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This Week

This week was a full one (LouFest seems like forever ago...)

*Walk the Moon is releasing a new album late this year.  Going on tour in the fall.  Are they coming to you?  And released their single Shut Up and Dance this week.  
Purchased.  (I need new music for my bike commutes, yo.)

Update:  I had to update the video above with the official lyric video.  Walk the Moon made a call out for video submissions and they made this.  I kind-of love it.

*Fall shows are starting?  What?
I saw the Mindy Project starts up again in 4 days.  Where did this summer go?  I honestly don't think I've turned my TV on all summer.  Maybe a couple times with the news on in the background while I get ready for work.

*Pumpkin is everywhere again.
Last weekend I had a Iced Pumpkin Spiced Latte and said out loud, "No, it's too soon.  This is gross."
I don't think it's too soon anymore.  
As I froze (my teeth were chattering in one meeting) at the office Thursday, I started thinking about soups and warm and cozy foods.  Pumpkin fits in that category.
But then I went home and cooked up garden fresh green peppers and tomatoes to pretend it isn't so :)

*Trying to plan an apple picking outing.
A few years ago I went with a friend in October and they told us we were too late so I better get on it if I want this to happen.

*I spent the week feverishly reading Midnight's Children our book club read for this month because I was behind and we're meeting tomorrow.  Really hoping to finish tonight, but I make no promises.

*It's dark so early and late.  Days are undeniably getting shorter!  Definitely making it difficult to get up for my morning workouts...

*Yesterday on my bike ride home I saw two different sets for filming.  One is right outside our work building and the other was at North Avenue.  It looked like Chicago Fire there.  (That's the name of that show...right?)

Here we go weekend!!!!  Have a great one!


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Six years ago my maternal grandmother passed away and I kept a few of her clothes, coffee maker (still in use)*, and some of her glasses to help me think of her.

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As the night wore on, I started chatting with one of the friend of a friend's there.  I started going in to what a crazy year and some change it's been and, whew, it really started to overwhelm me.  

This morning, Mike woke up overwhelmed by our world/specifically our country.  I woke up with that conversation still in my head and also felt overwhelmed.  We treated ourselves to Sump Coffee and had a chat.  It's not always we sit down and talk about what we want and steps to get there.

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