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Meal Planning

Let's talk about it.  Meal planning.  What's your strategy?

I think back to before I moved in with Mike and sometimes wish I could still be so laissez-faire. I ate leftovers a lot.  I had the time to plan ahead.  We are definitely short on time around here these days.  Some weeks I sit down, come up with meals for the week and do all my shopping on the weekend.  And I love it!  The truth is, I'm just not usually that organized.

Elephant in the room: Mike does not cook.  He will make himself spaghetti or tuna salad sandwiches.  That is all.  We keep saying I'll teach him, but again there's that issue of time.

I ended up getting a free box of Blue Apron a couple weeks ago.  Have any of you tried it or a similar service?  

Guys, we really liked it.  We will not be spending $50 on two meals right now because we are on a budget, but it was so nice to have all the ingredients delivered (they sent a garlic head for 2 cloves!).  Mike and I cooked together and he even said at o…


Every once in awhile I just get a craving to do something creative.  It's because I'm a Capricorn (one of my friends who is in to such things says).

I am able to be creative with our new house, but some things like the shelves that are taking 4 times longer than I thought they would to build, zap it.  And they're not even creative to begin with.

I'm not one to give decorative bed pillows much thought.  In fact, when I purchased a comforter 4 years ago, it came with decorative pillows that sat on the floor until I put them in a box to move and they stayed there until we got here.  So yeah...not really in to them.  

Mike on the other hand, is.  

As we were loading up a moving truck with some things Mike had at his parents' house after Christmas, since we had a truck, they gave us a few other things too.  Some of Mike's mementos, a comforter, and pillows that didn't work out for them, etc.  They weren't really our style, but I cut off the cover of the pillows,…

Decorating on a Budget - Frames

You have the prints you love and you are ready to find some frames.  Frames are not cheap!

Here are some tips I've found to lessen the burden of frame shopping. 
1. Check out Michaels/Home Goods/etc.
2. Don't worry about the frame having hanging equipment.  Buy some of these.  It will greatly increase your options for frames and they are easy to add yourself.  Any frame can go on a wall now!

Pick out some prints and get to hanging!