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strawberry sweetness

strawberries are so appropriate for summertime!  they were on sale at jewel and i STOCKED UP!  now when i get home from my runs, nothing tastes better than strawberries!  it's perfect!

the last couple days here have been pretty summery.  it's lovely.  

i like to make deliveries of bday presents to my friends so today i was heading downtown on the lakefront path making a delivery, jamming to this 
Noah And The Whale - 5 Years Time by CAFFE' SANT'AGATA - BS

it was perfect!

the lakefront path always has something going on (when it's nice outside).  i think i could write everyday, just about something i see on the path.  it keeps it interesting.  i'm happy as long as people aren't yelling, which sadly happens too often.  

the other day i was running and it was wonderful & i noticed how quiet it was.  i mean there are cars whizzing past right next to me, but the people aren't talking.  it was so interesting and almost peaceful.  

then sometimes someone gets ups…


and hilarious... 

the beginning of an end

last night we had a little farewell celebration for elena (one of my co-workers).  she's the one i mentioned before that her fiance got the professor job in new jersey and she was moving with him and found this perfectly her job close by.  so she applied and got it!  i'm so so happy for her.  she went through a stage of unemployment after graduating from grad school and wasn't looking forward to going through that again and now she won't!  

we will miss her though.  the three of us kind-of fit and we were just getting used to each other enough to know each other's preferences.  liz likes high school kiddos.  elena liked upper grade school into a little middle school, specifically 4th grade.  i like pre k-2nd ish.  especially pre k -1.  mainly i like them because i can get down on their level.  one of my bosses once told me it's always fun to watch me interact with the little ones.  i don't really know that what means.  i didn't ask.  at about 6th grade u…

rain please go away

this morning after my run it decided to rain.  i'm not talking about the drizzle i've ridden my bike to work in before, but rain rain.  ugh.

this forced me to the bus.  and what do you think that meant?  running.  yep.  i had a tour at 10 that takes some prep time so i was paying very close attention to bus tracker and i got to the end of my block to see my bus right in front of me (it wasn't a stop) so i took off running to catch it at the next stop.  

i caught the bus drenched.

i felt like i was in a movie though.  it kind-of made me laugh.  (it's always kind-of fun to be in warm rain... not so fun to sit around in wet clothes while they dry)

awesome sweetness

yesterday they had a staff preview for one of the astronomer's project's, Bailey-Salgado Project, and one of the volunteers who came in started talking to me about how i needed to be careful biking home (she saw my bike upstairs) because of the crazy fog.  i hoped it would clear out before i left, but no.  when i started out it wasn't that bad, but it got more and more dense as i went along.   i started to hit rush hour BIKE traffic and started talking to my brother.  then the path was rerouted a little bit because they were paving the regular path.  that was crazy. as the fog got denser my eye lashes started doing something crazy.  i don't even know how to describe it.  i asked jeff if there's water in fog and kept trying to figure out WHAT was happening.  but c'est la vie.  i made it home safe and sound. that was the awesome part.
then i was reading a blog and found this super easy recipe for delicious brownies for one.  hey, why not?  i gave it a try, with suspi…


i haven't updated you on my read list for awhile so i decided to send a list and just highlight my favorite. naked  by:  David Sedaris funny, funny, funny freedom  by: Jonathan Franzen literally when i finished this one i said, "that was twisted" out loud my enemy's cradle  by: Sara Young this one has anticipation, sadness, fear, and happiness all tied in together.  this book was a way for the author to address how babies were treated in germany and occupied countries during world war II.  i really liked this one. I mentioned that i read something borrowed a few months ago.  then when it came in at the library something blue.  then followed by baby proof and love the one you're with and finally heart of the matter all by emily giffin.  first i will say these are all super girly books.  so know that going into it.  they're all fast, super easy reads.   least favorite:  something blue.  honestly, i didn't like the character darcy so i didn't want to read a whol…

good game good game

awwww... what a cute picture =)

great game last night, especially after a frustrating series against the reds.  

yes, i'm still listening

revisiting my resolution

maybe you thought i forgot about my new year's resolution?  no i did not.

today after a beautiful run on the lake where i saw the HI GUY!!!!!  i headed to greek town first.
a co-worker recommended Artopolis (just south of jackson on halsted).  it was delicious.  i had a portobello chévre sandwich.  it was a tiny bit pricey (at least in my mind), but i literally took one bite and couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the deliciousness.  yum!   i was really enjoying the bread of the sandwich when i looked up and what did i see?  they sell loaves!  i bought one to bring home.
so i have a thing with preservatives.  i don't like them.  so i've been looking for bread places for awhile and haven't found one i love.  one of my planned stops for my ride home was to hit up a bread place.  so this was perfect.  i picked a something olive bread and then still went to the bakery i intended to visit.
i stopped at D'amato's (on grand, just west of halsted).  they were super nice…

