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Marathon #4 Recap

Marathon #4 is in the books and it was fun.  Fun & hard, don't get me wrong, but definitely still fun.

I received SOOOO many encouraging texts, emails, and even gifts (seriously gifts-my friends and family are too nice) from friends & family that I couldn't be more grateful for.  It was so unnecessary, but so much appreciated!  I totally pulled stuff up in my mind that people sent me along the way.  I thought of others' stories.  I thought of a quote my dad sent me, which I mainly just remembered "persistence"  "determination" short and sweet.  It was awesome!

I decided to bike to the marathon Sunday morning mostly to warm myself up before I sat in the coral for an hour before the start.  I wore an extra pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt, which I left at the start and they come through and collect everything after everyone starts and they donate everything.  I'm so glad I wore them because as soon as I took them off I was cold cold cold.

But once I started running I felt good (except my feet were numb for the first couple miles).
this is how i ran the majority of the race
long sleeves, gloves, (and my bib was usually covered)
Mentally I break the run down into East, North, West, South so I check off the areas as I go.  I also broke it up by Lakeview (which I think has one of the biggest showings as far as the crowds) as home (I basically run right by my place) and I knew my friend Rubina was going to be there.  I love my neighborhood so I love running around it.  Then I looked forward to the West Loop to see Jason & Justin.  Then Pilsen, which is my favorite neighborhood too.  Then it's just finishing.  (ha ha just...)
Around mile 18 the sleeves and gloves came off and I came in looking like a rock star with gloves sticking out of my sides and shirt tied around my waste.  Hahaha  Yeah, I didn't care.
#1 & #2
As I've mentioned before, I'm sort-of working on my form after the 1/2 way point I sort-of threw it all out the window.  Both pictures above were after that point.  After I looked at #1 I thought, 'Hey, good job, Lisa.'  And then I looked at #2.  Ugh!  I still have a lot of work to do...

I definitely had fun.  However, I am annoyed and upset right now because for some reason my D-tag (what they use to track your time) quit working at the 1/2 marathon spot.  Since I only vaguely keep track of time, this was especially upsetting.  My time was somewhere between 3:54-56.  My PR is 3:54 so it would be nice to know if I beat it (even if just by a little bit).  It's just frustrating.  The thing is, I didn't do anything wrong.  I didn't touch it.  Ugh!  I emailed them, but as of right now I have no "official" time.  =(
yes, this is a proof
Some of my favorites:
~Sign that said, "Beat Paul Ryan's Time"  (I did)  
~The water station around North & Inner Lakeshore that was blasting 'Call Me Maybe' and the volunteers were really into it!  It was awesome!
~Lots of 'Gangnam Style' with dancing!
~The mariachis. 
~The sign at the 1 mile point that had 26.2 to go and they crossed out the 6 and wrote 5 below it.
Basically I'm just looking for a laugh.  And if I thought your sign was funny, I wasn't afraid to laugh.  Out loud.  I'm also not afraid to talk to myself, out loud, especially anywhere past 20 miles.  No shame.

When I crossed the finish line the sun was out and it felt warm so I thought 'psh, I don't need that heat blanket' and walked right by.  Well, I made it through the runners' buffet (where Mariano's was super generous, by the way) and then the clouds came.  I headed to gear check to get the sweatshirt I left waiting for the finish.  Threw it on and I was still cold.  Combine the cold with my slightly disoriented state of mind:  I sat down to organize myself and moved the beer I got in the buffet and I'm not sure whether I set it down and then knocked it over or dropped it while I was setting it down.  Either way it fell over.  It was sad.  Especially since it went on my stuff (good thing I already put my sweatshirt on).  I still headed over to the post-party for my other free beer.  Which I drank through my shaking.  It's the principle.  
yes, i took it myself
don't judge
Then I headed over to my bike and rode home.  I wore my medal to explain my very awkward mount and dismount of the bike and many runners/bikers congratulated me, which was very kind.

I looked in the mirror before my shower and my lips were blue.  (This is not super uncommon for me.  I get cold.)  I took a super hot shower, got under a blanket and started feeling better.  This may sound rather dramatic that it was SOOO cold, which it was not, I think the fact that I was wet (sweat) made it much worse.

I was listening to the Cardinals game when one of my friends who moved to D.C. in Mayish and was visiting Chicago to run the marathon said he and his girlfriend were watching the game.  I saw them Friday night for a bit, with a big group, but I'm never one to pass up some catch-up time so I hopped on my bike and headed over to meet them.  One thing I forgot:  my lucky hat, which I will definitely be wearing today because we lost, but it was great to hear about my friend's first marathon (it's a big deal) & have a real catch-up session on their lives in D.C.  So that was a fun celebration.

Unfortunately, during the marathon I missed my nephew's 1st birthday party in Kansas, but Karen texted me pictures during the cake fun, which was super cute!  I wish it were possible to be in two places at once, but sadly, it's not.  Just a thing called life.  I know everyone had a lovely time and today is Charlie's official 1st birthday!!!  

And now I have a fun game for Chicagoans to play today/tomorrow.  Try to spot the marathoners.  If they are wearing their shirt or medal, that does not count.  Also if you are hanging around Fleet Feet that could be considered cheating too.  
Basically, look for people walking like ducks (it's ok for me to say because it's me today). And the ones who see stairs and a look of dread comes over their face.  (For me, going down is way worse than up.)
Good luck!


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