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Working in Coffee Shops: Chicago

Recently I started working from home...again.

And I can honestly say the experience has been much better this time around.  I think there are a lot of reasons I feel this way, but one is definitely that I'm more intentional about getting out of my place and I find myself at a coffee shop for the morning hours once or twice a week.

With that in mind, I collected some of the coffee shops I've worked at for a working in coffee shops Chicago guide if you will.

Some things I look for to lead to a good working experience for me.  

Wifi doesn't even seem necessary to state, but, good wifi, we'll say.  Note on wifi:  usually they post their wifi password by the coffee fixins.  If you take your coffee black, you will often be the awkward person always asking for the wifi password only to be pointed to the sign on the wall directly behind you.  (Raises hand)Space:  I am the type of person where if I notice people are looking for seats I get anxious and uncomfortable like I shouldn&#…

Letter Writing

I was lucky enough to score a free Happy Mail this month and I was crazy excited.  Because, if you don't already know, I love cards and letters!

This conveniently coincided with National Letter Writing Month!  If you didn't know it was a is.

So I started writing random quotes in the random cards I received and mailed them out!

How fun!

You still have a few days left to get a letter/card out for National Letter Writing Month.  Don't think too much about it.  Just do it! :)

P.S.  They're actually having a sale right now from past Happy Mail and Messy Boxes (scrapbook type materials) here.

Running Karma

I was able to get a solid run in this week for the first time this year.  While I was running and thinking about how hard it was because I'm quite out of running shape right now.  

To the girl who doesn't run all winter because she can't take the cold.  (Me!)  It's a good thing spring is so refreshing to run in and I miss running so much because getting back out there is hard.

So while I gasped for air, making my way down the lakefront path, I had a flashback to my fifth marathon, in St. Louis.

My parents were waiting around mile 25 and they were starting to get worried because it was taking me forever!  So they started talking to the guy next to them who was super involved in the St. Louis running scene and was hanging out to cheer on some of his friends.

My parents may have expected me to come by smiling and wave and keep on running.  This did not happen.  I came over to them probably hoping they'd carry me the rest of the way and wanted to quit.

I'm guessing the …

Children's Clothing

I keep finding myself really wanting children's clothing for myself lately.

A few weeks ago I walked by Gap on one of my daily walks.  (I should start counting how many times I was by that Gap in one day...a lot.)  Anyway, on this walk I saw an adorable yellow shift dress in the window.  It was a children's dress and I was very sad.

Then check out these other gems:

I want them!

Make adult sizes please.

Pretty please.

Maybe this is why I always show up at my niece & nephew's with clothes.

Post #1,000

This post is my 1,000th post and for some reason it seems monumental.

I remember starting this blog in 2009 as I said good-bye to Chicago and got ready to head to Mexico for a volunteer program.  Everyone kept recommending I start a blog to have a place to update family and friends back in the states.  It ended up being harder than I expected (no wifi or computers) but I was able to post some updates and I think my family seemed to enjoy it.

As I came back to the states (and eventually Chicago) the blog came and went with the number of posts and my interest and investment in keeping it going.  (It kind-of still does.)

Now I'll hear from my mom or sister when I haven't posted in awhile...wondering why.

So the blog ebbs & flows as my life ebbs & flows and I thank you for staying along for the ride.

Caregiver Video

I know I mentioned my new job and that it sometimes feels overwhelming, working for a cause and meeting the people who are affected.  I mentioned we are releasing several videos with information about Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS.

This is the caregiver video and it makes me cry and gives me chills every time.  I was able to meet Kara, Cheeh's mom, and I just can't imagine.

It's 12 minutes, but it's worth the time investment:

P.S. Video 1: Aries Merritt

P.P.S.  I'm also raising money for NephCure in the Half Marathon in July if you'd like to donate go here :)

New Store: Shoes

Yep, I found another store that I can't get over.  This one: Bucketfeet is just so darn fun!  

Again, I will likely not be splurging on these until my Christmas List comes around, but it looks like there are several on sale right now so I want to make you all aware in case you are able to splurge right now ;)

"Every limited-edition pair of BucketFeet is designed by an artist with a unique story."
They even have kids shoes, which I realize is even sillier because they grow so fast, but come on...!
And they have a "growth guarantee."  "We know how frustrating it is to buy shoes for growing kids. If your child has a growth spurt within 30 days from receipt of confirmed delivery of your shoes, you'll get 50% off the full retail price of the same style and color in the next size up."
P.S. I have no idea about how they feel or long they last...just based on looks, I'm into it.

Likely the Best Gift I've Given

Rewind 2 1/2 years ago to my nephew, Charlie's, 2nd birthday.  I like to give my niece and nephew books so I went in to my local bookstore.  (Shout out to Unabridged.)  It's cute they have little notes with recommendations on several books.

Charlie was into dragons at the time so I picked-up Dragons Love Tacos.

And I hit the jackpot.  It must have been a combination of him getting into How to Train Your Dragon around the same time or something, but he still loves that book.  My brother has it memorized from reading it to him so many times.  My sister-in-law picked up a shirt for him from Target which conveniently has dragons and tacos on it.  

It's become a whole thing!

It should be noted, I've gotten him several other books in this time span that are not big hits.

There's no way to tell what will connect as gifts, but I think this one may be my best gift to anyone ever and it was most certainly worth every penny.

Fixing an Elbow

The elbow of Mike's shirt tore recently and when it's one of your favorite shirts and someone tells you they can try to fix it, but it won't look the same...maybe not even good.  You say, "try please."

So try I did.
Luckily, I read a bit online before just going at it with a zig zag stitch.  I came across the idea to use fusible interfacing, first, which is a lovely idea and makes complete sense!  I have lots of scraps lying around so I went at fusing the shirt.  
Note: I often forget which side is fusible.  I don't want to fuse to the iron.  The rough side goes down on the fabric.
Then do the zigzag stitch.

Yes, you can see it and it's not perfect and I told Mike he can only wear it with a jacket.  He, however, was pretty excited and I bet he'll wear it without a jacket.

Just saying.  Don't lose home :)
Tips courtesy of: Pellon Projects and Ebay

April Showers

Happy April 1st. 

No, this is not an April Fools post.  I was never very good at April Fools day.

Today let's talk April Showers.  I have a playlist to share with you.  We had some rain the last few days in Chicago and I've really enjoyed this playlist during the rain.

It's actually titled Spring so interpret as you will!