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Open Minded

It's been some week over here.  I hope you've had a lovely one!

Today my intention in yoga was open-mindedness.  I'm usually a pretty open-minded person, but that probably wouldn't fit my state of mind this week, but any who... try to be open minded while I get all this out.  (There might not be much of a theme today... bare with me)

Sunday night while I was out with friends one of them showed us her 2013 horoscope.  Do you believe in horoscopes?  Honestly, I don't.  But they sure do make you feel better and hopeful about the future.  Wednesday night I decided I wanted to see my yearly horoscope too... let's see if it comes true:

Exciting things will be happening within the home and family in 2013. Now other family members may be more thrilled about new opportunities in this area than you, at least initially, but your domestic life is changing and it would be easier for you if you could drum up some enthusiasm too.
Because changes are ahead and you aren't certain these will be right for you. As a Capricorn you like to feel secure. You like to look to the future and know exactly where you are heading. But it's as if your view is being blocked sometimes, by a blanket of fog. Other people are certain changes will be for the better. You aren't so sure. But sometimes there's no fighting change. It's going to happen and worrying about it would be a shame when in a few months time you look back on it all and realise all the benefits experiences 2013 will have brought you. So try to relax and go with the flow. Accept what has to be.
Jupiter in your job and health zone during the first half of the year casts a favourable light over these particular areas of your life. You might be made a job offer if you're looking for work or the chance of promotion could come along in an existing position.
Challenges for Capricorns in 2013
Try to be versatile. Life can't always be predictable and it may sometimes seem as if changes aren't likely to be right for you but further down the road you will discover that what's going on now is necessary to take you to the place you need to be. Remember: Fate moves in mysterious ways.
Any commitments made with other people will be serious ones with Saturn in your friendship zone. Even your social life seems like hard work at times when you always seem to be one of the team who is doing the organising, planning, fund-raising and working hard behind-the-scenes to ensure that big events themselves are successful. Someone has to do all the work and in 2013 you are one of the invisible few who have to deal with the administration and nitty-gritty that others don't realise must be done to keep everything running smoothly.
During the latter half of the year, partnerships and joint activities will bring you surprising rewards. You and a partner will have something very special to celebrate in November. This suggests that as 2013 ends you will be focusing more on your one-to-one relationships and minimising group commitments.
So there you go.
Find your own... go to google type in your sign and 2013 horoscope and read a couple & then pick from those.  It's very scientific you see.

You know, I always enjoy this song, but sometimes it's more relevant than others.  For example, last night I hopped on my bike to head downtown and it immediately came on. Bam!  I needed it.  In high school speech class I chose this song as "my song" or something of that sort & I think it was one of my best speeches.  Although close to the one where I taught the class a song/dance and we all did it together... that story can be shared some other time.

I saw one of my favorite bike commuters with his John Deere bike (that's just what I call it, pretty sure John Deere doesn't have bikes).  In the summer he rides without shoes.

P.S. My friend texted me to let me know I'm famous ;)  
I really do love working with kids.  Btw we're clearly launching a rocket with buttons.

I need some winter orangeness!  It's sunny today...
And I just filled my journal so I'm excited to start a new one with the new year!


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