"cleanse week"

yep.  i created my own "cleanse week" after last saturday.

last saturday was quite a day.  it could be defined as awful.  

i rode into work with a slight sprinkle, while talking to karen on the phone.  good start right?  well, yes.  until i was about a mile from work and got a flat tire (which i mentioned earlier).  ugh.  then i get to work, lug my bike downstairs (i thought it was going to rain), promptly pour myself a large coffee, pick-up things left over from the astro overnight the night before, set-up for astronomy day, and sit down at my desk.
the supervisor of the mission specialists wasn't coming in so i needed to supervise them in addition to my normal tasks for saturdays.  which usually isn't all that bad.  we only had 3 mission specialists on the schedule last saturday, usually we have 4 or 5, but i wasn't too worried, we've done it before (the saturday before that i was supervising too and we did it then, in fact).  
i checked the sick line.

oh biking the last 48 hours

i really think i could only write about stupid silly things i do and fill up an entire blog.  i mean i do learn something after each thing....

but that would probably make me look... ummmm... bad.  but i will share the last 48 hours of biking.  all full of fun stories.

it all started yesterday with a beautiful sunny 70º morning.  i slipped on a summer dress and got on my way to work.  knowing that the weather was supposed to change during the day, but not even caring because i wanted some sun rays in my life so desperately.  
i get to my underpass that i take everyday and i see it's flooded.  WHAT is going on!  'well, i ride through here everyday and never lose my balance and fall.  i can do that again, no problem.'  i go in anyway and of course... lose my balance.  my feet and shoes are soaked.  at least i have a wonderful sun shiny ride to dry off before work.
then... the weather did in fact change during the day.  unlike the previous two days where the weather people lied w…

summer is in the air!

wow summer!  thanks for coming to visit!

the oak street beach restaurant place is opening, they put up another bike station at ohio, and i was sweaty when i got to work this morning.  i LOVE it!

i don't even care it's supposed to rain after work the ride here was so beautiful.  (honestly, i didn't want to deal with cubs traffic on the bus.  although it's the cards and i'm so happy i get to watch their games.  the game last night was great by the way.)

don't wear somewhat tight skirts while riding bike.  lesson learned.

but this song came on my ipod as i pulled up and i was like it IS a perfect day =)

Strawberry swing (live) by Coldplay

my plant's dying... maybe

i mean, to be honest.  my plant is lookin sad.
i started talking to one of my co-workers about my poor plant and how it's been through so much with me and it looks like it's dying.  
i've had this plant since i left for college freshman year of college.  (that's like 6 years  My aunt and uncle took care of it the year I was in Mexico (thanks Uncle Rick & Aunt Marcia!), but besides that it's been with me the whole time.  
i don't know what to do!
my co-worker suggested using coffee grinds because potted plants can use up all the nutrients with time and i don't want to go out and buy a huge bag of fertilizer when i have a tiny potted plant.  
sadly, after talking with her i immediately forgot her suggestion.  but yesterday (my watering day) i felt sad looking at my poor plant i googled it.  and what do you know?  eventually i found somewhere that said coffee grinds and remembered.  
i put some in right away....we'll see what happens.
i hope it…

third time's a charm

so the past 3 weeks i've tried to get in to richard's cycle class at my gym.  i've taken it before and understand why it's so popular (difficult with great music), but man.  i've been wait listed the past two weeks.  last week i literally went in saw there were two people ahead of my possible spot on the wait list and turned around and left to go run outside.
i don't understand where everyone came from all the sudden.  i guess they're trying to get in summer shape?  does everyone gain 5 lbs in the winter or just me?  i call it the winter 5.  i even still go to the gym everyday, but besides that in the winter my activity is very low.  i don't like the cold.  so i don't want to be in it.  but in the spring and summer, i'll go for walks.  i ride my bike.  i run outside, which is harder than inside.
i've had my fair share of bike hurting in the last couple days so maybe i should have taken the day off, but inside it's so much easier.  saturday…

growing up is hard to do

i skip down my street, walk on sidewalks like balance beams, but my favorite:  swing.  maybe it's because i can't do it everywhere. one of my friends told me how a few years ago she would go out to the lake almost every night after dinner.  so far this year, i started that tradition and i love it.  i've had limited days so far, but i'll go out and read, talk on my phone, people watch, whatever i feel like on that day.  but i always wrap up my trip (across the street) with swinging. it takes me back to our house we lived in from when i was 1ish-like 3rdish grade.  we lived across from the park and swings!  i remember making jeff (and probably karen too) give me lots of underdogs.  (i was a little brat.  i watch home videos of myself and feel embarrassed for my 5 year old self.)  there i looked at at lots of trees and hills and baseball fields and a soccer field.  here i look out at belmont harbor and the lake and very expensive boats.  so different, but i still feel the w…

frozen treat time!

