someone sent me my horoscope :)

Get set for some well-deserved fun, Capricorn. Your hardworking sign rarely gives you a break, but with the Sun in your lusty, decadent fifth house until May 20, it's time to escape on a pleasure cruise. Romance could come into the picture now, especially since you're finally enjoying all the spoils of your toils. There's nothing more attractive than a Goat in repose, so lean back — not in — and indulge. You can resume your hardworking ways on May 20, when the sun moves into Gemini, your house of health and organization. Until then, rack up a few memorable "sins" so you have something to repent for later.

Phones at the Table

I know I've talked about technology in our world before and my resistance to it.  I'm not sure if resistance is the right word because I'm definitely a technology user, no denying that.  Maybe my biggest worry is letting it take over and get in the way of relationships.  I can seriously not explain how annoyed I am when whomever I'm with (especially if we're eating) pulls out their phone.  Especially multiple times.  I literally take deep breaths.  And I keep telling myself it's the way of the world.  But honestly, I don't care, and I'm recognizing Yes, I will have to deal with it, but I don't have to like it.  Ever.

I've lately read so many articles about this; they seem to be popping up everywhere (huff post blog, npr (*see end for why this one resonated in particular), even buzzfeed) so it gets me thinking further...

Where does this come from?  Let me start with a story:

Over Easter I sat down to lunch with my parents and I was trying to help th…