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3 weeks years old

Karen & I both referred to Callie as 3 weeks years old during our visit to meet her last weekend in Savannah!  

(Note;  I first thought to do a quick post with only photos and then thought to do break it up into several, but finally decided to write the super long one below and you can pick and choose what you'd like to read.)

How often do you talk about someone under 1 year old?  Not often.  Over the weekend I was lucky enough to spend some time with someone at that special age and she is just lovely.  She is such a good baby!

Not only did we get to spend some time with Callie, we got to hang out & chase around our nephew, Charlie.  Beyond fun.
someone likes strawberries ;)

We started out with some time exploring downtown and ended up Friday night at Mellow Mushroom, which was one of their first meals in Savannah and I understand why they keep going back!  It has a great vibe and it's delicious.
the best part of this photo was how charlie requested it.
he grabbed both karen & i, pulled us toward him and said "cheesssssseeeeeeee"
Saturday we walked around to a few yard sales as their neighborhood was having a yard sale day and then headed for the beach :)  We stayed in Hilton Head to check out a couple stores at the Outlet Mall (where I tried to trick Charlie into thinking the little car you ride was going by making sounds) and had a bbq dinner.
Callie didn't get one ray of sunshine!
So Jeff & Karen pick on me.  This is a fact of life.  Karen started putting sand on our feet and I would yell and jump back.  Then Jeff started throwing buckets of water at me.  (This is while Charlie kept bringing me and Karen in the water so he could jump (aka Karen & I each have one of his hands and lift him) over the waves.)  Then Charlie goes into the water with his bucket, I'm thinking he's filling it up for his little toy, and comes back with a little sinister grin.  I looked at him, "Charlie what are you doing?"  He dumps the water on my feet (he couldn't lift it any higher).  I screamed the same way I did when Jeff threw the bucket at me (but inside I was having a good laugh).  Then I was getting chilly so I went up to the tent and put on my shirt and sat on a towel.  Next thing I know Charlie's right behind me with a tiny bit of sand in his hand.  He throws it on my foot and laughs so hard.  I had no idea what he was doing at first and then I got it.  Jeff said, "He carried that all the way up here."  What am I going to do with that kid when he already thinks he can pick on me?
I swear kids that age are sponges.

We sure did have fun being airplanes and running around the beach with our wings stretched out!

By the way, is it season for jellyfish to die because they were ALL OVER that beach!
this happened when i was holding callie and charlie felt there was room on my lap for two
Sunday we had some delicious Belgium waffles and sat around and chatted before karen & I needed to head on our way.

But we also had a little time to spend on their play set in the backyard.  Charlie wanted to "help" me climb up the "rock wall".  Don't tell Charlie, but it may have made it harder for someone who is already too big for the wall anyway.  To complicate matters, I was wearing a maxi skirt.  So I tied it in a knot.  Back to Charlie being a sponge.  He kept trying to tie up his shirt.  And I kept saying, "Charlie you don't need to do that."
By the way I made it up that wall with Charlie's help.  Several times.
charlie wouldn't look at the camera

so i pulled out the tickles

It was pretty hard to come back to this rainy, cold weather after such beautiful weather & company all weekend.  Makes me want to reevaluate my climate choices.

The only little snag was the flight home.  First, Karen & I found out our flight was delayed 30 minutes right after we left Jeff & Greta's.  Then we departed on the 30 minute mark and we were almost to Chicago when the pilot got on the intercom and said Chicago was having a storm and we needed to go land in Louisville to wait it out.  
May I remind you Louisville is probably the airport I have visited the second most in my life.  It was so strange to be back there, not working.
As we landed I gave Karen the low down of everything there is in the Louisville airport (not a lot).  Then I added, if it's even open.  It indeed was not.  One convenience type store stayed open for our flight and it was not even my favorite one (yes, I have a favorite), but Karen & I chose granola bars and headed back to the plane.
We finally headed back to Midway in Chicago and it was insane.
We were exhausted.  (Or at least I was.)


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