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Summer Balance

Summer time is so much fun and my favorite season, but sometimes it's hard not to get nostalgic while it's still happening.
I find myself go go going and not taking refreshment time (which is very important).
There's just so much going on I often overbook myself and have to schedule relaxation time.
For some reason summer always has a sense of urgency, but my level of love for SUMMER will never go away. 
Oh the endless possibilities.
Staying in the moment can always be a challenge, but it's especially challenging for me in the summer.

Here are some snapshots from my weekend:
Friday night Bachelorette Party 
One of my lovely friends is getting married!  Yes, weddings seem to be quite overwhelming (for the bride and her friends).  But through the stress of it all, it's so fun to bring friends together and have the special time with my friend.

me & cinthya |  Cinthya & her sister (clearly at the end of the night... I hope she doesn't see I posted it ;)
I wish I had a group shot, but someone else got that one.
Her sister, Sharlene, planned such a lovely evening for everyone.  We went to Osteria de Pizza Metro for dinner and games.  We had a family style dinner, it was BYOB, and they totally took care of us and didn't bat an eye when we closed the place down.  I recommend it.  Then we headed downtown for some dancing.  The bachelorette was happy so we were happy too.
One of the cutest parts of the evening was one of the other reservations at Osteria was filled by a bunch of guys in their late 20s or early 30s.  There were like 10 of them.  We kept wondering what they were all doing there since it goes against the norm for just guys to go get dinner...  long story short, one of the guys asked them all to be his groomsmen and that's why he invited them all out.  Adorbs.  And a very lucky gal.

Saturday's lake time
There must have been some sailboat event happening because as I sat at the lake reading, the entire horizon was lined with sailboat next to sailboat.
Sunday morning's mental reset aka 18 mile run.
Afterwards I did some preventative knee icing.  I didn't really feel it was necessary since I only experienced a little discomfort, but I figured it couldn't hurt.
My gym pool isn't huge, but summer days like this weekend it was PACKED.  
And I'm not going to let you stereotype that ladies stand in the water and read off the side.  Yes, ladies do that.  But men do too!!!
The Mowgli's opened for Neon Trees at the Taste Sunday!  
They were so fun to watch!  You could tell they were just up there having fun with each other doing what they love to do.  Can't ask for much more from a band.
I enjoyed the big screen view and could see the band on stage below it (they were small, but I could make them out).

I love that I knew pretty much every song they played.  Yes, that sun was strong, but amazing.

Cardinals game viewing party #2 of the week with Mary.
As we walked to the bar and looked at Wrigley Field, 
Mary said, "What is that flag?"  
Me:  That's the Missouri flag.  But why is it up here...?
Is that a tradition for Wrigley Field to fly the state flag from the state the other team is from?
Anyway, we had a lovely time and by the end of the two days I had Mary (a Sox fan) cheering for the Cardinals and recognizing many of the players names as I gave her play by play for two full games.
We hung out in the back where it was quiet the majority of the game, but moved to the front where the surround sound made me feel like I was at the game (except for the minor major difference that we were surrounded by TVs) to meet up with some of her other friends who were at the game and coming over after.
Let me give you a recap of what we experienced.
8th inning we moved up to the front after the Cardinals added to their lead 6-4
bottom of the 8th Cubs hit a homer 6-6 (I wish I wasn't in the front for that)
top of the 9th - hit, hit, hit, (this is where Mary started showing her Cardinals fever ;) then Yadi hit the only Cardinals homer of the series!  10-6.
bottom of the 9th Cubs went down.  bam.
we win!
now let's dance!

Amazing!  Perfect way to head to the All Star break!


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