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Cardinals Shock

Today I literally almost cried because of decisions made by our Cardinals GM.  I'm serious.  
Guess I'm becoming too emotional about the game, but he traded two of my FAVORITE players who we've watched grow-up in the system.  
To Boston of all places!!!!

I do not know what to say.

I read this article and felt like I got punched in the stomach and all choked up.
Dear Craig & Kelly,

First of all, we will miss you!

Your contributions to the Cardinals can't be explained and I know you are both just getting started.  We still believe in you!  It is going to be hard to root for you since you're with the Red Sox, but you will always be received warmly in St. Louis!

I hope you both play next week when the Sox come to St. Louis so Cardinal Nation can show how much we appreciate you.

Craig, we'll always remember Torty.

Kelly, Joe Cool is you.

Zucchini Season!

It is not summer without zucchini!
(And I feel like every summer I have to relearn how to spell zucchini.)

Growing up we always had an influx of zucchini around this time every year.  Everyone had so many zucchinis in their gardens they passed them off to other people by the bag.  I loved the story in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle about their abundance of zucchini and tomatoes.  When I was young, we were the happy recipients of the abundance!  So even without our own garden we had so many zucchinis!

Our first go to zucchini recipe was always zucchini bread from a local cookbook where you can find the page by glancing at the closed book because that page has been used far more frequently than any other page in the entire book.  It is just not summer without zucchini bread.  We could throw the ingredients to that bread together in minutes and we have it down to a science.  Karen & I would fight over the heels.  If I walk into the house after it's cooked, I immediately know the smell o…

Movies in the Park

Last night a group of friends got together for Movies in the Park!
I always try to make it to at least one showing a year.  And this year it just happened to be The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, which was super cute.  It's just such a fun atmosphere to picnic for a bit before, hang out for the movie and eat some free popcorn :)

Yep, I wore 4 layers and July.
There are still a bunch of showings around the city before summer ends!

Do you have plans to go to one of the remaining showings?  Have you made it to one already?

p.s. Movies in the Park last year

Cards vs. Cubs Weekend

This morning I walked into a place to get part of my parents' anniversary gift (I can't say where right now because I haven't given it to them yet).

This older man behind me starts chatting with me and I pause to think, 'He's so nice.'  Then I look over to see he's wearing a Cardinals shirt.  Now it makes sense!

Be prepared for an influx of STL peeps in the city this weekend.  And this just stirs the rivalry pot.

What are you up to this weekend?  

I have a concert, baseball game, yoga and wrapping up with book club on the agenda with family time mixed in and a long run too (I'm really trying to get my miles in)!

I'm heading to a concert tonight with a few friends and super pumped to see Walk the Moon (yes, again) and Magic Man.  Another friend is celebrating her birthday tonight so I'm going to see if they're still out celebrating when the concert ends.  

My parents' are coming to town to celebrate their anniversary so we're going to the C…

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

Today is my parent's 33rd anniversary!  Big shout out for them!

Flying Trapeze

Monday my friend Emily and I finally used our groupons for the Flying Trapeze.  For you Chicagoans, it's the thing set-up in Belmont Harbor the last few years.

We went a few weeks ago, but ended up getting rained out after we each had one turn so this was our rescheduled time.
Here are some photos of my flying trapeze skills.  
Haha.  Not.  There were 10 people in the class and 6 of them were advanced so they went up there and did all their crazy tricks while I struggled to get my knees over the bar.
Emily took some awesome videos, which I made everyone who sits around me watch both of them yesterday.  (If you'd like to see, you don't have to ask twice.)

Then today I can't raise my arms above my shoulders because they're so sore.  My class at the gym was interesting this say the least.

So much fun though!

Weekend Road Trip

Hey there!

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?

I went to Missouri over the weekend and we honestly crammed so much stuff in to so little time, it's hard to believe it's already over.

However, if you're planning a weekend getaway...may I recommend Missouri?  Feel free to gather ideas below.

