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Memorial Day Recap with Friends

Sometimes things happen and you don't realize how much you need it to happen the way it does until after.

I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day.  I'm very happy to report I pretty much completely logged out of the online world from Saturday morning through yesterday afternoon.  I mean, I used spotify for a bit, but that was it.  Too much talking and things to do.  It was lovely.

I think I'm going to approach this from a let the photos tell the stories because that's more fun anyway... right?

Friday night started out with an amazing friend date.  Rubina & I hit up Michaels, dinner, & drinks at quite possibly my new favorite dive.  Oh, Broadway, thank you for supplying me with such an abundant number of dive bars.  Probably exactly what I needed.
and yes, i just broke my own rule.  I don't have any photos from our outing...

Saturday morning I enjoyed a 13 mile run, while the weather may not have been perfect beach weather, it was definitely perfect running weather.  Then Karen was failing at communication so I headed to the farmer's market and fell in love with it all over again.  I'm pretty sure I solidified my favorite stand for the year (from Michigan) because the lady working was SO nice.
OMG asparagus everywhere!  Yum!

Karen arrived and we took a little ride on the path downtown.  The path was super quiet (probably because of the weather & people seem to leave the city for holidays), which was fun for us.

We went to the Cardinals bar to watch the game and ordered a bucket and food before we discovered the game was bumped from being broadcast because of the blackhawks game.  I was not happy.  I probably sulked and I did indeed set my phone on the table and watch what was happening in the game I wanted to be watching, pitch by pitch.  Yes, I was being sassy.  

Sunday morning Karen & I went out for a run.  She ran a mile with me and stopped to read her book while I kept going.  She did great!  The sun was out.  Lake Shore Drive was full of bikers for Bike the Drive.  It was such a peaceful, lovely morning.  I got back to my exit to find Karen waving to me.  She even ran the mile back to the start all alone!!  
What is necessary next?  Brunch.  Where when the waiter saw I brought my own to-go box (which I do pretty regularly) he said, "mind blown."  You're welcome mr. waiter.

Time for a nice little walk.
yes, i make her use a coffee cup for her lattes 
Sunday afternoon Karen & I biked to Justin & Jason's for their Memorial Day party.  
Karen's an expert pourer ;)
I didn't realize it, but, apparently, on the way there, I was quite rude and went too fast.  (Once Karen told me, and we were almost there, I did indeed slow down, but I didn't know the majority of the way.)  The way home, Karen really enjoyed herself though.  (She said so.)  And where's the proof you ask... she stopped to take a photo at a stop light.

Although for some reason Karen always remembers Spin and as we pulled up to the stoplight (close to my place) she said, "Oh Spin, I've never been happier to see you."  And I burst out laughing.
Seriously, that girl puts up with more of my quirks than anyone else and she loves me anyway.

Monday was more brunch and errand time.  Including a stop at Whole Foods for some more almonds from the bulk section.  Every time I use their bulk things I forget how to work them to get the almonds to come out.  I was so excited I figured it out again that I had WAY to much in my bag.  Anyone else have that problem?  I mean, way too many almonds.  Oh well, they don't go bad.

Right now I'm reading a book and they mention... well... here is the quote
Journalist Valerie Frankel wrote in Self magazine about the types of friends a woman needs to be happy.  "Psychologists have long described four major types of friendships," she wrote.  "1) The acquaintance, someone you'd chat with on the street or at a local cafe, who gives you a sense of belonging; 2) the casual friend, a 'grab lunch' pals who often serves a specific purpose, such as a tennis or running partner; 3) the close buddy, an intimate, trustworthy comrade you can say anything to; and 4) the lifer, who's as deep and forever as family."  Frankel's research found that women should have 3 to 5 lifers, 5 to 12 close friends, 10 to 50 casuals, and 10 to 100 acquaintances.
I take this and put it in my own interpretation, of course.  When friends are down, it can be hard to be there for them.  It's just not as much fun to be around someone who's down (I know, I've been around friends when they're down too).  I'm lucky to have friends who are there for me when I'm down, like now.  I love that they all take different approaches to get info.  Karen says, "Would you like to talk about ____?"  And sometimes I say no.  I generally have to be ready to share, but once I am... grab a seat.  Rubina is really good to bring it up, but then she waits until I'm ready and get on a roll and share everything.  Then we analyze and cite studies and listen and talk it out.  
I don't think it's necessary to classify friends.  I think of friends as friends and different ones come through at different times.  I just really appreciate when people are there to listen and analyze and be there for me.
Thanks friends!

And a funny story to wrap up my post, which didn't make sense anyway.  Karen & I were watching a movie.  I told her to pick her blanket off the floor because it was messing up my sewing patterns (which to be honest, were not organized).  She rolled her eyes and picked it up.  A few minutes later she said, "I am so uncomfortable."  and moved a chair over to prop her feet on.  She set it to perfectly, completely, block my view.  I said, "I'm glad it is much better for you now."  Then she finally moved it so we were both happy.
Heeyyyyy 4 day week!


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