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3 day weekend!

It's Friday, people!
We made it!  And now we all have a much needed THREE day weekend!

This week I tried a couple new places:
Market Bar We had dinner in their sidewalk dining and then headed up to the rooftop for more drinks.
Then Rubina & I had a lovely picnic at the lake.  And we took some fun photos with the moon before we commenced our star gazing where we could faintly see the big dipper.

I was supposed to be balancing the moon on my fingertip, but it sort-of looks like the statue of liberty...
So it was a good week, but I can't tell you how excited I am for the weekend!

I'm planning on checking out the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at the Art Institute (it ends Monday).  Having brunch with some friends.  Maybe some shopping, thrifting I hope.  Farmer's market.  Baking bread.

One of my friends is getting married this weekend in Louisville.  I was supposed to go & wanted to go, but it didn't work out.  Another one of my friends is having a wedding ceremony th…


I strongly dislike doing my expenses after a business trip.  I just don't like it.  I wanted to do them yesterday & didn't.  I decided I needed some motivation to catch-up.  What was that motivation?

I went to Heritage, which is a short bike ride away from my place, and discovered my new favorite coffee place + more.  I've been wanting to go there since it opened a few months ago.
They brew Stumptown coffee from Portland, OR, have fun drink concoctions, make their lemonade, and it's also a bike store and repair shop.  I mean, really, what else can you ask for!

I sat outside in their outdoor seating and whipped my expenses together!

Birthday Recap

Karen's birthday, of course.
Karen loves her birthday.  It's one of those things that is distinctly her.  I'm not sure I know anyone who likes their birthday as much as her.  It's always fun to see what schedule she comes up with.

This might be a bit of a long one so here's a song for your enjoyment...

First of all some photos from the week before.
I left Chicago Sunday went to Cleveland and straight to St. Louis for last weekend.  I had to pack for lots of weather and different outfits:  suits for work, long sleeves & pants for after work in Cleveland (it was chilly), shorts & tshirts and dresses for St. Louis.  Let's just say my bag was stuffed.  I also had to fit Karen's birthday pressent

Air & Water show!!! | Picnic dinner downtown Cleveland | Birthday party for one of the interns in Cleveland | rockin' the side braid
I got to St. Louis Thursday night and had fun with Karen's friends at dinner before Karen & I headed to one of her favo…

Sale Time!

I know everyone loves sales and I believe Labor Day is full of them.
Today the sale of all sales started!
Yes, that's Modcloth. Have I mentioned my love for Modcloth? I bought 2 dresses and a skirt for less than the price of one of them.  That didn't make much sense.  The three of them together was less than the original price of each of them individually. Make sense? I love dresses and one of the dresses inparticualar I had my eye on, but decided it was too expensive.  And now it's mine for a fraction of the original price!  YAY!

Keep on running

Saturday I had my first of three 20 mile runs for this training.  And it actually went really well.  I will not take all the credit for this.  There are a few other factors to consider:
*It was 70º.  Seriously.  That right there will make a difference.
*I was also having some major chaffing in recent weeks so I splurged on a new sports bra. I know I could/should buy an anti-chaffing stick.  I have no excuse for why I haven't done that except I haven't.  The point is:  0 chaffing on Saturday.  Zero!  Wahoo!
This is from the 19 miler the week before.

I often get asked how far 20 miles is... so... to my fellow Chicagoans I start a bit north of Belmont and run south to 43rd street (I looked on Saturday just for you), then I turn around and come back.
What do I think about for 20 miles since I don't listen to music?  I have no idea.  Sometimes I work things out and come up with how I want to handle life situations, but it's also just my break.  My break away from everything.

Somebody's always willing to help.

So Wednesday I walked to the gym and saw a dresser sitting on the sidewalk with a Free sign on it.  It's not uncommon when people move out, they put furniture they are not taking with them on the sidewalk.  Usually, I'm not interested, but that dresser caught my eye. I continued on to the gym expecting it to be gone when I came back. It wasn't. I untaped the drawer and looked inside.  It looked like it was well taken care of. I kept going. Then I went to church.  Walked past it again. I was walking home and it made me stop AGAIN (yes, I know this is a boring story.  Hang in there) I untaped the top drawer again.   I tried to lift it. It was heavy.  No way can I get this to my place. Begin walking away. The garbage recycling man said, "Do you want help with that?" "Really, you wouldn't mind?" "No, just give me 10 minutes." He put it in the passenger's seat of the garbage truck and drove it up the street to my place. He brought it in to the elevator wh…

Week Learnings

Why Hello there Friday!  Welcome!
I'm pretty excited it's Friday.  And I'm super pumped for the Air & Water Show this weekend so it's an awesome day. 
Today I have some learnings from the week to share with you...

