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Have you seen any bands in concert more than once?

I have a close battle between the number of times I've seen Walk the Moon and Matt + Kim going.  Ironically, I saw both of them in concert this year.  I never thought I'd be someone who saw a band more than once, honestly, but when you see a good show and you keep being drawn in by their new music, it happens.

I went to see Matt + Kim last night in St. Louis.  This was one of my first concerts in St. Louis.  Yes, I've attended LouFest for years, that's a music festival so it's different.  Mike & I went and saw Night Riots and Dreamers at a smaller venue in the fall.  I was excited to check out a larger venue and to be reunited with Matt + Kim.

They put on a show, like they always do.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  It's the smallest crowd I've been in for a Matt + Kim concert and vibes are just different here.  Maybe it was because it was a Tuesday night.  Maybe it was because it was rainy.  The vibes …

Homemade Pizza

In the past two weeks we've made our own pizza's twice.  I think this idea is going to stick because it's fun and easy.

We've been using this crust recipe and enjoying it: Sally's Baking Addiction.

My favorite combination (so far) is adding some chipotle to the sauce and jalapeños, and caramelized onions on top.

It's super affordable and delicious.

We ate these right before we went and saw Black Panther.  Go see it.

One Mug Brownie

Do you remember a few years ago when one mug desserts were everywhere?  

Last week they popped in to my brain again for an easy sweet and I'm here to remind all of you!


Juju Papers - Sisters of the Sun - Gold on Cream
Sunday our day went a little like this.

I always get up before Mike and I take my time enjoying coffee and making my breakfast while diving in to our plan for the day.

Once Mike got up we took our typical 8 mile run, which was really beautiful and I'm starting to get myself back in running shape from the lax I always seem to take in the winter.  Although I didn't take as much of a break this winter as I usually do.

Errands.  Does anyone like these?  I do not.  We went to an inner suburb that has all the stores we need and Mike always comments on how poorly designed it is.

Mike focused on his homework and I spent the next three hours hanging a gallery wall.  This is the first gallery wall I've hung that I wanted multiple columns to be even and line up.  It was not the most enjoyable project.  And I'm sure it's not perfect, except in my eyes.  Three hours.

After dinner I spent about the same amount of time looking a temporar…