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Jess y Marcos Wedding - Mexico City

I hadn't been to a wedding in Mexico before.  (Only many quinceañeras.) So this was not only a new experience for Mike, but me too.  I felt like the wedding was completely different than US weddings, but Mike didn't feel it was all that different.  So take that as you will.

Let me start off with one of my favorite pictures from the trip and some introductions.

Left to Right:
Carlos & Maggie:  this was actually the first time I met Maggie although I've heard of her a lot.  She is originally from Australia and studied abroad with Jess in Mexico City during college.  She mostly stuck around Mexico as well and is living there now.  Carlos is her boyfriend from Mexico City.
Vero:  Vero was one of my best girlfriends in Mexico City.  She is amazing and so kind and she was my savior at the reception...more on that.
Me & Mike - you know us
Jackie:  Jackie was in our volunteer program in Mexico the year before Melissa and I came.  We actually only met last year at Caro's wedding even though we heard about her all the time.  Mike & I shared a hotel room with her and she and Mike became buddies.  She currently lives in New Jersey.
Javier & Ricardo: are brothers who live in Mexico City.  Javier was in the same university class as Jess when she studied abroad and we were able to spend some time with them when we lived there, especially Ricardo.
Caro & James:  Caro lived in the house with Jess, Melissa and I when we were there for the year.  James is her husband.  They currently live in San Antonio.
Emma & Bill:  Emma lived in the house the two years following me.  I actually just met her on this trip, even though I heard of her all the time.  Bill is her boyfriend.  Emma currently lives in D.C. and Bill in New Orleans.

The picture was taken right after the ceremony while Jess and Marcos were taking some pictures by the mural Marcos painted in the church.  That's how they met, while he was painting.

The mass took place at the parish we all went to when we were there so we drove by our old house and walked through the market before mass started.  Mass was bilingual with some parts in English and some in Spanish most in Spanish.

The reception was down the hill a bit and it was beautiful.  Some things that I noticed were different.

  • I didn't know they used the "chickity boom a la bim bom ba" chant for anything but birthdays.  They sure do...a lot, followed by a mexican song that I love.  
  • They had us line up to give gifts and take a picture with Jess and Marcos.
  • You wave your napkin over your head while they bring out the first dish.
  • They split up the events throughout the evening with some games in the middle of the reception.  Like when we all link hands and run around the reception.  I wish I was exaggerating.  My feet started throbbing after the run.  Throbbing.  The goal is to knock Jess or Marcos off the chairs they were standing on.
girls then boys
  • Salsa plays at the beginning.  Then they move into more fiesta music.  Then a bit more salsa to end at midnight.  
  • The dance floor was full the entire night.
  • Most of the tables were still full at midnight and people lingered at their tables.  There didn't seem to be any rush to leave.  Typical Mexico.
My little story.  As the slow achy breaky heart came on (which mexicans have a dance to) and several of my friends tried to pull me out on the floor, this was right after the run around the reception hall, I couldn't go.  My friend, Vero, who was at Jess's brunch in the morning offered me her sandals, which I complimented in the morning.  She saved me!  And we were back out there!

I went to return her shoes at the end of the night and I forgot the Mexican rule.  If you compliment something the other person has, they give it to you.  Seriously and literally.  Sometimes off their back.  Vero said the shoes were mine.  I persisted because I could not take her shoes.  She finally accepted after I explained they were a little tight, which was only a slight exaggeration and she asked what size I wear.  "One size larger," I said.

Also, if you saw her shoes, which she wore all night, you would laugh at my complaining.

Mike gave me a piggy back ride to Javier's car.

And Javier, Jackie, Emma, Bill, Mike and I piled into Javier's small car Mexican style and we were off for tacos to wrap up the night.


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