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Is it too soon to start counting down to a vacation in June?

I'm feeling really worn down at this moment and deeming it reasonable. 

With that said... HAPPY FRIDAY!
I hope you have a great one!

And some of my favorite things that my contact said on Thursday:
"You have analog phone spidey-sense."  (about me)

This was not directed at me, but I liked it so much I wrote it down (and disguised it as notes).  And, honestly, it sounds like something Rubina has said to me before.
"Think of yourself because only you will take care of you."

Fun Fact

Today we're going to end our Earth Week on a high note.  Many companies are striving to be more sustainable!

There are lists upon lists ranking companies on who's the greenest.  I don't have a preference.  I figure if someone ranks them highly then yay for them.

It seems more and more college campuses are putting more effort into being "green."  DePaul seems to be on the Princeton Review list.  Sierra Magazine has their own ranking as well where many Missouri universities I grew up hearing about seem to be all over the list.

If these lists of recognition work and companies are changing and adjusting to become greener to make the rankings.  I'm all for it.  I don't really get it, I think you should just do it, but, hey, whatever works.

So... tell me.  Did you do anything this week to celebrate Earth Week?  Tell me about it.

for other green tips

Shop Locally

Farmers Markets are opening up again around Chicago (verryyyyyy soon!).  What's a great benefit of shopping at farmers markets?  (Besides the food generally tastes better.)  

The food is local.  

Food at the grocery store is transported all over the country (or further).  Farmers market food is transported less than 200 miles.  It's fresher.  And you're supporting local businesses. (more)  

All these benefits to you and you're helping the environment too!  Less packaging.  Less transportation.  Yay!

I spotlighted farmers markets probably because I'm excited for them, but this shopping locally stuff is for everything you buy.

p.s. Shopping locally has a facebook page.

Water Consumption

People think water is a unlimited resource, but that's not necessarily true.

Ever stop to wonder what your water consumption is?  It might be higher than you think. Check out the infographic below or view the original source here (where you can zoom in and such)

Create Less Waste

Are you ready to upgrade or get rid of some of your stuff?

Rather than just throwing your stuff away, how about giving it a new life?  

You can sell it on craigslist.  I know sometimes that can be a bit frustrating so if you don't want to deal with selling, list your items in the free section of craigslist or free cycle (no, you won't get any money for your items if you take that approach, but you can weigh whether the money is worth the effort for you).  Someone else may love your used item and then they do not have to go buy one for themselves.

Buying or selling things online gives our stuff a second life, saving resources and landfill space.  "...buying a used leather handbag saves as much energy as a flight from London to Paris."  (source - actually an awesome article, if you have a minute)

Give it a try!  Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, Free Cycle.  Your options are endless!

p.s. If you have a few minutes (this video is rather long), check out this video
(I may have shared …

Higher Concentrated Products

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Today is Earth Day and in honor of the holiday I'm bringing you a week of facts and tips.  (Partly because Karen tells me I need to post more ;)

So today we're starting out with a simple tip:
When you are buying products see if there is an option available for you to use less packaging.  Usually these products are higher concentrated than others.  

For example, Method laundry detergent is higher concentrated than other detergents.  Therefore you use it slower than you would others and you use fewer bottles.  And reduce waste!  (was that confusing)
Just look for that option for items you are already purchasing.  Sometimes they are a bit more expensive, but you have to think that they probably last longer than the other products.

Reuniting can be so nice!

Last night I went to an event at my old job, and I have to say it was pretty awesome.  
I got to catch-up with so many of my old co-workers and I was quite surprised by how many random people around the museum remembered me.  Once I was there and catching up with some of my old co-workers, we realized I left pretty much exactly a year ago.

Weekend Sports

Well this weekend had some exciting sporting events:

*They started putting the water fountains back on the lakefront path!!!
This was particularly helpful since I was uncharacteristically thirsty Sunday during my run.  I also got a few tan lines during my run, which makes me so happy because it means the sun was out.  Bring it!

*With the Cardinals, Wainwright had an amazing game Saturday.  (actually all the starting pitchers did this weekend against the Brewers)
"Wainwright was so good in this one, he made history - well, at least we think so.  The available data on the Baseball Reference web site only goes back to 1916.  So unless it happened before '16.  Wainwright is the only pitcher in franchise history to put together this winning trifecta in a single contest:
Throw a complete-game shutout; strike out at least 12; produce three hits at the plate.  Not a bad day for Wainwright." (source)
Actually, Saturday was a pretty great day for the entire team, in my opinion.

*I loved …

Sibling Day?

No, I'm not convinced National Sibling Day is actually a thing, but I don't want my siblings to feel left out.  I mean I seriously have never heard of such a day, until today.

So Happy Sibling Day to my siblings who deserve nothing but the best!

