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Backwards Pants

Good Morning 
Good Morning
Good Morning to you.
this is a song my kids in Mexico sang to the English teacher when she came into the room.  Sing may be an exaggeration, they had these words and put some notes to it.
The teacher would say:  Good morning children.
The kids would yell:  Good morning teacher.

Is it weird I never learned the English teacher's name?  She was always Miss Ingles (Miss English).  

None of this is the point of this post...
We're going to go for bullets today:

*Have you ever worn your pants backwards?  Lucky me, I get to check that off my bucket list.  (Clearly, I'm kidding.  I don't actually have a bucket list & wearing pants backwards would never make that list.)
Usually you can tell when you put exercise pants on backwards (I mean, you can tell when you put all pants on backwards), except for this morning apparently.  You want to know the really sad part, I didn't figure it out until the END of an hour long class.  I guess it's better that way so I wasn't self-conscious.  My partner today was a sweet married man so hopefully he didn't notice.  
I hope no one noticed.
Immediately after class I went and switched them around.  At that point, what's the point?  I asked myself.  I had errands to run.

*Walgreens photo pick-up happened.

*Then I forgot I was going to treat myself to coffee from my favorite coffee place this morning so I forgot my cup.  I went home, got my cup, then walked back to the coffee place and who do I see when I walk in?  My fitness instructor.  He's says, "Hey!  Great job in class today."  (I've missed his class for at least 4 weeks because of work so I was surprised he even remembered me.)  So we're chatting and then the inevitable question of this time of year:  "How are you so tan already?"  I just say, "I tan pretty easily and I've been running."  I also think the bright yellow tank I was wearing made me look tanner than I actually am.

*During all my walking (and we ran outside for a bit during class as well) it smells so good!  Spring is here!  The tulips.  The trees with white flowers!  May I encourage you to take deep breaths in through your nose?  It can sometimes be a risky thing to do in the city, but right now... give it a try!
I hope they stop cutting down the dandelions by the lake.  I know, Mom, they are weeds, but I look at them as the most naturally occurring flowers.  And I love blowing them once they're not yellow anymore.  (Yes, I know, spreading the seeds.)  Clearly I'm not the only one because they are everywhere!

*I even got to chat with my favorite little old man block neighbor.  I see him every so often and every time I do, he makes me smile.

Today's going to be a great day.  Because I said so...
*If everything falls into place I get to have lunch with Jason since we have a meeting downtown around lunch time (so I get to ride my bike!).  Yes, work conversations will happen, but I'm in such a chatty mood right now, I'm really looking forward to chat time.  Yesterday, I called one of my chattiest co-workers in NYC to catch-up because I was in the mood.

*Dinner with Emily at Chicago Diner.  No, I did not force her to go.  She picked it all on her own.

See... great day... because I said so.
I hope you have one too!


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