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Running Workshops

In the past few weeks I fit in two different running workshops.  Both free at Fleet Feet.  

Good Form Running
This workshop was very helpful.  Basically all the info is available on the website, but I know I learn better by doing things and seeing.  
At the workshop they taped us running so we could see ourselves.  I knew my form wasn't amazing because of pains I have.  After watching the video, I saw I have A LOT to work on.  (I say video like it's super high tech, but it's so easy.  They used an iphone and somehow projected it so we could all watch.  You wouldn't need to project, just find someone to tape you run.)  Pretty sure I had the worst form of the entire group.
But, hey, now I saw it, and I know.  
I'm working on it.
Basically there are four steps (that I'm going to try to remember without looking)
-Reset button to align yourself.  I always forget to do this.  I always say I'll do it at my half-way turnaround and I think about it before and after, but never at the turnaround. 
-Land on ball of foot, under your body, not stretching out in front.  This is probably the most essential and hardest for me to master.  I'm making progress, little by little, but I have a long way to go.
I know I'm starting to get this one right because my calf hurts.  When you land on the ball of your foot if works a different part of your calf and my calf is TIGHT.  So yay... I guess.
-Cadence at 180 no matter how fast or slow you run.  It's all about the kick.  Surprisingly, the time I counted on the treadmill, I was almost right on.
-Lean forward.  Usually when I'm focusing on my form and alignment it comes natural and easy to lean forward.  For me it all starts with my fingers, then I work my way to my shoulders, to my butt, to my landing feet, to my lean.

I'm really happy I made it to this workshop.  As I said, you can get it all from the website, but I like people interaction.  Maybe I didn't love looking at my paused running form and the instructor telling the entire group how awful my form was (she did it tactfully), but now I can visualize it and it's super helpful.

As one of the instructors said in Good Form Running, we don't practice running, we just go.  In any other sport we practice.  We need to take the idea that it's natural out of our minds and practice to protect ourselves.  And then be patient.

Breaking Through the Wall
This was a panel discussion basically to calm everyone's nerves.  It was pretty exciting and fun.  Here are just a few of the points addressed:  
-the executive director of the marathon said they'll be more entertainment on the course this year, which is always welcome.  121 different countries will be represented and all 50 states.  People are excited!
-I think I always knew I under-hydrate during marathons because I'm don't want to waste any time stopping to go to the port-a-potty.  Maybe this time I'll try hydrating a bit more (like they recommend - actually they recommend hydrating a lot more).  Maybe it will help me be stronger.
I love when they were talking about the water stations and Bart Yasso (yes, the creator of the Yasso 800s) said he doesn't understand why people run the marathon with water belts (something I don't understand either).  Then he said, "You could almost swim this course." =)
-How to break through the wall?  The athletes stressed using your training and as they said that I thought back to my training with a 10 mile run Friday that didn't go well and a 20 mile run Saturday that didn't go well.  I made it through.  When the marathon gets tough (which it will - As the elite runner said, "everybody's in pain, whether you run a 2 hour marathon or a 5 hour marathon, everybody's in pain.) I can do it.  
It's mental people.  Yes, it's training, but it's mental.

So I'm excited.  Two weeks.  Bring it.

Saturday morning when I ran it was chilly and rainy.  I wore my running leggings and tested them out for the possibility of marathon day being chilly.  It was "long run" day, but it really was short (12 miles).  I hope it's a shorts day on marathon day because that's what I'm used to...

I've stuck with my mantra:  Trust Yourself through training and then I read this comment on this blog and I love it:
"Train with pain, Race with grace." Training runs are when I push myself and analyze and get in my own head. You can't control how you feel on any given race day so just enjoy the event. PRs will happen when the body and mind are in the right place for them to happen.
I'm going to come reread it in 2 weeks...

That ended up being much longer than I anticipated... sorry.


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