After we were all at my parents for Easter I couldn't help, but think of the quote:  The more things change, the more they stay the same (which I just now discovered is a Bon Jovi song).  When we converge on my parents' we revert back to our old roles growing up, even though we've all changed.  We sat in the same seats at the dinner table until Jeff got married, and then Mom & Dad got a new table.  Jeff still chases me around the house.  I still scream.  Mom & Jeff still put ice down each others' backs.  I revert to being dependent on Karen.  Whoever's not involved just sits back and knows exactly how it will end... since it's happened so many times before.
We're all so very different, yet the same.

I re…

Coming to Lakeview

I'm pretty excited for a couple openings coming late spring to Lakeview!

Go Grocer is opening it's third location, this time in Lakeview.  No, we do not need another grocery store, but this one's focus is local foods, which I'm all about.  It's like bringing the neighborhood goods more accessible.  For example, they said they'll have granola from Wicker Park's Milk and Honey.
Here's an article on the opening (although it's mostly about the owner being a bachelor). I wish I could find a different one.

Dry Hop Brewers is also opening soon.  I've been watching them work on the construction pretty much all winter as I went on lunchtime walks and tried to peak in.  Yesterday, it was open as they moved in some bigger equipment.  It looks awesome!  Now I can't wait to try!

p.s. PSA to all you Chicagoan drivers who park on the street.  Street cleaning has started again.  They don't always put signs about the cleanings up super early so you might not…

Home Opener

Today is the Cardinals home opener day at Busch Stadium!

I am still dreaming someday I will attend...

Busch Stadium, I love you.... because you are the home of the Cardinals.

I loved the stadium tour Dad, Karen, & I went on in 2010.  

Dad answered all the trivia questions.  And I know he held back on some of them to give other people in our group a chance to answer.

I can only hope to be so wise... someday.

One of my favorite Busch Stadium pictures was at the celebration parade after the 2011 World Series Championship.
p.s. Let's hope yesterday's game was just a warm-up!  14 runs!!!
And... we won the series over the Giants as they received their World Series rings and had their celebrations.  A little revenge tastes a little bit sweet.

They're baaaaaaaaaack

A few things came back this week that I am super excited about.

*The Cardinals...I know I already talked about that.
Opening day I even got to watch the game on TV since I was in mid-Illinois

*the yellow mangoes (ataulfo) are back!  I know I talk about my love for them every year.  I fell in love with them in Mexico and have a feeling it will never leave me.  I can't wait to eat them everyday until they're gone!

*During lunch yesterday, I went on a run.  I was 60 degrees and oh so beautiful.  So beautiful in fact I wore shorts!  It felt so good to wear my favorite running shorts again.  Then I worked by the lake all afternoon!

This is all making me so happy!  Especially the warmer temps.  It makes me feel like I can do anything!  (And I don't think I'm the only one.)

Knee feels good :)

I've mentioned how I'm easing back into running after what I think was and IT ban injury that lasted much longer than I appreciated.  But now I'm feeling pretty good.  When I run further than 10 miles I try to remember to ice, but I haven't had much pain while running so I take that as good to go!

Over the last week I was able to rack up some mileage in the suburbs (Karen) and the country (parents).  I got some hills, gravel road, and it all felt pretty good!  Wahoo!  I can't expect much better news than that.  I will take it as my Easter present.

Speaking of running.  I know I've mentioned the minimalist running movement on here before.  Here's a video that a renowned barefoot runner made and I think it's pretty hilarious:

"Have you read Born to Run?  Have you read Born to Run?"
Yes, I have. :)

Easter 2013

If you're interested, I have a few photos from my Easter weekend in Missouri to share:

My longest friend and I went to Charleville for a catch-up session.  (It's both of our favorite winery in Ste. Gen.)
I was being weird & didn't like any of the pictures of us so we took one of our shadows.  As we were taking it, Jess said, "this is so much less pressure."  :) Mom blew out her official birthday candles.  Yes, I say "official" because I was there, even though her birthday was a week earlier.

We had two egg hunts (one at my parents' and one at my grandma's).  Here are a few snapshots:
Taking photos with a little one puts a lot of pressure on the adults.  How?  If you're behind the camera, you have to be silly to get the kid's attention.  If you're in the photo, there's no room for mistakes or looking bad.  You have to look good in every photo because the one where the kid looks good is the one that's going to be picked so hope …

Baseball Opening Day

It's my favorite day of the year!
That's only a slight exaggeration.

I've been awaiting this day for 5 months.  It never comes soon enough.

I got my app a couple weeks ago.  This is my third year using this app and I love it.  I love being able to listen to every game from my phone and getting all the stats and articles in one place.  This year it is $19.99 (the price went up this year).  The only app I've ever paid for is this one every year.  But sometimes you can just tell it's worth it. You bet I'll be listening tonight!!!!
Many, many developments occurred during spring training this year that I enjoyed following.  Here are a few of my favorites (yes, there were many ups and downs, as per usual for spring training... and the entire season): *Allen Craig was signed for 5 year contract.  I was just excited because I like the guy.  Dad helped me realize it's a pretty big deal for such a young player get signed for this kind-of contract.