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Notes from San Antonio

I actually had a pretty great time in San Antonio the last few days for work.  This may have something to do with the glorious heat (the high was in the upper 90s every single day), my determination to get away from the Riverwalk area and actually experience San Antonio, getting to know people in this field (this is my 3rd conference) and starting to feel I fit in, or my amazing deck.  Yes, I had my own deck with a table and 4 chairs, where I sat for a bit every single day.
sunset from my deck ;)

I didn't eat on the Riverwalk once so if that's what you're looking for, you won't find these notes helpful.  San Antonio Magazine was in my room when I checked-in and I referenced it for ideas.  I went to:

on the walk to Sweet Yams
This stop was mostly for reminiscing.  We ate here when I was at training in San Antonio before heading to Mexico and I wanted to go back pretty much purely for that reason.  I made my way back to Market Square and did just that.
Perk of eating alone:  no wait.  The wait was easily a half hour for everyone else.  They just sat me at the counter.  And it's a good way to make friends with fellow solo diners.  The one I met, just happened to be from Jefferson County, Missouri.

  • Oasis - This is where I got the infamous flour tortillas that I think are so similar to pancakes that I remember so fondly from San Antonio.  (Although I think of them as dessert.)  FYI This place was a bit tough to find the veggie options....
  • Green - I got the kale salad as a side here and it was the best kale I've ever eaten!  It was the way they prepared it, but I definitely recommend their kale salad!
  • Señor Veggie
can't beat their adorable patio

In my opinion,  it's a challenge to find vegetables in this city.  I did my best though!

Here are several suggestions to running San Antonio.  I looked this over and ended up running the Riverwalk one day, but pretty much used the guide as an idea generator and went from there.

Outdoor Pools
There was a lovely outdoor pool at the hotel and Monday I decided to go for a morning swim, rather than run.  I got to the pool, started swimming my makeshift laps, looked up, and the beautiful full moon was above me.  It was amazing.  I could seriously see the maria.

HemisFair Park
Sunday I walked out of the convention center through a different door and saw a sign for UNAM.  UNAM?  Wait.  UNAM is a major university in Mexico City (they always do a huge offerings display for día de los muertos).  Apparently they have an outpost in San Antonio.  Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed HemisFair Park.

The Conference
Generally I was visited by a few types:  the young, single guy looking to chat, the older guy who I remind of his daughter/granddaughter, the lady looking at the giveaways, or, the least likely, the person who had me on their agenda of places to visit.
Monday afternoon was the best as I had made friends with the people exhibiting by me at that point and everyone had settled in enough that other people I knew there had time to come chat.  
The toughest part of exhibiting is you have approximately a second to figure out why they are coming over (and they're all visiting for different reasons).

So basically outside of conference time, all I did was eat and sit on my deck...


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