Friday we started out with the way any trip to St. Louis should begin:  The Cardinals!
(note:  we did briefly stop by the handmade fair at 13th and Washington, but I was nervous about getting to the game on time and getting one of the giveaways.  So nervous I saw Gus' Pretzels across the street from the stadium and made Karen go in to get the giveaway while I went to purchase some pretzels.  Yes, we all ended up getting the giveaway.)

We also walked across the street to Ballpark Village since it's brand new.  Bit more expensive than I would expect in St. Louis, but they have Bud Select and Bud Light Lime on there's that.  

Then we made our way to Flying Saucer

Notes from San Antonio

I actually had a pretty great time in San Antonio the last few days for work.  This may have something to do with the glorious heat (the high was in the upper 90s every single day), my determination to get away from the Riverwalk area and actually experience San Antonio, getting to know people in this field (this is my 3rd conference) and starting to feel I fit in, or my amazing deck.  Yes, I had my own deck with a table and 4 chairs, where I sat for a bit every single day.

I didn't eat on the Riverwalk once so if that's what you're looking for, you won't find these notes helpful.  San Antonio Magazine was in my room when I checked-in and I referenced it for ideas.  I went to:

Sweet Yams on the walk to Sweet Yams Mi Tierra This stop was mostly for reminiscing.  We ate here when I was at training in San Antonio before heading to Mexico and I wanted to go back pretty much purely for that reason.  I made my way back to Market Square and did just that. Perk of eating alone…

Pearl - San Antonio

While in San Antonio I had the time (and the energy) to seek out some interesting places to explore when the exhibit hall wasn't open.  The stipulation was the areas needed to be within walking distance since I didn't have a car.

One area I found and fell in love with was South Broadway or the Pearl area (where Pearl Brewery was).  I just discovered this development is apparently revolutionary...?

My first trip to the area, which was about 2 miles from my hotel, was to Local Coffee.  I intended to run the Riverwalk there and walk a bit with my iced coffee before running back.  I got a bit confused up and didn't make it before ending up back at the hotel earlier than I anticipated.  I grabbed some coffee from the lounge and after having one sip, decided I was heading to Local Coffee street level.  It was much less confusing and I made it, no problem.

Local Coffee had my iced coffee on draft, of course, and it was amazing.  The only good coffee I had while in San Antonio...and …


And this is no joke of a sale!
50% off with discount TATTLY3 to celebrate Tattly's 3 year anniversary.  It's enough to make me finally buy a few I've had my eye on for ... about 3 years :)
This place has some seriously great temp tatts!
Sales ends tomorrow at midnight! May I recommend:

10 Notes on Running this Week

1.  It's official, I'm signed up for my 5th marathon.
St. Louis October 19th.  Let the training commence.
The course scares me because I am so used to driving this area that running it seems impossible...
Anyone else running it?  They also have a half going on.

2.  I went to my first real run club Monday and it was pretty great.  Totally a fun run & totally at fun run pace and it was fun.  I met a few people and actually ended up running with someone for about 4 of the 5 miles.  (We didn't start talking until mile 1.)
For some reason I was really nervous to go, but used the first time yoga guy from my class Sunday as mental encouragement.

3.  At said run club they had free injury screenings Monday.  I've had knee issues off and on for about 2 years now so I figured I might as well see what they can tell me.  
The physical therapist found I have a minor IT band injury.  Which of course I have heard of before, but since I hear about it so much I determined it couldn't b…

Summer Braids

Oh how I love braids.  And I always wear braids.  

Lucky for me, they are coming back in style and all the braids you can do are coming to the forefront!  

Monday morning I sat at my desk with my hair down (so not summer like of me) and thought 'I wish I could wear braids everyday.'  Which coincidentally I did all last week and weekend.  Mostly a different braid each time.

So it's time for a braid round-up!

Dutch Braid - I used this tutorial as a guide.

Milkmaid Braid

Traditional French Braid - seriously, even this one is back

Pigtails - while I wouldn't really go for this one, I do think it can be done with some modifications.  This week I braided pigtails, but then wrapped them around each other into a bun.

Shorter hair?  Maybe give this tucked braid updo a try.

Braid just a small braid at the top of your head.  Great way to keep your hair out of your face!

