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Nothin' but Juice

Have you heard all the hoopla about Juice Cleanses?
I've been hearing about them for months.  At least since November.  Then I started hearing about them more and more and more....

I consider myself a somewhat healthy eater.  Luckily, it's not because I try super hard.  I just prefer fruits & veggies & sweets in moderation.  I will eat fast food if forced or there's no other option, but I rarely crave it.  It just seems very generic and boring.  After Christmas I decided to really focus on cutting out preservatives as well.  I've never been a big frozen food fan (they're expensive!), but pretzels, El Milagro tortilla chips, those are soft spots.  I started going to grocery stores and only buying veggies & cereal (I'm on another cereal kick).  

Therefore when friends starting talking to me about juice cleanses at the beginning of the year, I didn't think it was strange.  In fact I believe I said, "I go days where I only eat fruits and veggies."  And I thought why not try it.

Then I found this documentary about a man who Juice Cleansed (apparently I decided this is a proper noun) for 60 days:  Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  (I watched it free on hulu.)  
I enjoyed this image from the documentary:

I also agree with one lady who tried a 10 day cleanse saying, "I'm not going for skinny, I'm going for healthy."  You can form your own opinion on the documentary if you choose to watch it...
At the same time there was a Groupon for a 3-day Juice Cleanse from Peeled.  (turns out these cleanses are expensive) And I figured, why not?
So I thought I'd share my experience with you.

It took me awhile to choose what three days would work for me.  You have a juice every 2 hours for 12 hours so I couldn't travel, it just wouldn't work.  

When I picked it up, those juices were heavy.  I can't imagine how heavy it would be for the 7 day one that they offer.  They gave me a few instructions:  no alcohol or coffee; if you get hungry for food, try to eat what's in the drink; drink lots of water and green tea. 

Day 1:  around noon, I started feeling pretty weak and awful.  the next drink: "This drink will provide you with improved energy and alertness-a perfect boost for mid-afternoon!"  Then they had me drink another green one (which I did not enjoy), but it did make me feel better. Pretty much all the juices tasted bad, except for the last one, which was soothing with a touch of sweetness.  I had no idea how good green tea tasted until this cleanse.  I actually had green tea waiting for me for after the worst juices to get through.
Saving grace for day 1 was a green tea outing with a friend.  It helped me in so many ways by taking my mind off the juices.
I could only think about my first meal on Thursday and then I read their sheet encouraging me to easy back into solid foods the day following the cleanse.  Wha Wha.

Day 2:  The first one, which I liked the least during day 1, I actually didn't mind.  This is a good start.
yes, it's a lot of plastic bottles
probably more plastic bottles than I used in the past year

Day 3:  I actually feel really good.  Better than usual?  I don't know.  But I do like how I feel.  The juices don't taste bad anymore.  The green tea feels less essential (to wash the juices I didn't like down).  I'm not jealous or constantly thinking of food, unlike day 1.
I even had a work lunch and just had green tea and didn't feel jealous or hungry.
drink #6, my favorite
perfect way to end the cleanse

Do not give up after day 1 (or even part of day 2).  That's when I wanted food.  By day 3, I felt good with it!

Did I feel hungry the whole time?  No.  I felt my normal level of hunger during the day.  By day 3, I started to get hungry when it was time for the next drink.  Perfect.
Am I glad I gave it a try?  Yes.
Will I ever do it again?  Probably not.

There you have it.  Just my experience.  Will you try?


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