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i like to ride my bicycle i like to ride my bike

as the weather turns colder i probably won't be riding my bike as much anymore, but i think i will still ride it until there's snow and ice on the ground. i mean once i get going the cold subsides and i usually break a sweat.
so in honor of my bike i have some wonderful biking tips for you. and some reasons why i think biking is the best form of transportation in the city.
#1 always brake with the back brake first.i learned this one the hard way. i think it was my first and only bike reck (at least the only one i remember). i just got a new bike and was going on a ride with one of my friends. i broke with the front break first and flipped over the top.learned my lesson. back first. although my back break is wearing out so i have to pay attention.
#2 try to stay on streets friendly to bikerssome streets have bike lanes. find them and remember them. if possible only use them. so when i'm riding i often pray because i'm scared people will hit me when they're no…

Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.

~Cherokee Indian Proverb
so i have 3 interviews set-up for this far. another one is pending.
lately i've been trying to catch myself when i'm not focusing on the current moment. and i'm realizing it's definitely going to be essential this week. i need to prepare and focus on one interview at a time (they're all pretty different). and i can't start getting excited and planning the future. as i've learned: an interview doesn't mean i'm getting the job.
i think about staying in the moment and enjoying each moment in life a lot so i can stay more positive. i was walking tonight and decided i would call them my sprinkles in life. who doesn't like sprinkles? i mean they don't have much taste and they're so pretty. that's why funfetti cake is so popular. ...and i like colors too. lots of them
i started feeling i was dwelling in the past a little with my thoughts. i mean things change, people change, it's all the wonde…

up up and down...up up

so i have a little tradition. every sunday (...well usually sunday, sometimes saturday) at mass i take time to reflect on my last week and i pick out one or two things to say thank you for. i guess i picked up on this tradition from isaac where every week he goes to the same statue in church and thanks God for his last week and asks to be blessed with another.
so i don't have a favorite statue like him, but i modified it because i liked the tradition.
so i always think of something. i won't lie i had a couple weeks where it's hard for me to think of one, which is just ridiculous and i know that. i am very lucky to have A LOT of things and sometimes i don't always recognize it.
BUT other weeks i have so many wonderful things popping in my head i have to take a step back and say thanks for everything, but really focus on a couple.
last week was one of those weeks where sunday i was like "whoa! where do i start?"
karen visited me for the majority of the week, my…