Give one a try!  You won't regret it :)


Do you ever hear a recording of yourself on a voice mail or video and think, 'That can't be me...'?  I do all the time.

Then everyone says how much my sister and my voices sound alike.  I just don't hear it.  It was very confusing to me...

Until.  I found out your voice sounds a couple octaves lower in your own head because of vibrations or something.

Mind blown.

This helped me realize I indeed actually sound like a 12 year old girl.  All the time.  Haha.

City Harvest Cafe

Anyone else not enjoy cooking as much in the summer as...well...any other season.

Insert me waving my hand in the air.  

Summer is the time when my go to meal is a mustard, tomato sandwich.  

Friday a few of the above things were going on:  I didn't feel like really cooking, I had zero vegetables as I was holding out for the farmers' market Saturday, and there was a new place to try anyway.

Several new places have been popping up on Broadway in Lakeview and I've been meaning to try some.  Friday I made my way to City Harvest Cafe.  Say what you will about juices/juicing.  I, however, enjoy having a juice, which I find delicious and healthy, in place of solid food for a meal sometimes and Friday was one of those times.  

(Note:  I've done a juice cleanse and although I felt great after finishing, I haven't completed another one...)

This place did not disappoint!

I went for the House Green II Friday because I wanted some veggies.  But already decided I'm going for the B…

Do you hug and kiss your friends?

I just read this post about hugging and kissing friends on Cup of Jo and it made me laugh a little.

I am definitely a hugger.  Anyone who is my friend is aware of this fact.

I am not so much a cheek kisser.  However, in Mexico, you kiss everyone's cheeks to say hello.  That's their greeting and goodbye.  Just what they do.  

When I first got to Mexico a few weeks ago as I ran into one of my friends on my walk from the taxi to my friend's place where I was staying he immediately went for the cheek kiss and I had completely forgotten about it.  I was pretty caught off guard.

Just a fun note:
-If you are really close with the person: you give them a hug and kiss their cheek.
-If not super close, but you know them at all: handshake while kissing their cheek
-You're just meeting: handshake, but it's always relatively awkward, 'Should I kiss their cheek? No?'

Fast forward to a couple weeks later.  I was out with a couple of my girlfriends and as we were all hugging each …

Cube Convo

July 1

Me:  Have you guys heard about the red divvy bike thing?
Combination of Meredith & Justine:  What are you talking about?
Me:  If you find the red divvy bike you get a prize or something.  Anyway I saw it today.  What do I do to win?
M&J:  Did you tweet it?
Me:  No.
M&J:  Tweet that photo immediately.
Me:  I didn't take a photo.
M&J: You didn't take a photo!?!?  Girl, you're out of luck.
Me:  Well I saw it today around noon at State & Ohio, just so you know.

You bet I'll be looking July 8th (win Pitchfork Tickets).  But now you all know in case you see the red divvy bike...take a photo.

Dear Summer:

Dear Summer:

Please slow down!  It's already July and you are flying by!

I love you so very much and I wait for you all year long.  

I'm looking at my calendar and it's so full it's rather stressful to look at.  I shall take the approach I try to every summer:  enjoy the down moments and try not to obsess over the calendar.  Enjoy every event for what it is.  But I definitely wouldn't mind if you slowed down.

Please feel free to linger and I'll do my best to enjoy every second I can.

Happy 4th of July!


Family Vacay Dinners

So keeping with tradition we did some cooking on our vacation in Destin, Florida last week so we didn't have to eat out every night.  

This is great when your vacationing with large groups and staying in a place with a kitchen, whether it be a house or a condo.  We always make a big trip to the grocery store the first night and usually only need to venture back for small items.  It works pretty well.  And honestly, I'm someone who doesn't necessarily like to eat out all the time so it's nice for that reason too.

Also, since I'm a vegetarian, I'll add notes for how we made each meal veggie friendly.  

Saturday night - pizza night 
As everyone arrives, this just seems easiest.

Sunday night - Jeff & Greta grilled
They got hamburger meat from the store and brought some unique brats from a place in Savannah.  They also had baked beans (veggie version).  Ending with s'mores, of course.
vegetarian alternative You may want to check if this is an enjoyable option for y…