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Lake 2013

First of all... HAPPY JULY!  June was a bit of a bear for me so I'm super excited for a bit of a fresh start.  

I'm back from my family vacation at the Lake of the Ozarks.  
The lake is a man-made lake, 92 miles long.  (via)

We stayed at the same lake house as last year and had a lovely time.  My uncle and aunt were able to join us for a few days with their boat and the rest of the week we had a rental.  I'm going to try to have posts on some of my reflections from last week coming up, today I give you a scattered layout of our activities for the week.  

If you want to stop here, here's the short story:  we were basically on a boat the entire week.  There you go.  A nice quick summary.  If you'd like to read on here's a bit of a snapshot of our week:


Favorite time skiing was Thursday, right after a quick storm when the lake was basically empty.  Karen & I skied on the main lake versus setting up camp in a cove it was so calm. I felt like I was cutting my own path in that water and loved it.
Minus the water snake that was slithering up the boat's ladder while I was putting on my skis.  Karen kept saying, "you weren't even on the boat"  No, I wasn't I was in the water and the snake came across the water to the boat and I was in the water!  I wanted that boat moving!
We even battle tubed this year and I failed miserably.  I only outlasted Greta once and that was because the water hit her off.  I basically had nothing to do with it.  I worked so hard and tried everything with Jeff & Karen.  I even hopped up on my knees.  Fail fail fail.  Lots of wipe outs for me.
My scabs on my wrists, elbows, hips, and knees are healing from tarp burn and my soreness has passed.  But man, that's a workout.  

yes, this is one of my many wipe outs
Charlie even took a turn

*Lake swimming
Charlie loved our swimming breaks.  

Dad read an article before we left that the state park part of the lake was closed to swimmers because of bacteria.  Apparently it was lower when we were actually there.  But Dad diligently watched from the boat and said, "I hope you all scrub yourselves extra hard tonight."  :)

*Little shopping
Outlet mall.  Enough said.
*Boat Rides 
We went out on the boat everyday we were there but one.  I love it.  I would happily do this every day all summer and not get bored.  Sunset cruises, daytime cruises, after rain cruises.  Yes.

As it seems with most things, when Jeff is around he takes control and does things for Mom & Dad, christmas lights on the house, technology, etc.  And when he's not around I take over (or try to-he's better than me at most things).  The latest example, boat driving.

*Driving to and fro
Dad is used to and enjoys 2 lane highway driving so this is what we saw for half the trip.  Karen loved it (not).  

Did you know it's hay harvesting season?  I think it's hay.  I always get confused between the difference of straw and hay.

*Saving Hats
Two hats were lost to the lake (Charlie & Dad).  Two hats were saved by Jeffrey.  (Really it was a team effort.)

*The Brown Bottle
Mom got a little scraped up Friday and Karen cleaned her all up.  They pulled out the hydrogen peroxide, but to me it will always be "the brown bottle."  That's always what it was growing up.  I can still hear myself 15 years ago... "Nooooo Mom!  Not the brown bottle!"  I swear I didn't even know what hydrogen peroxide was until a few years ago.  She would pour it over the wound and we would watch it bubble and she would say that was it working.  
As Karen cleaned her up, she tried to hand me a used cloth with hydrogen peroxide and blood on it to throw away.  I wouldn't take it.  I couldn't.  Later Karen said, "If anyone is in a medical emergency and needs your help, I pray for their safety."  I would just like to say, if I need to help, I can make myself, I just wouldn't choose to do it.
*Kid Outing
We had our annual trip to Paradise.  Which is a bar across the lake.  The siblings hop in the boat at night and we take a nice, smooth ride over to the bar.
The night we went the humidity was so high the seats of the boat were damp and we had to wipe them off before our ride :)
*Show off, but teacher
My brother is so naturally good at everything.  Yes, Mom & Dad put him in ski lessons when we used to go to the lake every summer growing up, but it was a few hours long and he learned the rest himself.  And then he taught us.  He just hops up and starts zig zagging.  I always tell him he's a bit of a show-off, but he still always gives me tips and helps me learn.

For the first time this year I made the decision to stop skiing (versus the norm of wiping out) and glided softly into the water!
*Lastly, Charlie is adorable.
sharing snack with ducks

Once we got back to St. Louis Saturday, Karen & I went to her work pool party.  I didn't understand what they were talking about the majority of the time, but the Cardinals game was on the radio while we were by the pool and when we took breaks inside (during rain) it was on the TVs so I was happy.  Wainwright pitched another complete game (his 4th of the season - the most in the majors) and the Cards won 7-1.  ... Which means 50¢ drinks Sunday!

I wasn't super excited to come back to Chicago this time.  I think it was for several reasons:  my brother & his family are moving their lives to Savannah this week and they're all going to be at my parents for the 4th.  I hate missing out on stuff like that (although Charlie is staying with my parents this week & I facetimed my mom this morning and he blew me a kiss).  I also think a big reason was I didn't want to work again today.  (The vacation was very helpful, but not enough.  I guess it never is.)  Maybe this is a stretch, but the weather was beautiful!  Mid 90s with humidity, just the way I like it.
The texts I got from friends Saturday-Sunday helped me get a bit excited to come back!


thanks for reading


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