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Thankful Time

Yes, after a hiatus from the blog world, thankful time is making a reappearance for this Sunday!

I can feel you're just as excited as me, so let's get started!

This week I'm thankful for an email (or several actually).
Subject:  t minus 10

Well, I received this email from my friend, Rubina, on Thursday, which just so happened to be 10 days until the marathon.  I open the email to find a little inspiration.  And I loved it!  It made me excited, it made it real.  

Then Friday I received another email.
Subject:  #9
This one threw me off.  9 what?  (I can be a little slow sometimes.)  Don't worry, I figured it out AND I got more inspiration!

Subject:  #8
I really hope these keep coming all the way to the marathon because I'm loving every one!

Rubina had to listen to me talk out my psychological fears after having a bad 20 miler.  She listens to all my stupid updates, how I'm feeling, what I'm eating, whether or not I'm taking my iron.  
Because she asks. …

Running Workshops

In the past few weeks I fit in two different running workshops.  Both free at Fleet Feet.  

Good Form Running
This workshop was very helpful.  Basically all the info is available on the website, but I know I learn better by doing things and seeing.  
At the workshop they taped us running so we could see ourselves.  I knew my form wasn't amazing because of pains I have.  After watching the video, I saw I have A LOT to work on.  (I say video like it's super high tech, but it's so easy.  They used an iphone and somehow projected it so we could all watch.  You wouldn't need to project, just find someone to tape you run.)  Pretty sure I had the worst form of the entire group.
But, hey, now I saw it, and I know.  
I'm working on it.
Basically there are four steps (that I'm going to try to remember without looking)
-Reset button to align yourself.  I always forget to do this.  I always say I'll do it at my half-way turnaround and I think about it before and after, but ne…


Something you may not know about me:

I find a bowl of cereal with less than 3 different cereals sad.

When I get on my cereal kicks this can be quite expensive, considering Trader Joe's has exactly 3 cereals that are $1.99 and those are the least expensive cereals I can find anywhere.  Doesn't allow for much variety. 
This is why I was so excited this week when I saw a bunch of different cereals are on sale for $2.25 at Jewell!  I bought TWO boxes and they were both very different than the three $1.99 ones at Trader Joe's.  
Thanks to the sale, I get some variety!

I used this as a once-around at an Astro-Overnight so the volunteers could get to know each other and I talked about my three cereal minimum.  (The more the better.)  
After I left the planetarium Rubina told me how one of the volunteers said he had a bowl of cereal and thought of me.  This made me think (for the first time), maybe this is odd?  
Oh, well.

One of the backs of the boxes of cereal I bought this week was DJ …


During one of the many news stories showing protestors from many countries protesting the US over an anti-Islam film that was made in the US.  This photo really struck me.
This is a little hard for me to see.  
People were killed.  There are videos of protestors burning the US flag & ripping it apart (like above).
I don't consider myself a very patriotic person, but I am an American and the flag represents America, which includes me.

These people hate me and they don't even know who I am.
This got me thinking of similar situations.
A woman walks to her job in a mall.  She sees the line snaking around for Chick-Fil-A.  This was at the beginning of August when everyone lined up at Chick-Fil-A to show they are anti-gay.   The woman walking to work, just happens to be gay. She looked at the line and saw the line continuing all day.
As she looked at the lines she thought 'these people hate me and they didn't even know me.'
Yes, it happens in America too. It happens everywhere.

4 day weeks

Pretty awesome!  I wish we had 4 day weeks every week.

This weekend I'm super excited for the Lakeview East Arts Festival, which I attended last year with my parents and really enjoyed myself.  It's back and I'm planning to spend as much time as possible there this weekend!  I also have a spot at the Good Form running workshop at Fleet Feet, which I'm pretty excited about, as well.  And then Sunday night I fly to Louisville for work.

