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Baseball Fantasy Team

Mike:  I might need you to do the baseball draft for me today.  It's at 7:30.
       If possible.
Me:  Oh boy.  Remind me what the goal is.  Hits, runs?
Mike:  All around.  It's like a real draft.
aka he had no idea
     You can pick all Cardinals if you want.

Me:  Dad, I'm going to need some help with Mike's fantasy thing!

So, like I said, I have never done the fantasy thing, but I think it helps to know what the ground rules are all about.  I'm going to assume its all about offense.  I'm sure I'll overlook someone.  Everyone agrees Mike Trout and Bryce Harper are outstanding players.  Paul Goldschmidt the first baseman at Arizona is sort of a sleeper.  Prince Fielder at Texas, Robinson Cano (the former Yankee 2nd baseman now with Seattle) I heard on the radio today may have a big year.   McCutcheon at Pittsburgh.  Carlos Javier Correa, the shortstop at Houston, Lindor at Cleveland, Posey and Crawford at San Francisco.    For Cardinals, you can't go wrong with Matt Carpenter.  I think Grichuk may break out if he stays healthy - he's had a good spring.  I would say Molina if they were including defense, with some statistic like Wins Above Replacement ("WAR"), but with his thumb still in recovery and hardly swinging the bat this spring, any offense would be a gift. 
My two cents worth.  I'm sure there's someone I've missed.  I thought about Migeul Cabrera in Detroit, but I don't know if he will rebound.  I also skipped over the Cubs - I assumed you would bypass them out of principle. 

I actually got my Dad's notes after the draft, but I think I did pretty good (which I managed from my phone on the car ride home).  I was mad someone kept Carpenter from last year, but I did get Grichuk and Molina.  To be fair Yadi's worth will never completely show in a game like this (aka a fake one).

I got one Cub, mostly by accident. :(

Oh and I got Fielder, but I have to convince Mike to move around his current first baseman so he can play.


  1. Dado definitely knows his baseball, so if you got a few players he mentioned, I think you will do great!! Too bad you couldn't get Carpenter.


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