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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I spotted this amazing pumpkin while walking around my neighborhood this week:
(Yes, we lost last night.  Yes, I'm sad.  I'm trying to be happy we even made it to the world series considering all our injuries, etc.  As is the cardinal way, it was not one standout person.  The team got us there.  Now begins my three least favorite months of the year... until spring training.)

Here's the one I carved:  (before I chopped it up, cooked it, and added it to chili.  Yes, pumpkins are actually food.)

And how cute is this!  Clearly this is my favorite Halloween costume.  
Look at that face!  'Come on, Dad.' I talked to my brother on the phone Saturday (before their neighborhood Halloween party) and he said they kept putting the mask on Charlie so he would get used to it.  I said, "Training for your Halloween costume at 2."

Then Sunday he sent us these pictures and I could. not. stop. laughing!  My sister was sitting next to me and kept asking me…

Let's talk Chai

I'm talking about tea.  Did you know chai means tea in hindi?  If you did not, now you do.  This means if you say "chai tea" you are saying "tea tea".  Sound repetitive?  Yes.

I will admit I only realized this a few weeks ago (or maybe a couple months), but now it is a pet peeve.  

So please explain this:

In a franchise as large as this one... you would think someone would catch that.

Anyway.  Now you know.

Holding my breath

Yes, the Cardinals lost last night.  And Sunday night.  The series is now 3-2 and Boston needs to win one more to win it all.  (It pains me to even write that sentence.)  The worst part is we are headed back to Boston only winning one game in the STL.  

During this season we played better at home.
Wainwright (our star pitcher) pitched amazing last night.  Man, that Lester (Boston's star pitcher) is a beast.  We still didn't win.

Wacha's up Wednesday...

come on cardinals... please please

here's to hoping for a Halloween game!

Yoga Is Now

A few weeks ago one of my yoga instructors said "Yoga Is Now" at the end of practice.  
And yes, ever since then I've thought about this saying a lot.

While working in hospitals I am very used to getting a cold reception, but I am not used to being blatantly snapped at.  After a couple days of the cold shoulder one lady snapped at me (after being nice at the beginning, she tricked me).  I seriously thought I was going to cry walking back to find my group.  And then I repeated yoga is now in my head over and over.  I thought about it hard.  Took deep breaths and I did not cry.  I didn't even tell my team about it.  I just moved on.  You may think it's crazy, but I think if you get yoga, you'll get it.

Give it a try the next time life throws you a curve ball.

Here's to being in the moment and not letting outside influences get you down.

I went to yoga Sunday and when we were supposed to come up with our intention for the practice, I thought, 'erase everythin…

Notes about going home

-the fall foliage is amazing

-gas is cheap

-i'm always greeted by the smell of skunk around the 61 exit on 55 and usually cow in the neighborhood where my parents live
-dad surprises me with quarters (and i'm genuinely really excited about it)
-i took my laundry home for the first time...ever.  Like a college student, except I never did that in college.  Better late than never ;)
-my parents make me take cold medicine
-i get to read the newspaper.  Dad likes the newspaper delivered so I check out the comics and sports section.  Anyone else still enjoy the feel of a real paper in their hands?  I do.
-waving.  I really try to remember to wave to people, but always seem to forget.  While driving Dad around running some errands, he was waving from the passenger seat.  Woops.
-arriving home and smelling a distant bonfire 
-Mom making me breakfast and sitting out in their sun room to eat.
-Mom making me bags of food to take back with me.  She asked if I wanted an apple and I said she already…

World Series here we come!

Just in case you missed it!

Your browser does not support iframes.

p.s. At Sedgwick's they always play Celebration when we win too.  Is that our win song??? I only seem to hear it in the post and I think I'm ok with that.  We don't want to get sick of it.
Update:  After talking to Dad I got the scoop.  Celebration for the Cardinals in the post season roots back to the 80s.  I love it.  Let's keep hearing that song...

