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Mexico City in Four Days

Four days to see Mexico City (for Mike) with a wedding in there too.

Mexico City is a big city.

We did our best and at the wedding towards the end, Mike said  he felt like he saw a completely different part of my life.  Which is pretty accurate.

We crammed so much in, the four days felt like a week.

If you read nothing else in this post, read this:  use uber.  Typically if you take a taxi in Mexico City, you barter with them.  They will always rip you off.  Always.  I paid for almost all our trips on my uber during the weekend (and yes, we took buses and the metro too) for four trips, averaging around 30 min each, in total, I paid $15.30.  See why I say use uber.  It makes getting around that city so much easier.

With that you may be asking about your cell phone.  AT&T had a free plan I used and Verizon had a $2/day plan others on the trip used.  It's probably more affordable than you think to use your phone in Mexico.

So here you go, our quick visit last weekend.

We arrived Thursday and ended up hanging out with Jackie and Javier before heading to Marcos's (the groom) family for a NYE party.  We stayed until around 11:30 before heading to the Independence Angel on Reforma where they had quite the fireworks display at midnight.

11:30 p.m. on NYE was the least amount of traffic I have ever seen in Mexico City.

Friday we made our way out early and found most things closed, which made me a bit nervous about our excursion to Teotihuacan outside the city.  However, after trains and buses, we made it and it was open.  When I originally went with my parents on their visit to Mexico City 6 years ago, I guess I wasn't paying attention and missed the stop.  That did not happen this time.  We had a lot of fun exploring and I can say I was very tired when we left after several hours walking and climbing.  They let you climb the ruins here and there was quite a line for el sol when we left.  Good thing we got there early!
on top of el sol

on top of la luna

hay mucho sol!  even when i had mike tell me when to look i couldn't do it.

We decided to grab some lunch right outside the ruins on the street and it was delicious.  It ended up being my favorite meal of the trip.  There was also a mariachi band roaming around and tables near us were paying for songs so that made me happy too!

We made our way back to the city before grabbing some dinner with Caro & James and a drink with Jackie at a pool hall.  Quick note: we decided to stay in Roma, which is one of the nicer neighborhoods in Mexico City.  Roma, the Condesa, and Coyoacán are all good neighborhood bets if you don't want to stay downtown.

Saturday we wanted to squeeze as much in before the wedding so we got up early (yes, this is a trend) and went to Chapultepec and Reforma.  At Chapultepec we went paddle boating, walked up to the castle, and around the park in general.  (It's like the Central Park of Mexico City.) 
"Las Alas de la Ciudad" ("The Wings of the City") by Jorge Marin 

Mike is a city planner so he loves to see how cities are laid out.  We walked down Reforma to the Angel.  He later said this was his favorite part of the trip.  The architecture on Reforma is pretty interesting.

We had to scoot off to brunch at Jess's parents while Jess got ready and then we went back to the hotel to get ready ourselves.  See the wedding recap here.

We went to bed around 4 a.m. Sunday morning and got up at 8 to squeeze as much in before we left on our flights.  We walked to Bellas Artes and the Zócalo, where we briefly walked in the Cathedral, looked at Tenochtitlan and went inside the National Palace, mostly to look at the Diego Rivera paintings (it's free).

Then it was time to go back to the hotel to leave for our flight.  And that was it.


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