I loved this four day week!  
I did some thrifting.  Got a flat :( (on my bike, of course).  Errands, errands, including buying a wedding gift (which was surprisingly pretty fun & the box fit perfectly in my bike basket).  Received my new dresses from the modcloth sale, when I opened the box I was SO excited I immediately put one of the dresses on over my clothes. DNC watching.  



One month until the marathon, that is!
Last Friday when I ran down to Monroe they had the banners up on the light posts and I smiled while my heart went pitter patter.  So excited!
I'm feeling a little nervous about it after my last 20 miler.  After talking to one of my friends about it she made sure I don't mentally set myself up for my last 20 miler to be bad before I even start.  I need to just let the last one go and move on.

Honestly, my body's been feeling pretty tired.  I'm pretty excited for taper time to get a bit of a break before the big day.  

I'm excited to exercise in other ways that were put on the back burner during marathon training, as well.  Don't get me wrong, I love running.  I also enjoy yoga, which I haven't attended a class since before training (sometimes I practice on my own).  I also enjoy Richard's Spin Classes.  I went to one for the 4th of July, but there's not enough time to run 6 miles and attend his class at 6am.  I don&…

Treat for the Week

Do you ever get yourself a treat for the week?

This week I did!
Iced Tea.
Yes, I'm serious.

Growing up Dad always had sun tea outside when it was sunny.  This is one of the many, many reasons I want outdoor space.  A patio or deck or something.  Currently, my place doesn't even get much sun so sun tea is pretty much out of the question.

I love it though.  I can't really explain why.  It's a nice little treat.

At the lake we had lots of tea & a couple weekends ago I enjoyed sun tea, homemade lemonade, and mixed the two.

I've been wanting iced tea for quite awhile and Monday I saw unsweetened tea (which sadly can be quite difficult to find) on sale.  Bought!

And now I have a treat for the week! 
I'm making it last with half full glasses...



Remember after my concerts in Cleveland I said I wanted to see more concerts?

Well... I am.
I'm super excited for the Matt & Kim concert in November.  I bought my ticket and one of my friends is coming and I'm hoping a couple other friends come too.  Fun!
I hear they put on a great live show.  Here are the songs they released from their upcoming album.

(not sure for how long, but if you're fast you can download NOW for free here)

I also realized The Lumineers are coming to Chicago at the end of the month.  Clearly, I was excited.  And so was everyone else.  Both shows are completely sold out.
I went to craigslist to see what's for sale.  Do you know how much people are asking for for ONE ticket?  $75!  That was the least expensive!  $75!
That's not happening.
I will continue to enjoy them through my computer and phone.

Keep on Fightin'

I'm so happy it's September!
August was a not exceptionally fun month so yay September!  Let's see what you have in store...

It's off to a good start.  Yesterday, I was busy, productive, and got to watch the Cardinals!

The Cardinals were all over the place in August.  Up.  Down.  All around.  They ended August down.  

Yesterday the game was on Fox so I was able to watch!!!  They started out 4 down.  Ugh.  After severely losing the first two games of the series I was a bit afraid it was going to be another one.


They battled back!  It ended up being such a good game.  I was yelling at the TV.  I was cheering at the TV.  Oh, I was in that game!

They won!  10-9 in the 9th inning.  Wow!  

Let's hope this is a turn around ;)

Running Groups

Dear Running Groups on the Path:

I understand running groups provide great camaraderie and encouragement.  I appreciate that and while I'm doing my long runs I appreciate hearing cheers of encouragement, etc.  I just have a couple requests for you in this short letter.

I run on the path alone.  The group running sizes, which can range from 5 (which I think is reasonable) to 20-25 (a bit insane).  As I'm running along, I have two requests, which I think are reasonable.  #1 When the entire group is passing me, please do not pass me on both sides, therefore surrounding me, which is very uncomfortable.  #2 As the entire group swarms around me, please after you make one step past me, please try to refrain from cutting me off, one by one.  That is my biggest complaint.  When I pass running groups, I have to try to sprint around all of you, since the group keeps going and going and I don't want to get in the way of others on the path.  I try to be considerate.  Just please, oh plea…