I’ve covered professional sports since the late 1970s, and I’ve never seen a team like the 2013 Cardinals. I’ve never seen a team of players so close, so unselfish, so enthusiastic about reaching out. Veterans go out of their way to help ascending, younger teammates who are on track to take the veterans’ starting job — or at least a larger percentage of playing time. .....
During the NLCS, the Cardinals’ seriousness of purpose became the object of ridicule from the Dodgers. Members of the national media quickly picked up on an easy narrative.
The Cardin…

Austin City Limits

Another one of my nonexistent bucket list items is Austin City Limits.  It's the mecca of music festivals and it took place the last two weekends.

Apparently, weekend 2 day 2 was rained out.  What did The Mowgli's do?  "The Mowgli’s took to social media, asking their fans and followers to meet them at the corner of 7th Street and Neches Street in downtown Austin across from the homeless shelter. They encouraged every attendee to bring goods for the homeless."

See more here on buzzfeed.  

Yet another reason I love The Mowgli's.

P.S.  Smallpools, Walk the Moon, and The Mowgli's are all touring together down the west coast right now.  Yes, I have seen all of them, but all of them at ONE concert!  Amazing.


Apparently there is a buckeye tree on my street. 
Look what I found this morning!
I grew up knowing buckeyes bring good luck so of course I picked it up.  (And who doesn't love to feel how smooth they are in their hands.)

Two things I would like good luck for.  
#1 I would like the Cardinals to beat the Dodgers today and move on to the world series.
#2 I would like my voice to return to normal by tomorrow.  This is actually important as I will be talking all day long.  Please give me my normal voice back.

Alright buckeye, get to it.

Trying new ingredients

Last week I didn't have to travel so I cooked it up in the kitchen!  I've been trying tons of new recipes since fall hit.  

I've never been a big fan of sweet potatoes.  People gush over their sweet potato fries, etc. and I do not enjoy them.  But then I came across this Spicy Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup.  Chipotle?  I'll give it a try.  This actually turned out pretty amazing and it gave me a chance to use my blender, which I haven't used before and I got off craigslist about a year ago (at least).

(Yes, I added way more chipotle than the recipe calls for.)

Then I decided to try cooking kale (and farro for that matter).  I decided to try Melted Kale with Farro and it was a bust.  Pretty sure I didn't make it correctly.  I think I added too much broth because it was quite soupy.  It tasted good though so you bet I ate it all.  And strangely, it tasted better day 2 after I let it simmer for awhile.  Much less soupy.

Since we're talking broth...
Do you buy bro…

NLCS Game 2


Friday evening after some phone calls and encouragement from Karen, Dad & I bought Game 2 Cardinals tickets!  This is definitely one of my (non-existent) bucket list items. (Opening day is on there too.)
The game did not disappoint!

First things first.  We met downtown because I drove to St. Louis Saturday morning (FYI 55 has lots of 1 lane only construction right now=lots of delays).  I was originally parked at a meter by Market and while I sat there the meter man came by giving out tickets and since their meters are so poorly marked, I asked him what time the meters go until... 7 (It was 2.) And I asked, Is it 2 hour parking?  Yes.  (So that's why the fellow Cardinals fan walking by as I parked said "2".)  I needed a new spot so I headed over to Dad and parked right behind him.

Karen had a wedding Saturday.  Karen wants to go to a game next weekend with Mom & Dad so Mom decided one game would be enough for her.  So Dad & I scored some pretty de…

Go Runners

So Sunday is the Chicago marathon and I have mixed feelings.  This is the first time I've been in Chicago during the marathon and not run it since 2007. 
2008 I ran it.  2009 I was in Mexico and ran one there.  2010 it was my grandma's 80th bday in Missouri.  2011 ran it.  2012 ran it. I think I'm feeling a mixture of jealousy, guilt, and excitement.  Weird mixture?  Yeah, I guess.  I will explain.
Jealousy I love running.  And odd as it may sound, I love running marathons.  Don't ever ask me around mile 22, but if you asked me at 26.3, I'd say yes.  I want to be out there too.  When people bring up the marathon, I almost don't want to hear/talk about it.  (That's not ok.  I should want to listen, bounce ideas around, and get excited for the runner, the same way I appreciate when I'm running.)

