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Day in NYC

I mentioned I was heading to NYC for the week for work and that is indeed what happened.  My entire team, plus some, came into town for this implementation.  I'm going to list everyone's names so I can refer to them by name:  Dave, Hilary, Hayden, Sandra, Ann-Marie, Travis, Marty, and Lulu.  Many of them I hadn't met in person before so it was nice to get to know everyone a bit better.

We stayed in Queens so we drove into Manhattan every morning and drove back every evening.  (It was a little silly, in my opinion, but I did get to experience the tunnels under the East River.)  I went out to eat twice in Queens with a few others.  I'll probably never eat in Queens/Austoria again so whatever.  So we didn't experience much of Manhattan, except for some lunches in Union Square.  The rest of the time we were in hospitals.  Fun, right?

After working so hard all week, we finished early and had Friday free.  I tried to change my flight to head back to Chicago Thursday night, but it was extremely expensive so I decided to stick around for some exploring Friday and head back on my scheduled flight late Friday night.  (Almost all of us are implementing in NYC next week as well so everyone else is staying in NYC over the weekend.  I'm coming back.)  Hilary & I were excited to explore together anyway. 

Hayden, Hilary, & I took a car from our current hotel to next week’s hotel (where Hayden & Hilary are staying until the end of next week).  They checked in and we dropped all our stuff off in their rooms.  I was determined to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, despite the rain.  Hayden was not so he joined us for lunch and then we split.  Hilary mentioned Thursday she wasn’t crazy about walking both ways so I happened to find a ferry, which we took from 34th street to the Brooklyn Bridge.  That was a good time for $4.  
there's our ferry!
you see lady liberty?  Look to the left.

We walked around Brooklyn for a bit and headed over the bridge.  Why is the Brooklyn Bridge famous?  The Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883.  At the time, it was the longest suspension bridge.  It has been designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service, and a New York City Landmark by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.  It really is beautiful, even if it was raining and chilly (it definitely could have been worse).
it's chilly...and rainy
we were going to ask someone to take our photo and then "let's take a selfie!"

We made our way across as I kept asking why there were locks.  Hilary told me it’s for love, Love Locks.  Hilary saw them before in Germany.  As we stopped to look at them a bit closer we saw the majority of the locks were marked with names/dates.  Some were even engraved!  Yes, I thought it was adorable.  Hilary thinks they probably come to cut them off every once in awhile.  But I still love it.

We got over to Manhattan (at this point we were both pretty soaked…definitely our feet) and walked to One World Trade Center to see the new building.  It really is pretty.  

I wanted to make a stop at Shake Shack for fun and some warm up time.  It was pretty fun.  

(Note:  In May, they said it's coming to hasn't yet.)

Then it was officially cold as we walked to the subway to head Uptown.

I really think people liked us because we smiled and were friendly with people.  I found the bar doesn’t seem to be very high in NYC.

I picked up my bags from Hilary’s room, where I had them in storage, and headed to the airport.  And this is a fun story.  The nice bellhop hailed a cab for me and as soon as I got in, it’s a very long story, but I found out he couldn’t take me.  So I got out 3 blocks later.  Then I walked along 3rd Avenue trying to remember…if the light is on there is a person inside…no it’s the other way around…wait, no.  It would probably be helpful if I took cabs in Chicago.  Then I was so confused and trying to get on a road where I could hail one, I ended up back at next week’s hotel where the same bellhop apologized and hailed another cab for me.  This guy was very nice.

I got to the airport with soaked socks and shoes, from Hilary & my adventures, but I still made some friends.  One guy was very upset by security because he left his ID and boarding pass in one of the bins.  Been there!  They were a bit nicer to him in NY than they were to me and helped him go through the bins.  I told him, I’ve done it before too and apologized.  (I felt sorry for him.)  Then later I saw him and his travel companion (son, co-worker, I do not know) and asked if he found it.  Yep!  A miracle if you ask me.  Another lady and I had a nice chat about the water fountain and then I settled in for my 2 hour wait.  Who knew there would be no security line?

Fun facts:

*When we would drive downtown this week, parking was $40 for the day.  And the toll to drive the tunnel into the city...$7.50...each way.
*Marty mentioned his daughter looked at a building across from the diner we were eating at and 30,000 people live in the building and rent is about $4,500/month.  Wow.
*Marty went to the Tree Lighting Wednesday with his wife.  He said they were packed in blocks away and could see it through gaps in building.  (He didn't really enjoy himself, but it was a bucket list item for his wife.)
*They had chestnuts at the street cart.  Maybe I’ll give it a try next week, but I have no idea how to eat them...

Successful day in NYC?  I think so!

And I go back Monday...
see ya in a few days
tree at the hotel we're staying at next week.
if i can't enjoy my own at least i can enjoy one

p.s. Here's a clip from "Getting On" showing what we're trying to prevent during implementations.  Although it's hilarious to watch.

p.p.s.  St. Louis = happiest city.  Boom!


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