ice cream, custard, frozen yogurt, sherbet?  what's your favorite? i don't remember there being so many options growing up.  it's maybe a little overwhelming.  this coming from someone who has trouble making decisions.
we're getting into warm weather (i know... it's right around the corner!).  i'm in full swing biking mode and today i got to hit up the new trader joe's with my basket i got for my bday.  (yes, in january, but today was my first time using it.)
when the sun beats down on you maybe you start to crave a frozen treat.  i hit up a couple this week.  chicagoans take advantage when it's nice (because we never know when it might happen again ;) ).
i've never been a great judge at comparing foods.  i mean, i love ted drewes frozen custard, but i went to a frozen custard place with my friend wednesday and i kept saying i would compare it to ted drewes.  i just can't do it.  i haven't had ted drewes in about a year.  i know it's good.  …

holy weddings

weddings seem to be all in my face right now.  i usually see wedding parties every saturday when i leave work taking their wedding pictures.  lately i see at least 4 every saturday.  it's kind-of fun to look at all the limos, party buses, bridesmaid dresses, etc.  
a couple weeks ago one of my friends got engaged.  with one of the top engagement stories i've heard of. 
then over the weekend my sister was in her best friend from high school's wedding.  
and... one of my co-workers got engaged.  to be honest, we knew this was coming because she found the ring.  by accident.  she was actually doing her fiance a favor when she found it, getting something for him, and there was the bag.  but she didn't look at the ring, she just knew he had it.  but we had no idea when.  and it was this weekend. on his bday.  "he wanted to share the day and celebrate with her"  his words. this has to be a top engagement story too.  he took really nice yarn (she's a big knitter and …

¿mejor? si, pero...

at the last astro overnight one of the mission specialists (part-time employee on the floor) and i were comparing our rolling rs skills aka non-existant rolling rs skills.  you need to roll your rs to speak spanish correctly.  while i was in mexico i tried to learn with my 4 year olds while a few of them tried to learn and failed.  so narin (the mission specialist) recommended using youtube and i shared what i did with my 4-year olds.  narin keeps updating me on his progress.  and to be honest, he's basically almost got it.  i kept saying by our next overnight i'd have it down or have at least put in some significant time.
our next overnight is THIS Friday and i haven't put in ANY time with rolling my rs.  i updated him saturday and told him what a failure i am, but he keeps telling me i can do it....
on a more positive note i talked to isaac this weekend and asked him how my spanish is as i just wrapped up that groupon spanish class and he actually told me it was better.  a…

shopping bug

so i'm not a huge shopper.  i generally don't enjoy it, but the spring dresses keep catching my eye.
i'm going to call it spring fever.  it's springtime and i'm feeling obsessed with spring dresses.
usually when i shop, i pick out what i want beforehand so i can get in, do the shopping and get out as quickly and efficiently as possible.  so a few weeks ago i saw the cutest summer dress in a store window and i wanted it so bad.  finally, sunday i went to find it.  it was helpful to ride my bike to the store and calm myself down before entering.  i pulled the dress up on my phone and asked if they have it.  nope. sold out.  then i went to the next store in the city.  not my size.  today i made my way to store #3 (and the last one) in the city.  not my size.  but this time, i'm not sure if it's because it was monday so they weren't as busy or because they were just nicer, but they called around to other stores, found my size, and they're supposed to be s…

may flowers

we've had a lot of rain in chicago for the past couple weeks.  in fact the sun's been hiding a lot.  i've been feeling exceptionally tired lately and haven't been able to figure out why.  in one of my classes at the gym friday my instructor talked about the possibility of vitamin D deficiency.  i thought that might be it.  i'm trying to be deliberate about getting sunshine, i just don't like taking supplements, unless i have to and i think, the sun will return to us soon! so the way i see it, we've had enough rain for some BEAutiful may flowers.  i've been looking around and watching the flowers on my block open and it just makes me so happy.  
i started a tradition when i moved into this apartment to do a little photo shoot every season, pick one and put it on my wall.  i like it because it's a reason for me to still enjoy one of my hobbies, photography, (fun fact:  i minored in photography).  i wanted to take all four seasons photos in the same area…