Song for you...
The Lumineers - Ho Hey by AMY

Running is so much easier when it's not 98º outside.  My time drops and I feel so much better.  I couldn't have asked for better weather for my runs this week (even Monday in the slight drizzle was lovely) and tomorrow it looks like 75 for my 20 miler.  Ready!

It's so nice to get mail that's not junk or a bill!

At my old job, I almost always took a real lunch.  I would go look at the skyline by myself or with a group or go sit in the cafeteria with a group.  Lunch was a break from work.  In my current job, it's not really like that.  I miss the companionship where I got to know my co-workers' personalities and where we talked about anything but work (ok maybe a little work talk was included).

New Shoes!

I always walk into my running shoe store with my old ones in hand.  I've bought the same shoes since '08 when I first went in and got fit for them.

Someone sees me with my shoe, goes to the back and comes out with it.  Bam!  No wait.  I try it on.  Go on a quick jog on their strip of indoor track and I'm in line to check-out.

After exchanging a couple sentences with the lady helping me she said, "So what marathon is this for you, not your first." (I guess I'm starting to get the lingo if she didn't question.)
Me:  Fourth, but I still feel like I'm learning every time.
Her:  Right on.

And I honestly do.  I think it's so interesting how people always ask me for advice about their running.  I'm more than willing to share what works for me, but as I've learned more and more and more everyone is different.  I am still figuring myself out and what works for me.  Running 26.2 miles leaves a lot of time to mess up and change things.

Then I brought up th…

Summer Reading

While you're reading, do you ever get annoyed with editing mistakes.  I understand the people who proofread are flying through books and we're all human and make mistakes.  It just completely throws off my reading flow.  In books where there are one or two mistakes, no big deal.  But where there are tons of editing mistakes, it just gets annoying.

But anywho here are the books I've been reading.  Maybe it will give you an idea or two.
What the Dog Saw - Malcolm Gladwell What a collection of quite intriguing articles.  There's something in here for everyone.  I can honestly say I learned things reading this book and then had intelligent conversations with friends about it.  Yay! It's such an array of topics, there's something for everyone.  And the way he approaches the articles drew me right in.
The Eat This Not That!  No Diet!  Diet - David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding This is what it says.  It was interesting and a quick read, although I'm not sure how muc…

Thankful for Friends & Family

This week I'm thankful for friends & family!  I mean I always am, but...

Did you hear about the Megabus accident on Thursday afternoon?  One person died and many were seriously injured.  I'm a big fan of Megabus and frequently ride it. 
My dad sent me the article first.  Then I started getting texts from friends.  Some just informing me (knowing I was in Chicago), others checking to be sure I wasn't on it.
It was so nice they cared enough to check-in with me!

I have awesome friends!

Then I saw Greta posted this picture on facebook...

Umm... adorable! 
Karen commented on the photo:  "Awww...I remember going on rides just like this when we were younger. :)"  And it's exactly what I was thinking.  For me, on Dad & Jeffrey and NOW here's Jeff doing the same thing with his son. 
This to me is a perfect picture for so many reasons!
(Thanks for sharing, Greta!  And Greta's birthday is on Tuesday so HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, GRETA!)

What's on my plate?

Foods that I'm loving right now...

Mom & Dad got me this mango Harry & David salsa on vacation at the lake when we split up at the outlet mall.  Yum!

2 in 1.  Seriously.

Zucchini Bread

I love my mom's zucchini bread so much!  It's one of those things that I know it's summer when I have some.  It wouldn't feel right to eat it in any other season.  Only summer, when the zucchini is fresh off the stem.

Another summer item.  Homemade pickles with a kick.

I recently discovered these because they were on sale, but they were good!

These peaches from the farmer's market were so good and super free stone!  YUM!
I love summer food!
What season has your favorite food?