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Book due dates

Ok wow.  I haven't done one of these I've read lists in a long time.  So this is basically going to be a list, but if you're looking for some new ideas...

I know I've mentioned my love for the library.  I'm sure I wouldn't read, or definitely not as much, if the library didn't exist.  Something that always shocks me is when they print out the receipt with the due date on it and one man that works there in particular yells out the date as the end of the interaction.  It's 3 weeks later, but every time they say it, it catches me by surprise.  Usually...'wait in three weeks it's going to be what?'  Time always seems to slide right by.

Time for some fluff books...
MWF seeking BFF - Rachel Bertsche
It's always fun to read a book that's set in Chicago.  As she mentioned different places in the city it was fun to think, 'I know where that is!'
This book is chock-full of ideas to meet new friends and honestly just new people.  It has free ideas, pay for ideas, and everything in between.  
I actually read this one right after a break-up and was pumping myself up to get back out there.  Rachel was going on girl dates through the entire book (she's looking for a bff), but the stories she told were so interesting how similar first girl dates and first boy dates are.
I mean anytime you read a book, you interpret it for your life.  And that's exactly what I did.
It also made me want to make new friends.  I have friends and I love them, but I don't see anything wrong with expanding my friend circle.  So while this book was funny and entertaining, I literally had a conversation with Karen on where I can make new friends.
But one thing this book really made me realize.  I have some great friends. I have great variety of friends from interests to stages of friendship.  Yes, having friends takes work and planning, but it's worth it! (that doesn't mean it's not a two-way street)
After reading this book I was all inspired to make more friends!  Then June hit and I realized how I can barely keep up & be a good friend to the ones I have.  Pretty sure that should be step 1.

Vegucated (documentary)
Here's another perspective from protecting the animals and a bit about health benefits, as well.  Which isn't why I'm vegetarian.  But I guess a documentary about just not really liking meat wouldn't be very interesting, would it?
Here are a couple fun BuzzFeeds about veganism #1 & #2

The Good Earth - Pearl S. Buck

Here's another one of those historical fiction books.  I really enjoyed reading about a different culture and exploring how money changes things...

I ended up with two essay books in a row... My Heart is an Idiot - Davy Rothbart
Oh Davy and his search for love.  Some stories were funny, some were not.  Some were all about the relationship, most used the relationship as a base or it was briefly mentioned, but most of the story was about what else was going on in his life.
I got a crush on him through his stories and then by reading his "Shouts" he is with someone now.  Not single.  Bummer.

"Canada or Bust" pg. 173
Hakim cocked his head to the side.  "You know," he said, "I still don't really know what I'm doing, or what life is all about, but, man, I was pretty lost back then, and I'm not as lost now.  I keep telling my sister:  There's no key to the universe, you just have to point your way in one direction, keep going, keep going, keep going, and see what happens."
Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls - David Sedaris
I was so excited to read David Sedaris's new book because I still love Me Talk Pretty One Day so much.  Yes, this book is very different than Me Talk Pretty One Day.  This book had a much deeper feel and I wasn't laughing out loud the entire time like it was for Me Talk Pretty One Day.  I feel like this one wanted to you think through the essays a bit more and I loved it.

And now I'm out of hold spots with the library so for honestly the first time since I was little, I went in and randomly picked some books off the shelf.  I didn't take much time to examine them or anything and just decided to give it a try.  The next few books are the results.
Vaclav & Lena - Haley Tanner
This one kept coming back to lies.  From Vaclav's love of magic to the lies these two characters tell each other.  And pulling each other into lies.  Tricking people.  Using lies to get what you want.  Oh, it's all in there.  There are definitely some missing pieces where a character would do something and I'd think, 'wait, they didn't know that.'  I wasn't too fond of those points.

There but for the - Ali Smith
Hmmm... I don't quite know what to say about this one.
Several very different stories that somehow weave together by the end presenting many different views along the way without ever answering the big question of the book (or many of the smaller questions either).  I think he wanted to get the reader thinking and coming to their own conclusions.

Indignation - Philip Roth
Well, this one wasn't uplifting either.
I guess there were lessons presented throughout the book, but really I got fear.  The underlying theme of fear throughout the entire book.  Like a do this or else.  The Vietnam War was looming in the background of the entire book.

While clearing off my bookshelf.  Moving on to the Borders buys.
Amigoland - Oscar Casares
And interesting representation of what it is like to be elderly.  A look inside the mind and physical constraints that come with being old.  There was a lot more to the story too, but I haven't read a book, quite so honest about that age group so that's what I really enjoyed.

Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens
Clearly I wasn't thinking when I saw Oliver Twist for $1 in the Target dollar section and assumed it was the real thing.  I mean it was, but it was the young adult version.  So while I grasped the story, I would like to read the entire book.
I'll add it to my never ending list.

A Country for All - Jorge Ramos
This one was clearly written pro-imigration reform, but it really has some hard facts and statistics.  I wish I could convince people on the other side of the issue to read it and become more educated about the topic (rather than taking what the media says as gold... it's not fyi).
Speaking of immigration:


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