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Cell Phone Ban

Last week I read this article: This is what happens when you put away your phone for a week and I couldn't stop talking about it.  

I got varying reactions depending on who I told.  Karen, my sister, remarked that I definitely use my phone around people.  Rubina, my friend, said she didn't think it would be very hard for me.  So right then as I talked to Rubina I decided:  I would not use my phone when with anyone for a week (that was last Monday).

During this experiment several things happened:

  • I had the hardest time not pulling out my phone when I was with Karen.  I think we're so comfortable around each other that we just settle in, I respond to text messages, Karen checks facebook.  To each their own.  I did have to think about it with her.
I was nervous going in to the weekend because I knew I had a lot of plans.  It seems I'm often confirming the next event's plans while I'm still at the event before that one.  Therefore, I am with people and I need to confirm the next event.  

I utterly failed while with Mike, my boyfriend.  Yep, I definitely failed with him the most, to the point where it became a joke.  "Breaking your rule again..."  

I will say, aside from that, I did pretty well!

I am definitely more aware of how often I go to my phone after this experiment, while I didn't notice any dramatic changes, it was interesting and I'm going to carry this forward!


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