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Holy ThursdayWhen I walked out my door at 8am I was already confronted with the fact it was Holy Thursday. I rounded the corner to head on my run & there were the two "robbers." Apparently, a bunch of people meet at the Parish bright and early and go store to store, ask if they can rob it and if they say yes they "rob" the store & bring it to the parish like a donation. The people crucified with Jesus had to do something wrong.Thursday night I went to my 1st Holy Thursday mass. I knew they washed some people's feet, but on the way there Jess told me they wash everyone's & I was suddenly terrified. (I have a thing about my feet, I don't like people looking at them, let alone touching them.) I said I'll just say no thank you & she said she tried that last year and it didn't work. So the whole time in mass before the washing I was thinking of all the different ways I could avoid it. Then they only did a few as symbols so I c…