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LouFest recap 2014

LouFest 2014 = amazing
this poster is amazing (via)
I had a really rough week last week and a super chill music festival was exactly what I needed.

Here's a look, if you're interested...

First up Music because, I mean, that's why I was there...

As we walked back to the car Sunday night Karen said, "Top three:  go."
San Fermin, Grouplove, Matt & Kim
Favorite new find: AJR

More details?

Day One!

After we got our Schlafly beer and filled our water bottles at the filling station we headed over to the new stage this year:  Shade Stage and checked out Big Brother Thunder And The Master Blasters
They are a STL local band and they were so fun (and clearly had some friend support in the audience).  The performance is a little different when you feel like you are performing to your friends (with some randos mixed

San Fermin
Maybe I was a little sentimental because I saw them on my birthday this year in Chicago or maybe it was how nice they were in the autograph line or maybe it was the amazing sound of their new music & the old stuff too, but they were amazing!

Karen can never get over the saxophonist (she played alto in high school).  In the autograph line she asked him when he breathes ;)
They informed us they'll be back in Chicago in October and Karen looks at me and says, "Let's go."  If she initiates a concert I'm actually in to, I cannot say no ;)

The Jane Shermans, Washed Out
RAC was like a super chill dance party!
Future Islands
The 1975 I mean, the lead singer was wasted and definitely had a laissez-faire attitude.  But I liked their set.  Karen wasn't crazy about it.
Cake Oh man, "short skirt and a loooonnnnggg jacket!"

Arctic Monkeys closed it out Saturday night

There were definitely some bands I didn't make it to that I wanted to, but so it goes at a music festival...


LouFest day two.  Temp tattoo

Mom came with Karen & I for the first few hours to experience the festival herself too!

Pretty Little Empires, Empires (from Chicago), Glass Animals, Dylan McDonald & The Avians, Portugal. The Man, Moon Taxi

AJR - I couldn't listen to their music and not smile.
I loved their new song Infinity!
AJR may, in fact, be the first independent, DIY pop group from New York to make a splash. They’re certainly the only group that’s done it while writing, recording and producing all their own songs in their Chelsea living room.  (via)

This was when I had to turn to Karen and say, "I know it's hard, but we have to move over to another stage."  Sooo many good bands.
Also when I laid out our schedule for the rest of Sunday and said, "Shit's gettin' real."
Karen:  So the rest of this weekend was just practice.
Cherb - We only got to hear them briefly while hitting up the porter potties by their stage, but it was planned to go to that set of potties, in order to hear them.

Then we had to go get a good spot for...Grouplove

Oh man, I was so excited to see them.  And I sang every word of their songs.  Although they did a little Beyonce - Drunk in Love remix and I didn't know that one.
Karen joked the people around us gave me some dancing space.
They brought Portugal. The Man out for their last song: The Who's - Baba O'Riley.  
Tell me about touring with Portugal. The Man, who will also be at LouFest.They are some of our best friends. It's been unbelievable. They're mischievous, they kinda bring out the bad in you -- in a good way. They're secret bad asses, and I don't know if people know that, but it's been super rowdy, nights and stuff. And we've been doing a special cover with them, which I don't know if I want to give away, because we might do it at LouFest. I hope we get to do it. (via)
It was such a fun last song.  Karen & I danced to the back of the never ending crowd over to the Forest Park stage for...

Matt & Kim - they are just so good!

Afterwards, Karen walked out and said, "They definitely put on a performance."
Generally, I know if I go close, I will not see (do these giants not realize how huge they are? ... they may be 5'9")  But if I'm close, the atmosphere is amazing.  I generally sacrifice seeing the stage for the atmosphere.
Kim came out and walked on the crowds' hands ... and then she danced while standing on their hands... of course.  It's Kim.

I was sad they had sound issues, but that wasn't their fault and they completely ignored it and played right through because they are amazing.

Outkast closed out the weekend.  Honestly, we only stayed for 5ish songs before we headed out.  The only song I recognized was Ms. Jackson.

The full moon made a perfect night even more perfect!

Overall I loved how so many bands took a different take on their own stuff and played some of their own songs a bit remixed.  It was fun.
So fun.

Nosh Pit
I had some serious difficulties picking what to eat in the Nosh Pit this year.
I ended up with a portobello sandwich from Sugarfire Smoke House, a falafel sandwich from Flaming Gyros and portobello tacos from Mission Taco Joint.  All delicious, but the tacos were probs my fav.
Karen & I also hit up Strange Donuts for a treat.  I got campfire and Karen got gooey butter.  Yum!

Market Square
So many stores that I love in the STL were there!

Paperdolls Boutique
Mom bought me a Christmas present here, which is beyond adorable.  The only hesitation I had to it, was if if I wear it in Chicago someone may think I'm a Reds fan...and I do not like the Reds. Haha.  It's worth it.
But no...starting now I forgot about it.  Don't worry, Mom, I'll be surprised.

The Foundrie
Remember how I used a nail and hammer to make hand stamped necklaces...?  This is what they are supposed to look like and they were customizing like crazy all weekend.
I went with a charm already designed to add to my LAR necklace.

Karen picked out a horseshoe charm bracelet, which they were nice enough to switch to the ribbon color she wanted.  I looked at it and said, "Perfect, it's your first initial."  Then she gave me a look...oh.  I think I may call her CK too much?

This place is on my list to visit their storefront (it has been for awhile). 

Karen did the bulk of the driving last night and we got back to Chicago late!  Thanks, Karen!  
I slept.  True story.

I got to work this morning and informed my morning meeting that I just didn't want to come to work today to ignore the real world for just one more day.
I'm in a zen field right now and it feels amazing.

Until next year, LouFest...don't change :)

P.S. LouFest 2013


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