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Family Vacay Dinners

So keeping with tradition we did some cooking on our vacation in Destin, Florida last week so we didn't have to eat out every night.  

This is great when your vacationing with large groups and staying in a place with a kitchen, whether it be a house or a condo.  We always make a big trip to the grocery store the first night and usually only need to venture back for small items.  It works pretty well.  And honestly, I'm someone who doesn't necessarily like to eat out all the time so it's nice for that reason too.

Also, since I'm a vegetarian, I'll add notes for how we made each meal veggie friendly.  

Saturday night - pizza night 
As everyone arrives, this just seems easiest.

Sunday night - Jeff & Greta grilled
They got hamburger meat from the store and brought some unique brats from a place in Savannah.  They also had baked beans (veggie version).  Ending with s'mores, of course.
vegetarian alternative You may want to check if this is an enjoyable option for your vegetarian, but I asked them to grill a portobello mushroom for me.  I still put it on a bun and added toppings.  I like mushrooms a lot and I'm the only vegetarian so purchasing a pack of veggie burgers does not really make sense.  I was very happy with my "burger."

We don't want to forget our "Bridesmaid's Punch" we made after dinner.  Greta pinned a bunch of drink recipes so she, Karen, & I picked one.  It was basically Sprite, Moscato, and pink lemonade, garnished with strawberries.  Pretty delicious my friends.  But more importantly, fun!

Monday night - Jeff & Greta burritos
Greta made a black bean mixture for all the burritos and added chicken and cheese before wrapping it in a tortilla and warming it in a skillet.  Served with sour creme and pico de gallo.  We had fruit salad and corn salsa on the side.  She also made a delicious lemon, golden oreo dessert.
vegetarian alternative no chicken in the one burrito
kid version cheese quesadilla 

Tuesday night - Crab Trap
This place was super kid friendly, with a playground out back on the beach for kids to play on while they wait for their table.  Then their meals come with a sand bucket and shovel.  Nice touch.
Not so vegetarian friendly, but that is to be expected at a seafood restaurant.  Good thing I like salads.
Everyone else really enjoyed their dishes!  Greta said it was one of the best meals she's had in a while.  Not to mention our waiter, Tom, really made the experience great.  
Everyone walked out happy.

Wednesday afternoon - My corn and zucchini tacos
I used this recipe as a guide.  Jeff can be weird about not having meat sometimes so I put out the left over chicken from Greta's burritos and everyone was satisfied.
I also added the option to put some refried beans on the corn taco shell before adding the filling.  
Yes, everyone's tacos broke.  That's just what they do.  That's why most taquerias sell tacos with two shells.

Thursday afternoon - Karen's Honey-Roasted Veggies and Gnocchi
I will say this one says serves 2-3 and we did have roasted corn on the cob with it, but there were four of us and we had leftovers.

Friday night - Boshamps
If you go here, definitely sit outside.  There is a beautiful view!
Beyond that I think our waitress ruined the rest.  She was in a bad mood for some reason or other, but she was pretty rude and I had enough of her pretty much as soon as we sat down.
Karen wasn't wild about her dish.  I actually really liked my salad.  Dad really liked his and Mom did too.  But I still walked out not liking the place because of the waitress.  Guess that's my fault for letting her get to me?

Saturday morning - Another broken egg and Bad ass Coffee
We put in our name for brunch and they said 55 minutes, which seems to be the norm Saturday mornings in Destin.  Karen & I borrowed the car to make a trip to Bad Ass Coffee, which most definitely did not disappoint!  They had tons of flavor combinations, didn't bat an eye at using my personal cup, the people were nice, and it had a good vibe.  Yay for detours.
karen's cup
Then we got back to another broken egg for a lovely brunch with a great waiter.  It was so good!  We ate more than enough to hold us over til dinner.

P.S. Week in family meals last year
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