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Summer Vacay 2014

We're back!

Last week I headed to Destin, Florida for a family vacation and it most definitely did not disappoint.  

Mom & Dad made the 11+ hour drive from Missouri, Jeff & family drove the 6ish hours from Savannah, and Karen and I made the trek through the air.  (Which not to be a downer, but we flew a certain airline that starts with a D and let's just say they were not the friendly skies I am accustomed to on Southwest.)  Anywho, Karen & I flew into Pensacola, as it was a bit more budget friendly than Destin.  Mom & Dad were nice enough to make the trek to pick us up.  
There was sunshine, there was humidity.  I was happy.
There was Shake's.  Karen was happy.  (college reminiscing)
There was delicious seafood and scuba diving.  Jeff & Greta were happy.  I think Greta was only particularly happy about the seafood ;)
There was sand and waves.  Charlie was happy.
There was a comfy bed and lots of hands to hold her.  Callie was happy.
There was family time.  Mom & Dad were happy.

Everyone's happy!

Pretty sure we all took the opportunity to disconnect from life pretty seriously.  I have quite a few emails I know I need to get to, but sitting on the patio, it was just too easy to say, 'I'll get to it later' and turn the cardinals game on the radio.

Basically this was our day:  beach morning, head inside for lunch (or the patio), beach afternoon, cook dinner or go out.  Done.  Maybe a game once the kids went to bed or just chatting.  We did mix in some paddle boarding and a dolphin cruise.  Relaxation at it's core.

And exciting update:  I can definitely tell Charlie is saying my name now!  I'm no longer Chee.  Wesa works for me!  That kid is so much fun!  And Callie is warm and she has that sweet baby smell.  I have a great nephew and a great niece! 

Quick story:  Adventures in Having a 2 year old:  Charlie the Escape Artist
We were all warned upon arrival in Destin that Charlie has become an expert on doors and we need to watch him with our front door.  (The back sliding door was a bit of a beast for everyone so he couldn't get that one open.  I barely could.)
Go to s'more making night.  
Jeff & I standing around grill roasting marshmallows when Charlie walks around the corner alone.
Jeff:  Charlie, did you tell an adult you were walking outside?
Charlie:  silence
Me:  Hey, Charlie, come here.  
I pick him up and continue to make observations about the marshmallows.  Leave it to the aunt to ignore the infraction.
Mom enters from around the corner with a concerned look until she sees Charlie and the concerned look melts.
Jeff & Greta have installed door alarms at home to keep everyone in :)

I haven't collected all the photos from everyone yet and I already shared a few on instagram, but here are a few:

I built many, many sandcastles that were promptly knocked/smashed down by Mr. Charlie.
P.S. Last year at the lake
2 years ago at the lake
(These are fun to look at, if for no other reason than how much Charlie grew!)


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