Guilt And I guess a bit lazy.  I basically trained for it.  I ran my 20 miler and the runs leading up to it.  I could do it.  But I'm not.  I know I made this d…

It's Official

Yep, it's official now!
I'm going to be an aunt again!!!

As Greta said in her facebook announcement:  "Coming in April 2014...the newest member of our family!"

I'm super excited to have another nephew or a niece!!   

It was adorable while we were at lunch over the weekend there was a baby at the table next to us and Greta looked at Jeff and asked, "You ready for that again?"  And they smiled! 

p.s. I took this photo over the weekend. ;)

The Cardinals Did It Again!

Last night I met up with my St. Louis friend, Molly, to watch the win or go home Cardinals game.  Her friend, Nicole, came along and we decided to go to the Cardinals bar in Chicago.

Then we got there and as we expected, it was packed!  We decided to go next door for the first part of the game and then we headed back to the Cardinals bar for the end.

It was insane!  In a completely amazing way.  There was chanting, cheering, high 5s.  The majority of people were standing (as all the seats were full).

Wainwright pitched a complete game!  There were some amazing defensive plays... I mean amazing!

Nicole is from Kansas City and a Royals fan.  She was cheering for the Cardinals because she looks at it as a Missouri team.  But once we got to the Cardinals bar, she quietly said, "What would happen if they all found out I'm a Royals fan?"  I said, "Cardinals fans are nice.  We would welcome you.  Don't worry."

And this happened.

p.s. I met a Schnucks.  Yes, the family t…

Charlie's 2

Happy happy 2nd birthday to my nephew, Charlie!!!

We were able to visit with him over the weekend to celebrate his birthday and it was lovely!  

Here are a few photos:

Going from 90 degrees Sunday to 50 in Chicago was definitely a shock.

Cards tie it up 2-2

Yes, the Cardinals are playing their typical October ball (and stressing me out).

After winning game 1 Thursday.  The Pirates came back and won games 2 & 3.  (You have to win 3 to win this series.)  That means today was do or die.  

We started a rookie pitcher, I mean why not, that's how we got through this season... with rookies.  
 He did not disappoint.  He actually did amazing.

In the bottom of the 9th I did stop breathing (I think).  It was 2-1 Cardinals and someone was on 1st with 2 outs.  Everyone converged on the mound to get their game plan straight with Rosenthal closing it out.  And.... HE DID IT!

On to game 4 on Wednesday.  The series is now tied 2-2.  Winner moves to the National League championship.

Book due dates

Ok wow.  I haven't done one of these I've read lists in a long time.  So this is basically going to be a list, but if you're looking for some new ideas...

I know I've mentioned my love for the library.  I'm sure I wouldn't read, or definitely not as much, if the library didn't exist.  Something that always shocks me is when they print out the receipt with the due date on it and one man that works there in particular yells out the date as the end of the interaction.  It's 3 weeks later, but every time they say it, it catches me by surprise.  Usually...'wait in three weeks it's going to be what?'  Time always seems to slide right by.

Time for some fluff books...
MWF seeking BFF - Rachel Bertsche
It's always fun to read a book that's set in Chicago.  As she mentioned different places in the city it was fun to think, 'I know where that is!'
This book is chock-full of ideas to meet new friends and honestly just new people.  It has fre…

Time is Funny

I've now officially lived in my current place for three years.  It's a weird feeling.  Time is so weird.  So many things have changed, but at the same time it went by so quickly and it feels like yesterday.

This is the longest I've lived in a place since living with my parents.  

I've come a long way!
When I first moved in, I had my twin bed that I grew up on, a TV stand with my TV that I got for my dorm room freshman year (I still use it with my little antenna), and I rolled out my sleeping bag in the middle of my living room floor (as a couch?).  Oh and I had my bike (very important!).  That was all.
But props to Karen for being my very important moving assistant!  Seriously couldn't have done it without her support.

I think I was still in the mode of moving every year so I didn't put much energy into decorating (I also don't think I was really in the mental place to do so).  

Then I bought a table & chairs off craigslist.  Then a futon off craigslist.  (Th…